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“I join with other leading conservatives in calling for the postponement of the confirmation of Ben Bernanke until a thorough audit of the Federal Reserve can be accomplished and reported to review what Mr. Bernanke has done as Chairman. It is widely believed that the Federal Reserve has issued trillions of dollars in loans to banks and other private institutions far exceeding the annual budget of the United States. So my position is that Mr. Bernanke should not be confirmed pending the completion of that audit.”


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Financial News Update – 01/26/10

THEY WE OWE: $12,245,872,000,000

DAVOS MYSTERY: World Economic Forum’s Security Chief Found Dead After ‘Suicide’

Police chief found dead on eve of Davos meeting

Obama to propose ‘spending freeze’

FLASHBACK: Campaigned against spending freeze

‘Populist’ Obama stands firm on Bernanke

Sees Geithner staying on

Oregon votes on higher taxes for rich, businesses

Britain urges global deal on ‘bank tax’

Oscar-winning US filmmaker Oliver Stone says Adolf Hitler was ‘enabled by Western bankers’

Capitalism’s woes cheered at World Social Forum

‘The Fix Was In’: Obama Donor Gets Sweetheart Real Estate Deal in Chicago

Record number of young jobless


Computer-driven trading raises meltdown fears; Control of trading algorithms questioned

Britain Emerges From Longest Recession on Record; Economy Expands 0.1%

Skepticism = Cut $15B, Then Spend $1.35T We Don’t Have

Senate Rejects Obama’s Deficit Task Force

Bailout Watchdog Investigating Fed’s AIG Secrecy

GM Sells Saab to Dutch Automaker

Unions Try to Monopolize Green Jobs (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

America’s Impending Master Class Dictatorship (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

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Welfare rolls up in ’09; more enroll in assistance programs

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A decline in economic freedom

Let’s Unfreeze Our Military Spending

CNN Poll: 3 of 4 Americans Say Stimulus Wasted

Is Obama’s underwhelming spending freeze a fakeroo?

The Domenici/Rivlin Debt Reduction Task Force


Letter Re: Hyperinflation Appears Certain for the US Dollar

Seven Things About The Economy Everyone Should Be Worried About

Gold is “fairly expensive” could fall to $800 if Fed moves Midas fund manager says.

Home sales plunge nearly 17 percent in December – largest drop in 40 years.

Government pulling out of mortgage support as home resales plunge.

Will this decade prove even more volatile than its predecessor?

Poverty rate hits 17.5 percent in Nashville

“MYSTERY BIDDERS” at Treasury auctions. Let’s hope they’re gullible!…