Muth’s Truths – February 11, 2010

By: Chuck Muth
Muth’s Truths

  • Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki is hosting media conference call at 3:00 pm this afternoon to discuss his 2010 election plans. Jon Ralston, Nevada’s dean of political pundits, predicts Krolicki will announce he’s running for re-election and NOT joining the U.S. Senate race – which would be the smart move and safe bet. Stay tuned, Batfans.
  • OK, going to a Robert Allen “How to Buy Real Estate with Nothing Down” seminar isn’t a right; it’s an opportunity.
  • Going to a Dale Carnegie class on “How to Eliminate Your Fear of Public Speaking” isn’t a right; it’s an opportunity.
  • Going to a Fred Pryor “Creative Leadership for Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leaders” seminar isn’t a right; it’s an opportunity.
  • Going to a Charles Schwab “How to Invest in Stocks” seminar isn’t a right; it’s an opportunity.
  • Going to a Jenny Craig “How to Lose Those Ugly Pounds” program isn’t a right; it’s an opportunity.
  • And going to college isn’t a right either; it’s an opportunity.
  • A RJ headline today reads: “GOP targets state Senate: Republicans see chances, pursue recruiting drive.” Long story. Here’s the short of it: Republicans have one realistic shot to pick up one state Senate seat this year, the District 5 seat currently held by Democrat Sen. Joyce Woodhouse.
  • On the other hand, Republicans are in danger of losing as many as three incumbent seats; those held by Sens. Barbara Cegavske, Dennis Nolan and former Sen. Warren Hardy. So it’s not out of the question that Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio could return to the 2011 Legislature with the tax-happy Democrats enjoying a veto-proof 15-6 super-majority.
  • Worse for Sen. Raggio, half of that 6-person caucus could end up being conservative ex-Assemblymen Ty Cobb, James Settelmeyer and Don Gustavson who are vying to replace term-limited incumbent Republican senators. What a happy little caucus THAT would be.
  • The Las Vegas Sun editorialized yesterday that Gov. Gibbons “is taking this (economic) crisis as an ‘opportunity’ to gut government and the services people rely on.” Gee, I hope so. I mean after all, wasn’t it our illustrious president’s chief of stuff, Rahm Emanuel, who famously said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”
  • And, hey, maybe because of these long overdue budget cuts more people will, you know, rely on themselves and each other instead of the government, just as our Founders intended. Indeed, as James Madison so famously said, “Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government.”
  • “Unless reauthorized, the $800 million in the new taxes (passed by the Legislature last year) of which (Gov. Jim) Gibbons spoke (in his State of the State address) will expire in June 2011,” writes RJ columnist John L. Smith. “That begs the question: If that tax increase is so onerous, Governor, why not call for its repeal?”
  • Good point.
  • Let’s not wait for those taxes to sunset. Let’s repeal them in the special session. And then keep cutting government to make up the difference until, as our friend Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform so eloquently puts it, it’s shrunk down to a size where we can drown it in the bathtub.
  • And finally, on the governor’s upcoming school voucher proposal, Assemblyman John Oceguera tells the Nevada News Bureau that he’s “open to just about anything” but doesn’t think the Legislature should consider such an important educational policy reform during this economic crisis. Likewise, Sen. John Lee “said he too does not believe the special session is the time to take up such an issue, although new ideas are always worth a look.”
  • Interesting.
  • You see, Assemblyman Ed Goedhart introduced a school voucher bill in the regular session of last year’s Legislature….and it never even got a hearing, let alone a vote. So the reality is that unless they are FORCED to consider school vouchers in the upcoming special session, in which the governor and the governor alone sets the agenda, Democrat legislators will never even remotely consider extending true and universal school choice to Nevada’s parents.
  • That said, the governor’s plan might have a MAJOR flaw. According to reports (I haven’t seen the exact plan yet), the vouchers he’s proposing would be given directly to private schools, not to parents. If so, that would indeed pose a problem with the anti-Catholic “Blaine” amendment in Nevada’s Constitution. Let’s hope the governor’s staff realizes this and fixes it before submitting the proposal to the Legislature.


Contact: [email protected] | February 12, 2010

Republican US Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian issued the following statement regarding Lieutenant Governor Brian Krolicki’s decision not to run for the U.S. Senate:

“Brian Krolicki would have been a welcome and worthy candidate for the U.S. Senate. Let me be clear that I found his recent consideration anything but ‘disingenuous’ as some have implied. I know that he was motivated by the same desire I have to get our country headed in the right direction again. He has my immediate support for his re-election for Lieutenant Governor.”


