Financial News Update – 02/10/10


Deeply in debt, Greece faces a Spartan future

Chapter XVI: Where Shopping is a Pleasure (The Day the Dollar Died Series)

Faber: Debt Interest Will Lead to Default, Then War

Gross: Sovereign Default Fear Will Haunt Markets

Branson: Oil Crunch to Threaten Global Economy

Laffer: Obama Budget Is Plan for Catastrophe

The DC Blizzard: More Proof of Global Warming!

Economic Impact of Stimulus Spending: A Response to Menzie Chinn

Solar Subsidies Fail to Create Green Jobs, Again

Outside the Beltway: Luaus in Illinois? Sure, When Pork Is What’s for Dinner!

Health Care Summit the Wrong Approach to Bipartisan Health Care Reform

The Roadmap to Real Health Care Reform

Berlin and Paris urge backing for Greece

UPDATE 4-Strike disrupts Greece but public backs reforms

Now Obama Doesn’t ‘Begrudge’ Millions in Bonuses for ‘Savvy’ Bankers

Part of free market

Flashback: Obama Says Bonuses Are Violation Of ‘Our Fundamental Values’

U.S. would reap billions from $1 cigarette tax hike

Honda Recalls 437,000 More Cars Over Airbags


The BHO administration seems bent on paving their way out of the recession.

Is Washington’s tax exemption on bullion a gold mine?

Rash of retirements pushes Social Security to brink.

Italy Seizes Bank of America, Dexia Assets in Derivatives Probe

Public Employees: Rolling in Dough

In Praise of Mammoth Deficits

What’s a College Degree Really Worth?

Baltic Dry Index Collapses 40%, Signal Further Worldwide Economic Weakness

Mexican GDP Down 6.8% in 2009, Worst in 30 Years

Crisis Looms in Japan as its Economy Slowly Melts

Stocks Trade Mixed as European Debt Woes Remain

Stock Futures Climb Ahead of Opening

EU Searches for Way Out of Debt Crisis

Oil Above $72 on Weakening Dollar

European Stocks Up Cautiously on Hopes for Greece

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