By: Danny Tarkanian

If you are going to run for the U.S. Senate, you have to stand in front of voters and be willing to say what it is you are going to do if elected. That is why I have announced my economic plan for Nevada – and America. Read it here.

Tax Cuts for Families and Businesses, Deep Cuts in Federal Spending

As you will see, the plan focuses on tax relief and deep spending cuts. Specifically I recommend tax relief for families so they can start saving and spending again, and tax relief for businesses as well so they can begin hiring. And we must couple the tax relief with the deep spending cuts needed to get government out of the way of the private sector. That means no more phony stimulus plans loaded down with pork.

Energy Independence Through Nuclear Energy

But my plan digs deeper. Our economic freedom and therefore our future prosperity depends on being able to achieve energy independence. My energy plan focuses on using clean nuclear energy and recycling it at Yucca Mountain to reap millions in revenues and create thousands of jobs.

With the power of nuclear energy, we can stop funding foreign dictators at the pump and fighting endless resource wars. We are a self-sufficient country and a self-sufficient people; certainly we can be self-sufficient when it comes to our energy needs.

I hope you will read the plan today and spread the word that a true conservative who opposes the bailouts and opposes all pork and new taxes is finally going to replace Harry Reid in the U.S. Senate.

Best wishes,

Danny Tarkanian


For Immediate Release: February 8, 2010
Contact: [email protected]

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian today became the first candidate in the Republican primary to issue a list of federal budget cuts totaling $1.5 trillion. Tarkanian’s list includes elimination of TARP, refunding unused funds from the failed stimulus program, and cuts in funding for the United Nations.

Tarkanian, who has signed the no-pork pledge sponsored by Citizens Against Government Waste, issued his list along the following comment on cutting the specific earmark funding in the federal budget.

“Some may say it only represents 7 .7 billion dollars in a multi-trillion dollar budget, but I believe pork spending is actually the most expensive spending of all,” said Tarkanian. “This is the slush fund used to leverage the irresponsible budget votes that have spent our grandchildren’s money before they’ve worn their first diaper.”

The following is the complete list of proposals;


– Environmental Protection Agency:

o Eliminate the Clean Air and Global Climate Change Goal – SAVINGS: $1.19 billion.

o Chesapeake Bay, Mississippi River Basin, Great Lakes Restoration Projects – SAVINGS: $321 million.

– Department of Agriculture:

o Eliminate the Rural Development Public Television Program – SAVINGS: $4.8 million.

– Department of Energy:

o Eliminate inefficient technology as identified by the DOE Inspector General – SAVINGS: $13.8 million.

o Eliminate ethanol subsidies – SAVINGS: $7 billion.

– Department of State:

o Reduce U.S. contributions to the United Nations – SAVINGS: $2 billion.

– Department of Agriculture:

o Reduction in discretionary spending – SAVINGS: $2.5 billion.

– Department of Health and Human Services:

o Eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse – SAVINGS: $100 billion.

– General Budget:

o Cancel the expenditure of federal funds held by federal agencies for more than 2 years – SAVINGS: $100 billion.

o Cancel the expenditure of TARP funds – SAVINGS: $700 billion.

o Cancel the expenditure of remaining stimulus funds – SAVINGS: $500 billion.

o Eliminate the National Endowment of the Arts – SAVINGS: $161.3 million.

o Eliminate earmark spending – SAVINGS: $7.7 billion.

o Disposal of unused or under used federal properties – SAVINGS: $1.6 billion, Potential Revenue: $83.8 billion.

o Cut Political Science Funding from the National Science Foundation Budget – SAVINGS: $10 million.

o Cut the congressional budget for itself – SAVINGS: $245 million.

o Eliminate the Corporation for National and Community Service – SAVINGS: $1.4 billion.

o Consolidation of duplicative programs cuts in wasteful spending, repeal of excessive overhead within the federal government – SAVINGS: $22 Billion.

– Department of Education:

o Reduction in Discretionary Spending – SAVINGS: $45 billion.

TOTAL POTENTIAL SAVINGS: $1,491,151,000,000


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