Paid for and authorized by Tarkanian for Senate
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Las Vegas, NV 89106
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For Immediate Release: February 12, 2010
Contact: [email protected]

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian reacted to reports that the Obama administration may be willing to ask the Senate to pass middle class tax increases, and to reports that stimulus funds are being used to fund iPod giveaways in Florida:

“Today’s news is further evidence that Harry Reid and his establishment tax and spend allies in Washington have no regard for the average Nevada taxpayer. While Nevadans are struggling every day to make ends meet, Washington is talking about raising their taxes while their tax dollars are reportedly funding iPod giveaways in Florida. Today’s taxpayer-funded iPod giveaway may be ‘music to the ears’ of certain Floridians, but it’s another example of Harry Reid’s ‘tone-deaf’ attitude towards the everyday concerns of his own constituents.”


Paid for and authorized by Tarkanian for Senate
840 South Rancho Drive, Suite 4-614
Las Vegas, NV 89106
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Muth’s Truths – February 10, 2010

By: Chuck Muth
Muth’s Truths

  • The federal government was shut down again yesterday thanks to the snowstorms. God bless global warming!
  • “Naming something in Nevada after our 40th president won’t be simple,” writes Ken Miller of Las Vegas Weekly about the new Reagan Legacy Project launched over the weekend by Citizen Outreach Foundation. “It’s all about shades of red and blue.” Read Ken’s full report HERE
  • Without a doubt, the biggest non-story story of 2010 so far has got to be all the moaning and groaning about “diaper rationing” for senior citizens under the governor’s proposed budget cuts. If you believe the likes of Washoe Legal Services lobbyist Jon Sasser, the cuts will mean old people will be spending hours every day “with poop in their diapers.”
  • Jon Sasser is full of sh-…er, poop. Here’s the fact: The national average of diapers provided to incontinent seniors each month is 186. Nevada has been funding 300. The “cut” will simply take Nevada down to the national average.
  • If Sasser & Company are to be believed, old people in most of the other states around the country are right this very minute running around with poop-pants. That’s just not true. At 300 diapers a month, that’s about 10 diapers a day. NEWBORNS don’t go through ten diapers a day.
  • So what are these seniors doing with all the unused diapers? Is there a black market for adult diapers out there that we don’t know about? “Hey buddy, wanna buy some Depends?” We need to clamp down on these diaper dealers pronto!
  • On Tuesday I noted that when Gov. Jim Gibbons says no new taxes, he’s pilloried…but when Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford says no new taxes….sounds of silence. Except, as it turns out, over at the new SlashPolitics blog where Steve Sebelius notes with disappointment that the entire Legislature is now singing from the same “no new taxes” hymnal.
  • UNR political science professor/guru Eric Herzik weighed in on Gov. Jim Gibbons’ State of the State speech with keen insight and razor-sharp observations, declaring: “This was a campaign speech more than a State of the State. It was heavy on slogans and symbols to appeal to his base.”
  • Duh. Gee, ya think, professor? As opposed to, say, Barack Obama’s State of the Union address two weeks ago?
  • For the life of me I’ll never understand why Nevada reporters seek out political science teachers like Eric Herzik who never worked on a campaign and never served in elected office and who learned everything they “know” about politics in a textbook for insight on political campaigns.
  • Rather than reduce salaries or lay off non-essential government workers last year, the Legislature decided to impose a one-day-a-month unpaid vacation (furlough) day on most state employees. But some bureaucrats simply won’t be denied the pay they feel is their God-given entitlement.
  • The Review-Journal reported on Tuesday that to make up for the unpaid furlough days, the Secretary of State’s office has increased overtime by a whopping 429 percent, while the Controller’s office has increased overtime by 400 percent. Heads should roll over this effort to flip the Legislature the bird.
  • And it should be noted that both offices are run by elected Democrats who thus far face no announced Republican opponent. Way to go, GOP!
  • Is University Chancellor Dan Klaich, to borrow a phrase from Wynn Resorts Chairman Steve Wynn, psychotic?
  • I ask because instead of tightening the university system’s belt some more like everyone else during this recession, Klaich on Monday called for an increase in the sales tax on unemployed workers by yet another quarter-cent, raising the business tax on the hurting businesses which still remain in business, and slamming the only healthy industry left in Nevada, mining, with higher taxes rather than make the much needed and long overdue cuts and changes to his bloated higher education budget.
  • College tuition is not a tax. Students who walked out on their classes this week don’t want more cuts. So raise their tuition. Everyone’s happy. Class dismissed.

