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Atlas Shrugs – Ball Bomber’s Blast Briefs

Atlas Shrugs – Former GITMO Jihadis Behind Northwest Flight Bombing

Atlas Shrugs – Imposing Sharia In America: Somali Muslims “out for blood” at Minnesota high school

Atlas Shrugs – Cyber-security chief resigns in protest: calls consolidation of power in National Security Agency ‘bad strategy’, “unwise to hand over the security of all government networks to a single org”

Atlas Shrugs – Move along, folks, nothing to see ……… Knucklehead Napolitano Has Got Your Back

Atlas Shrugs – Pamela Geller, Newsmax: Vile Christmas Ornaments Displayed at White House

Atlas Shrugs – Day 188 Iran Revolution: “Listen, beat and tear them apart, break their legs, god would like that” “There are 8 to 10 old ladies there, beat them up and clean them up”
UPDATED: Video Basij Shoot Protester Dead. GRAPHIC

Atlas Shrugs – First time Ever: Israel Calls Home All Ambassadors

Atlas Shrugs – New York to California: Jew haters Take to the Streets

The Phyllis Chesler Organization – The Lonely, Murderous Sons of Allah: A Psycho-analytic View

WorldNetDaily – Obama gives foreign cops new police powers in U.S.

Steve Emerson – Family Security Matters – Rash of 2009 Homegrown Terror Plots Ends ‘Denial’

Daniel Pipes – Family Security Matters – The System ‘Worked Really Very, Very Smoothly’ in Detroit?

Frank Gaffney, Jr. – Family Security Matters – Homeland Security 101

The Strata-Sphere – Bureaucrats Running For Cover Over Flight 253


Friends of Mark Fuhrman – Lying to ourselves – Blindness to Islam ties helps terrorists by Ralph Peters

Impeach Obama – Does the left want to Impeach Obama too?


The Radio Patriot – Yello, yello? Anybody listening? America? Or: Where are the Republicans?

Gateway Pundit – Only 17% of Nebraskans Approve of Bribes Nelson Took From Harry Reid For Obamacare Vote

Gateway Pundit – Evil Khamenei Regime Thugs in Trucks Run Over Protesters in the Street (Video)

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Michelle Malkin – Poor Obama: Being president is exhausting

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Times Online – Yemen minister: We have 300 al Qaeda militants planning attacks

Breitbart – VIDEO: Dem Congresswoman Demands New ‘Behavioral’ Surveillance System

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McClatchy – U.S. intelligence: ‘Time is running out’ in Afghanistan

CBS News – Putin urges Obama to share missile defense data

CNN – Aug ’09 – Suicide bomber from Yemen conceals explosives sewn into underwear

NY Post – NY Gov. Paterson has more cops guarding entourage than most towns in state

Reuters – Israeli warplanes fly over Lebanon, draw army fire

Fox News – Radical Imam Tied to Terror Plots Has Gone ‘Operational’ in Yemen


Chuck Muth’s News & Views – December 28, 2009

By: Chuck Muth
Citizen’s Outreach


“A U.S. government that has barred the phrase ‘war on terror’ has nonetheless acknowledged that a failed Christmas day bomb attack on an airliner was a terrorist attempt. Can we all now drop the pretense that we stopped fighting a war once Dick Cheney and George W. Bush left the White House?”

Review & Outlook, Wall Street Journal, 12/28/09


“Even a hungover, nearsighted, cross-eyed, Spanish Fighting Bull could have seen this guy coming a mile away. Umar the Islamic Jihadist Terrorist, whose actions should have raised more red flags than even the Russian Army owns, tried to blow up a commercial flight to Detroit with a Panty Bomb.

…Why is it that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a last minute, cash paying customer on an international flight, whose only carry on luggage was his Panty Bomb, was not subject to the same level of scrutiny that I received when I flew from Tampa to Newark NJ to attend my uncle’s funeral? This, even though his father had called the US Consulate and warned them that his son was dangerous; a phone call that landed Umar on a terror watch list.

…Our politically correct system of airline screening is a Giant Joke, inconveniencing everyone, yet protecting no one. How can I tell? It’s easy. I can’t carry sunscreen in my suitcase when I go to Miami, but an Islamic Jihadist from Nigeria on the government’s terrorist watch list, a person whose actions should have set off all kinds of alarms, can carry a bomb onto a plane and all they want to know is if he wants the chicken or the vegetarian dinner.

…The Last Nut Job Islamic Jihadist who tried to use this type of explosive to blow up an airplane bound for the US had it hidden in his shoes, which is why everyone who now boards a plane is commanded to take off their shoes. Won’t flying be fun when the folks at TSA start checking out Grandma’s Knickers because of the Panty Bomber! What’s next? Body cavity searches?”

Blogger Dave Cribbin of Americans for Limited Government


“Despite a $787 billion federal stimulus package, much of the U.S. economy continued to sputter throughout the year. The jobless rate topped 10 percent nationwide, scores of banks failed, the federal deficit tripled to a record $1.4 trillion, and stock fell to their lowest levels since 1997.”

Year-end report on the economy by the Associated Press, 12/27/09


“The (Senate health care bill) makes no sense whatsoever — not to conservatives, not to liberals, not to anyone. Rather than reform a system that everyone agrees is a failure, it will subsidize that system and compel participation in it.”

Weekly Standard


“Democrats tout Medicare as their model for a government-run health care system, bragging about what an extremely popular government program it is. Medicare is tens of trillions of dollars in the red. It is expected to go bankrupt by 2017. In order to pay for Medicare alone, the government will either have either have to cut every other federal program in existence, or raise federal income taxes to rates as high as 77 percent.”

