By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Dr. Anna Chacko

This was brought to my attention a day or so ago… It has every appearance of political favors being called in for someone (Dr. Chacko) who was reprimanded and let go for legitimate reasons at the Pittsburgh VA. Mike Volpe at The Provocateur does a terrific job of laying out exactly what led up to Dr. Chacko’s dismissal and the politics in play afterwards. The incident(s) revolve around Dr. Anna Chacko, General Eric Shinseki, head of the VA, and Congressman Brad Miller of the 13th District of North Carolina.

It appears to me that Congressman Miller reacted in a typically liberal fashion and enthusiastically started defending what he believed to be an ‘underdog whistleblower.’ Due to Congressman Miller’s aggressive attempt to save Dr. Chacko’s job, she was reinstated. Her behavior became more reprehensible than before and due to her intimidation tactics and her power-hungry vicious behavior, she was eventually removed permanently from said position.

This whole situation really needs thorough examination. It is a typical example of political intimidation and should not be permitted. A person, or should I say ‘professional,’ should stand on their own merits, not on the bullying pressures of a congressman. And frankly, I don’t know any business, much less a medical lab, that can function properly with an ‘Attila The Hun‘ at the helm.

Here are two legal documents that lay out details:

Second Amended Complaint and Demand for Jury Trial

Letter to General Shinseki

Here is an article on the subject as well:

Hospital employee suing employer

And finally, I refer back to The Provacateur’s article and another at Big Government:

How Dr. Anna Chacko Played Congressman Brad Miller Like a Violin

The Scandal of Government Health Care: An Introduction to Dr. Anna Chacko

Both of the last two articles are in-depth and really lay out the whole incident. They are a must-read…

Both Congressman Miller and General Shinseki appear to have overstepped their authority and power. They also appear to have made grave errors in judgment and procedure. Neither has been brought to task for their actions as of yet. One thing is glaringly apparent, Dr. Chacko was way out of line and needed to go and others around her were unfairly maligned and mistreated. This whole incident needs the cleansing light of day and needs to be thoroughly explored by impartial parties to get to the bottom of the dirty politics and tactics at play here and then those involved need to be legally and legitimately dealt with.

If the Veteran’s Administration really wants to help their credibility, they will get to the bottom of this and deal with those involved fairly while punishing those who deserve it. Justice delayed is justice denied…