Financial News Update – 02/11/10

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Where do you stand, Senator???

By: Carolyn Cooke

Idaho Senators,

My name is Carolyn Cooke and I have been working with Senator Jorgenson to educate Idaho citizens on his bulletproof Idaho immigration legislation, to promote it and to publicize it. Some of you may recognize my name from my many, often critical letters to the editor in local papers and my activism against various members of the Idaho legislature and Idaho elected officials in D.C. I cause problems for those who fail to represent the citizens who elected them, those legislators who are beholden to the ‘good old boys club’, be it in D.C. or Boise, and the special interests that line their pockets.

I am a Constitutional Conservative, first and foremost, and have been long before it became fashionable.

I am a national sovereignty grass roots activist with a focus on illegal immigration. I research and write articles for national websites about such various concerns as immigration issues, UN Treaties, federal legislation, healthcare, etc… I have contacts in national groups such as NumbersUSA, the Center for Immigration Studies, Judicial Watch and the Concerned Women for America and am very close to the US House of Representatives Immigration Reform Caucus Executive Director, Emily Sanders. I go to D.C. on my own dime to lobby for the citizens of this country. My work has been presented to members of the US House of Representatives and referenced by Senator Jim Inhofe. The Washington Times has graciously printed my Letter to the Editor. I have been offered a job at the Washington Examiner, but I choose to work for no income and support FamilySecurityMatters.org.

I have recently been forced to include my husband’s name as co-author when I write letters to the editor in local newspapers in Idaho. His name is Dr. Dennis Cooke. I cannot tell you how many times I hear what a wonderful doctor Dennis is, and how so-and-so is alive because of him. And being his wife has an upside because so many of his patients have brought my letters to him, asking if I am his wife, and wanting to talk to him about what I have written. They always understand the gravity of the situations I write about, agree with my conclusions and are appreciate of my efforts.

I now include Dennis’ name as co-author because a calculated attempt to undermine my credibility was launched by Idaho State Representative Bob Nonini when he took to the CDA Press to accuse me of having a group, being a ‘sensationalist’, controlling other citizens’ actions, etc… Nonini said I should have fact checked an article in the Spokesman Review. Excuse me! Bob Nonini did not bother to have the Spokesman-Review retract the statements made about him to which he so adamantly objected to me sourcing! Rather unseemly behavior for an elected official, don’t you think?

Backlash has been enormous. This surprises me because I am not well-known in Idaho. I do not have the well-deserved, distinguished career and the many friendships of Senator Jorgenson to back me up. I say this because Senator Jorgenson and I are both, according to Nonini, ‘sensationalists’.

Nonini’s attack was a blessing in disguise because I realized that my husband’s endorsement of my work gives it much more credibility. His practice has 14,000 patients in N. Idaho. He has taken care of most them at one point in time because he is the only interventionalist practicing in N. Idaho full time. He knows their families as well.

The point being, gentlemen and gentlewomen of the Idaho State Senate, this Idaho of today is informed, and receptive to being educated like never before, thanks to events on the national level. All politicians are taking a beating. I believe I read where 35% of US citizens polled want a new political party!

Bottom line, the citizens of Idaho do not trust you!

To mistake a lack of overt participation in the political process through emails, faxes and phone calls on the part of most Idaho citizens is a grievous error on your part. The ‘silence is deafening’, so to speak. You all are being watched and judged by how well you choose to protect Idaho citizens like never before — bad news for your shenanigans on immigration enforcement legislation and ‘shenanigans’ they are.

I am writing to you all today because of the situation you find yourselves in regarding Senator Jorgenson’s inviolable and effective immigration enforcement legislation, Senate Bill 1303.

UMKC Constitutional Law Professor and candidate for Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach authored S1303 legislation which will effectively and efficiently deal with the illegal alien problem in Idaho. The law is bulletproof. No lawsuit could render it unConstitutional. It contains MANDATORY E-Verify, the Department of Homeland Security Program used by over 500,000 businesses in the United States and is mandated for federal government contractors.

E-Verify is already mandatory by federal law.