Columnist Ann Coulter


“There may not be ‘death panels’ under ObamaCare – because they’ll be called something else – but Republicans will be missing a fat slow pitch if they don’t go after the senior vote on the basis of ObamaCare’s rationing priorities. Democrats pooh-pooh such fears, but then how to explain away the most politically prominent feature of the senate bill? In black and white, it proposes to transfer $400 billion in Medicare dollars over ten years away from older folks in favor of the younger beneficiaries of the Democrats’ new health insurance entitlement.”

Holman W. Jenkins Jr., Political Diary, 12/28/09


If you think a government-run health care system would be a good thing, you must also think that our government-run postal system, education system, tax collection system and vehicle registration system are all top notch. You might also be an idiot.

In addition, wouldn’t it be nice if the Democrats could answer the simple question of exactly where in the Constitution the power to force every American to buy a health insurance policy comes from? Here’s a list of headlines on just that subject from CNS News today:

  • Sen. Lautenberg Declines To Say Where Congress Gets Constitutional Authority To Mandate Health Insurance
  • Sen. Bob Casey: Health Care Mandate Constitutional But Not Sure If There’s ‘Specific Constitutional Provision’
  • Sen. Nelson: Constitutionally, Congress Can ‘Probably’ Mandate Health Insurance In ‘Same Place’ States Can Mandate Car Insurance
  • Alaska Senator Begich Doesn’t Say Where Congress Gets Authority to Mandate Purchase of Health Insurance
  • Sen. Sanders: Constitutional Authority for Congress’ Health Insurance Mandate ‘Probably’ Same As Medicare


RightBias.com says THIS five and a half minute video clip shows Sen. Max Baucus indulging “in a drunken tirade against Republicans during the health care hearings.” Either that, or maybe he was just doing his Foster Brooks imitation.

The Right and the Left don’t often agree, so when they do, it’s usually newsworthy. And the fact that our friend Grover Norquist on the Right and Jane Hamsher on Left both agree that the White House Chief of Staff ought to be investigated and resign from office definitely falls into the newsworthy category. Click HERE to read the explosive letter Norquist and Hamsher sent to the Attorney General of the United States two days before Christmas.


“Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice.”

Thomas Paine


Getting to the Bottom of the Keith Gladney Firing

By: Bob McCarty
Bob McCarty Writes

Kenneth Gladney

Less than 48 hours before Christmas, Keith Gladney was fired from his job as a St. Louis County (Mo.) Animal Control Officer, according to a BigGovernment.com article published the same day. Why is his firing important? Because, as you’ll see in reviewing the points noted below, integrity of government is at stake:


First and foremost, it’s important because Keith Gladney is the brother of Kenneth Gladney (right), the St. Louis man who became the subject of no fewer than six posts on this blog after he was allegedly beaten by a group of thugs from the Service Employees International Union after they found him selling conservative memorabilia outside Bernard Middle School, the site of of a South St. Louis County health care town hall meeting hosted by ultra-liberal Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-Mo.). And, in case you’re not aware, these events that resulted in only misdemeanor charges took place on the same day the White House told its supporters to “punch back twice as hard.”


Second, it’s important because Keith Gladney had, according to the aforementioned news report, received a positive job performance rating as recently as October.


Third, it’s important because Keith Gladney alleges that he was fired after expressing publicly his support for his brother.


Fourth, it’s important because Keith Gladney’s former employer is St. Louis County, the same powerful government entity that employs County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch and County Counselor Patricia Redington, two power brokers who were at the center of controversy (see this post) during the 2008 presidential campaign.


Finally, it’s important because the St. Louis County Department of Health, within which the Animal Control Division operates, is reported to have a close working relationship with SEIU Local 1.

In an effort to get to the root reasons behind the Keith Gladney firing, I launched an investigation today by filing a Missouri Sunshine Law request addressed to Dr. Dolores J. Gunn, director of the St. Louis County Department of Health, and two of her underlings. In that request, made via fax and e-mail, I asked for two pieces of information:

1. A listing of the names of all individuals, segregated by department or division, who were employed by the St. Louis County (Mo.) Department of Health as of Jan. 1, 2009; and

2. A listing of the names of all individuals, segregated by department or division, who were employed by the St. Louis County (Mo.) Department of Health as of Dec. 31, 2009.

Stay tuned as updates will surely follow.


Financial News Update – 12/29/09

Businesses to Push for Modifications to Senate Bill

Morning Bell: Terrorism Threat Demands Smarter Security, Not More Money

Plan to turn farms into forest worries official

PAPER: Sen. Dodd slashed aviation security funding for pet constituency

City of Bozeman, Montana spends fed stimulus money on tennis courts



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The Dollar Bubble

Schumer Urges Wall Street Banks to “Get That Money Out There”

US Stocks Rise, S&P 500 Reaches 15-Month High on Commodities

Berkshire Eliminates 21,000 Jobs as Manufacturing, Retail Slump

Japan Jobless Rate Climbs for First Time Since July

Retailers Shift to Post-Holiday Bargains as Sales Seen Falling

Storms, Falling Supply Drive Energy Prices Up

Treasurys Come Off Lows Following Auction

Last Decade Worst Ever in Stock Market

Even as the US Economy Recovers, a Decade of Joblessness and Flat Wages Could Lie Ahead

US Treasury Bonds a Ponzi Scheme Waiting to Crash