The Rotting of the City by the Bay

Bookworm Room has an excellent piece up today on the history and political and economic progression of San Francisco. A once great and beautiful city that has rotted morally from within leaving a totalitarian wasteland which may be a window into the future of the rest of the United States.

Key excerpt:

This has been a really long post — the longest, I think, that I have ever written. I write it as a tocsin, warning Americans that there is nothing benign about American Leftism, and that it is even more dangerous than the nanny state some people seem willing to accept as the price of living in the modern world. Because American leftists are as committed to elevating the rights of the criminals, the crazies and the perverts as they are to taxing, quashing and directing the middle and working classes, we can anticipate the worst of all possible worlds: an America in which ordinary people live under totalitarian control and socialist taxation, while the worst elements in every society are allowed to run rampant.

Keep this in mind as you head to the polling place in 2010.

Indeed. Local and national politics is in need of a cleansing of epic proportions…

Read it all.

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