Vegas Businesswoman Announces for State Senate

From: Nevada News and Views

(Michele Fiore) – My name is Michele Fiore and I am proud to announce my candidacy for the Republican nomination for State Senate, District 9.

Poor decisions by career politicians have left our state in near-ruin. Contrary to their claims, we are not on the road to recovery. We can no longer afford to just re-shuffle the cards in Nevada by electing the same people over and over again, and moving politicians from one job to another. It is time for a fresh deck. Time for new people and new ideas.

First, we must rebuild the road to recovery. My candidacy for State Senate, District 9, is all about rebuilding.

We’ve allowed ourselves to be overtaxed, overregulated, and overrun by people we, in error, trusted to serve in our best interest. They failed us. So, now, let’s try something different. Let’s put a Nevadan in office that isn’t a career politician—a person who understands making a payroll and preventing job losses.

I have been a small business owner in Clark County for 15 years. During that time I have created over 1,000 jobs and currently employ over 150 people. I do my best for my employees, and I feel responsible for their well-being, but without an economic recovery, my business, too, will be closing its doors.

It is with this heavy heart, and the belief that our nation and state are heading full-speed in the wrong direction, that I have decided to commit my talents and abilities to Rebuilding the Road to Recovery.

I have given my community 100 hours a month of my personal time and service for the last three years volunteering with a National organization called TIP and serving on the citizen use of force board with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.

I am eager to continue my service as the State Senator for District 9.

To learn more about me and my vision for Nevada, please visit my website at www.VoteFiore.com

(Note: Other expected Republican candidates in this race are incumbent state Sen. Dennis Nolan and Assemblyman Chad Christensen)


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