Personal Accusations About A Private Citizen

By: Carolyn Cooke

Many apologies to Representative Bob Nonini for any mischaracterization of his stand on illegal immigration. I expected him to clarify his position with the reporter at the Spokesman-Review. An article dated December 7, 2009, on the Raul Labrador rally, stated, “supporters included Rep. Bob Nonini, R-Coeur d’Alene, who was part of a gathering of about 20 backers at the Coeur d’Alene resort”. When a retraction never came, I felt justified in clarifying for his constituents what his support of Representative Raul Labrador might mean for Idaho.

After Nonini’s zealous defense of his immigration position, I am excited to know that citizens can count on him in our battle to have meaningful Idaho immigration legislation enacted. Indeed, I welcome Bob Nonini to support Senator Michael Jorgenson’s bulletproof legislation that will secure Idaho jobs for Idaho workers in the worst recession since the Great Depression and save taxpayers some $200,000,000 million per year. Jorgenson’s legislation is written by the leading expert on immigration legislation in the United States, Constitutional Attorney and University of Kansas Law Professor, Kris Kobach.

I invite Representative Nonini to have the courage of his convictions and to stand against those in the state legislature who will knowingly introduce alternative bills that will not stand up in the federal courts–bills that are not worth the paper upon which they are printed.

I encourage Representative Nonini, to forcefully denounce the special interests of the Idaho dairy and agricultural industries that benefit from the taxpayer support of all of the social costs of their illegal immigrant labor.

I have sent Representative Nonini a study of Department of Labor Statistics that proves there are no jobs American citizens will not do for living wages. I would like him to insist on job training for Idaho citizens at community colleges for Ag and Dairy jobs so unemployed Idahoans may support their families.

I am a citizen activist. I belong to no ‘groups’ of citizens in Idaho. I take no responsibility for any emails sent to Bob Nonini by any other disgruntled citizens.

As far as the statement that Senator Jorgenson’s bill failed in the legislature due to ‘sensationalism’ by the good Senator and me, this could not be further from the truth. Senator Jorgenson’s bill was printed by the Senate State Affairs Committee only to be ‘put in the drawer’ by the Chairman of the committee. Draw your own conclusions.

I am a private citizen, not a politician. I believe I represent the majority view of Idahoans on the issue of illegal immigration. I did not attack Bob Nonini personally as he did me. I am suspicious that one of the main purposes of Nonini’s “My Turn” rebuttal was an attempt to discredit me because of my outspokenness on illegal immigration in the state–a void left by the silence of Idaho State elected officials.

I believe Bob Nonini broke new ground as an elected official with his very public and personal accusations about a private citizen.

I do not want this attempt at discrediting or silencing a private citizen to make any patriot less vocal. I most certainly will not be intimidated nor quieted. Look for more such attacks against me or any others with the courage to stand against the special interests and their stronghold on many in the Idaho State legislature.

Carolyn Cooke

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