Financial News Update – 01/04/10

Bankruptcy Filings Increase 32%

Why the Health-Care Bills Are Unconstitutional

Lack of Estate Tax in 2010: Now Cheaper to Die?

Morning Bell: The System is Failing

The House’s Secret Plan to Pass Obamacare

Why Our Debt Matters

Obamacare Will Only Make Health Care Worse: Mayo Drops Medicare

Fed chief calls for tougher regulation

Rate Increases?

Treasuries Post Worst Performance as Sales Mount

U.S. growth prospects deemed bleak


China provides 97 percent of the global supplies of rare earth elements, most coming from a single mine in Inner Mongolia

Unlocking the Foreclosure Box – The Most Comprehensive Shadow Inventory Housing Analysis for Los Angeles County.

Taxpayers Hit Harder as Bank Shares Nosedive

20 Million+ in US Got Unemployment Checks in 2009

Washington Times Slashes Staff 40%

US Stocks Drop as Crisis Causes S&P 500’s First Decade Loss

US Dollar and Treasury Bonds at Risk Following Fannie and Freddie Debt Monetization

A Year on From Financial System Collapse: Something is Not Quite Right

Gary North: How to Protest Against the Big Bailed Out Bankster Run Banks

What Americans might face next: inflation

CNN: Three reasons home prices are headed still lower.

Death and Taxes: 2010 Graph of Federal Budget.

US Economic Disaster Worse than Weimar or Zimbabwe

Cities, Counties Take Back Corporate Tax Breaks

China Becomes World’s Biggest Gold Buyer in 2009

Eurozone Credit Contraction Accelerates

The Economic “Experts” Who Stopped Making Sense

Banks Accused of Profiteering in 2009

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