Links To Visit – 02/10/10

JammieWearingFool – Good News: Media Now Has a Word To Describe State’s Rights Advocates

CNN – ‘Tenther’ movement aims to put power back in states’ hands

Fox News – Bush Billboard a Sign of Hope and Change

Human Events – Obama’s Border Enforcement Deceit (Hat Tip: Brian B.) – obs Jump In January—But American Worker Displacement Soars (Hat Tip: Carolyn Cooke)

Fox News – Anti-Tea Party Web Site Part of Scheme to Funnel Funds (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner) – Obama Administration Admits It Wrongly Tracked Abortion Groups in Wisconsin (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Bookworm Room – The European character, Obama’s disinterest in Europe, and the Euro’s possible collapse

Free Republic – Judge Gonzalez Now Guilty Of Intentional Fraud In Chrysler Case (from Donofrio) (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Atlas Shrugs – Islamic Supremacist Alert: Muslims Sue Wal-Mart to Mosque the Workplace

CQPolitics – Pelosi: Democrats Will ‘Definitely’ Retain Majority (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

John Stossel – Hurtling Down the Road to Serfdom

Family Security Matters – London’s Islamic Radicals Speak Out

Free Republic – IRAN Will Announce Nuke (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Anti-Mullah – What Should We Expect On Feb. 11th From Islamic Iran (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

The Strata-Sphere – IPCC Admits It Doesn’t Do Science

The New Editor – ‘Buckle-up’ Ad from UK

Dr. Melissa Clouthier – IPCC Admits That They’re Not A Scientific Organization

Gateway Pundit – Figures. 80% of $2 Billion in Stimulus Cash For Wind Power Goes to Foreign Companies (Video) (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

ThirdWaveDave – Always Bet on a Winner: NOISYROOM.NET (Hat Tip: The Radio Patriot)

The Radio Patriot – A Hobson’s Choice

The Radio Patriot – They’re coming for your blogsite

The New Editor – Charlie Wilson Dies

VentureBeat – Minnesota’s frozen turbines raise new doubts about wind power (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Human Events – Time is Up to Stop Iran’s Nuclear Bomb (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Minyanville – Ten Million Solar Roofs Act Huge Waste of Tax Dollars (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Bob McCarty Writes – Senator Blasts New Global Warming Bureaucracy

Bob McCarty Writes – Photos Show Scene Where Trail of Injustice Began

Bob McCarty Writes – Stop Whining About Too Much Snow

Bob McCarty Writes – Claim: Ethiopian Airlines Crash Caused by Al-Qaeda

Zero Hedge – The Dumping Begins: Chinese Reserve Managers Notified That Any Non-USG Guaranteed Securities Must Be Divested (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

TechnologyLive – House overwhelmingly approves cybersecurity bill (Hat Tip: The Radio Patriot)

YouTube – CNN: Pelosi to Wolf Blitzer: I promise no pork in the stimulus (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

WND – Lawsuit challenges Clinton eligibility (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Logistics Monster – Miki Booth Wants Obama To Show His REAL Birth Certificate (Among Other Documents) (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Gateway Pundit – Unreal: Top Yahoo Headline- “Analysis: How Global Warming Makes Blizzards Worse”

Gateway Pundit – We’re in the Best of Hands… Obama Meets With Al Sharpton to Discuss Jobs Creation

Gateway Pundit – Gallup Poll: Most Democrats Like Socialism

Gateway Pundit – Rep. Eric Cantor Says GOP Leaders Will Definitely Attend White House Meeting On Health Care (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Democrats Applaud Increasing National Debt by $1.9 Trillion (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Senator Scott Brown Takes His Truck to Work – Parks It Outside His Office

Gateway Pundit – Robert Gibbs Mocks Tea Party Movement During White House Press Conference (Video)

Michelle Malkin – Porkulus II: Return of the Phony Jobs Boondoggle

Michelle Malkin – Dick Armey whitewashes John McCain’s fiscal irresponsibility record

Michelle Malkin – The stonewallers at DOJ

Breitbart – VIDEO: 3 Seattle bus tunnel security guards watch brutal beating of 15-year-old girl

CNS News – Michelle Obama announces ‘obesity’ a threat to national security

The Washington Times – Marvel admits to ‘mistake’ in ‘Captain America’ tea party smear

Breitbart – New aerial NYPD photos of 9/11 attack released

Breitbart – India to test new 5000-km nuclear missile within year

Breitbart – Hackers disrupt Australian government Web sites

Fox News – New Sanctions on Iran

Fox News – Iran Shuts Down Gmail, Announces National E-Mail

Bob McCarty Writes – Charlie Wilson’s War Over, Congressman Dead at 76

Bob McCarty Writes – Census Ads Everywhere, Including Back of the Bus

Michael Johns – Charlie Wilson’s War was Really America’s War (Hat Tip: The Radio Patriot)

The Anchoress – Rep. Charlie Wilson, RIP

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