Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration

From: Moe Lane (Hat Tip: Larwyn)

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The lyrics:

Half-way across the globe,
And we’re standing on new ground
Screaming ‘cross the waves
You can’t hear a sound
There’s no fair trials, no trade, no liberties
No tea!
We’ve colonized America. We won’t stand for tyranny!
O king:

And its too late to apologize.
Its too late!
I said its too late to apologize
Its too late!

We’ve paid your foolish tax, read the acts
And they just wont do.
We want to make it clear, we believe this much is true:
All men were created with certain
Unalienable rights!
Among these are life-liberty, and the pursuit
Of happiness!

Its too late to apologize!
Its too late!
I said Its too late to apologize!
Its too late!

Its too late to apologize!
Its too late!
I said its too late apologize!
Its too late!

I said its too late to apologize! Yeah!
Its too late!
I said its too late to apologize, yeah!

Half-way across the globe
And we’re standing on new ground

Note: Music and video based on “Apologize” by One Republic, featuring Timbaland (2007)




Contact: [email protected] | February 5, 2010

In a new Rasmussen poll, conservative Republican U.S. Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian leads all GOP candidates – including Lt. Governor Brian Krolicki and former GOP Chair Sue Lowden – in head to head matchups over Harry Reid.

  • Tarkanian 47%, Reid 39% (+8)
  • Lowden 45%, Reid 39% (+6)
  • Krolicki 44% Reid 41% (+3)

In the last Mason-Dixon/LVRJ survey, Tarkanian – featured recently on Glenn Beck as the Tea Party candidate – also led the primary and had gained support over the last three surveys.

  • Tarkanian 28%
  • Lowden 26%

“Danny Tarkanian has the right message at the right time,” said Tarkanian consultant James Fisfis. “He is a strong fiscal conservative who will stand up to the establishment Washington DC culture of endless bailouts, borrowing and spending.”


Paid for and authorized by Tarkanian for Senate
840 South Rancho Drive, Suite 4-614
Las Vegas, NV 89106
[email protected]


White Racism – Part 2

By: Nancy Morgan
Right Bias

Although I didn’t vote for Barack Obama, I welcomed the election of a black man to America’s highest office. I assumed his election signaled that white America had finally atoned for the sin of slavery. I assumed that Martin Luther King’s dream of judging a man by the content of his character instead of the color of his skin had become a reality.

No more would I have to spend my life proving a negative, as in ‘I am not a racist.’ No more would I have to automatically lower my voice when issues of race entered the conversation. No more would I have to censor my thoughts and actions when dealing with people whose skin color differed from my own. Alas, I was wrong.

America’s elites seem intent on continuing to identify citizens by their skin color instead of their character or achievements. Case in point: This February has been designated by President Obama as National African American History Month, sending the clear message that black history is separate from the history of everyone else.

Hispanics also have their own Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 to Oct. 15) in which they focus on their own cultural achievements, as distinct from American culture. Even American Indians have their own Native American Heritage Month.

With all this focus on celebrating multiculturalism, whites, especially white Christians have gotten a bum rap. For the last 40 years white Americans have been blamed for all of the world’s ills. Possessing white skin is automatically associated with oppression, slavery, paternalism and colonialism. And everyone knows that’s bad stuff.

No-one has dared point out the absolutely phenomenal achievements of White Americans. That would be considered racist, under the faulty assumption that any white achievement necessarily demeans or excludes black achievements. This premise, however, doesn’t apply when touting black progress, or Hispanic progress, or progress of any group not burdened with white skin.

Last week, the city of Farmington, New Mexico, unanimously voted not to participate in any event celebrating a proposed “white history month.” As a white American, this tells me that whites are still not allowed to celebrate their own achievements. The media backed, self anointed race hustlers have decreed that whites are still the oppressors and blacks are still the victims, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Whites must still atone for the sin of being white.

NBC is currently being lambasted for the sin of offering fried chicken on the menu of a special NBC Black History Month lunch spread. How dare they point out that blacks like fried chicken! I guess its a good thing they didn’t offer watermelon on the menu, as that might have triggered a national boycott.

No-one, however, is questioning the overt paternalism and outright racism evidenced by billionaire Bill Gates. His Millennium Scholarship Project specifically excludes whites from participating. I guess that kind of racism is OK. After all, it perpetuates the myth that whites are the ones with all the power. Tell that to the increasing number of whites displaced under the racial spoils system that operates under the benignly named ‘affirmative action.’

If Obama were truly a ‘post-racial’ president, I would be allowed to comment on the fact that blacks dominate the NBA. I wouldn’t give a thought to mentioning the overwhelming percentage of blacks working for the postal service. I could, without fear, comment on the fact that most blacks dance a heck of a lot better than whites.

But no, for a white to dare mention cultural differences between blacks and whites is verboten. But when blacks set aside a whole month to celebrate these very differences, it is somehow acceptable. What’s wrong with this picture? And how much longer will whites have to atone for the sins of their ancestors? Inquiring minds want to know.

White Racism: Part 1

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina


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