You are aware that a bill without a sound enforcement mechanism is useless in curtailing the employment of illegal alien labor in Idaho. Any such bill presented to the Idaho legislature will therefore will do nothing to end the magnet of jobs in Idaho for illegal alien labor at the expense of Idaho’s unemployed and Idaho taxpayers.

Attrition through enforcement of immigration law works every time it is tried!

Yet, you have agreed to have one or two of these fraudulent bills printed.

Yes, all, you read correctly, fraudulent, by printing or hearing these bills you are committing fraud against the citizens of Idaho. You know very well you are attempting to prevent S1303 from becoming law by gumming up the works with immigration enforcement legislation that is useless in protecting Idaho’s unemployed and Idaho’s taxpayers.

You have one of three options:

1. Pass Senator Michael Jorgenson’s Bill, S1303, out of the Senate State Affairs Committee and allow it an ‘up or down’ vote on the floor of the Senate and the House. Idaho industries have until January 1, 2011 to comply—plenty of time to get right with the federal immigration laws they have been guilty of violating with your collusion.

2. Pass Senator McGee’s Bill, which all of Idaho will find out is a worthless piece of garbage written by the Idaho Dairymen’s Association attorneys. Besides the fact I and others will let citizens know of your treachery, it will have no effect on stemming the tide of illegal immigration in Idaho. (This will become readily apparent as taxes increase to service the growing state budget deficit, created in a large part by taxpayers having to fund the Dairy and Ag industries cheap slave labor’s social costs. And to hell with Idaho’s unemployed, right??? There are no jobs Americans will not do for living 2010 wages. )

Or pass the Hart/Labrador Bill, which again has no enforcement mechanism and does nothing more than re-enforce federal law and voluntary E-Verify and affects only those who “knowingly hire” illegal aliens. What mechanism does the bill provide to prove employers “knowingly hire?”

3. Tie up all of the legislation or let it go down in flames in committee, unheard and unvoted upon, which will tell Idaho citizens where your priorities lie. They will understand that you are not concerned with their best interests. Instead, it will tell them that you are representing the pro-amnesty industries in Idaho that employ cheap illegal alien labor.

What about the almost 70,000 Idaho citizens who are out of work?

I suggest you read, if you have not already read, “Immigration in Idaho” @ http://www.mike4idaho.com/docs/ILLEGAL%20IMMIGRATION%20IN%20IDAHO.pdf and http://www.mike4idaho.com/immigration.php before you come back to me with questions.

And, very importantly, for those Idaho State Senators and Representatives who support S1303, thank you, you are patriots, too often overlooked and too often underappreciated. Do all that you can to support this very important legislation by co-sponsoring S1303! Go on talk radio, send out newsletters, be assertive. The citizens of Idaho support you!!!

Carolyn Joy Cooke


“E-Verify is already mandatory by federal law”

My bad:

E-Verify is already VOLUNTARY by federal law. And Phil Hart and Raul Labrador know it. This makes their supposed immigration enforcement bill meaningless.


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Communists vs. the Tea Party

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Jarvis Tyner, right, SEIU “purple shirter” left,
cardboard friend, rear, Oregon 2008.

The Tea Party movement should be given an award for the stance they are taking on restoring our Constitution and founding values. And all the hard work they have done and are doing is having a profound impact on the left. They are literally crapping in their undies with fear. Yep – fear…

New Zeal has a post up today on Jarvis Tyner, Vice Chairman of the Communist Party USA. An acolyte of Obama and nothing less than a bigot, he literally invokes violence and hate against the Tea Party movement in his latest hatefest, er, column from People’s World (jeez – a Communist name for a Communist blog – genius! ) : The tea party movement’s backward march.

And Mr. Social Justice spells it out:

Whether they succeed depends on the level of activity of the broad democratic, multiracial, labor and people’s coalition that defeated Bush and his right-wing Congress. If they are activated on the issues of jobs, health care and peace the right will suffer another setback.

This fight cannot be won by Obama alone. This fight cannot be won by the Democratic majority in Congress alone.

Without street heat, without real grassroots organizing, we could loss the fight for change and be pushed back to the Bush era or worse. We dare not let that happen.

Consider the Nashville tea party meeting and the elections in New Jersy, Virginia and Massachusetts a wakeup call.

Like Obama did in his State of the Union speech and his confrontation with the Republicans at their caucus, it’s time for the anti-racist majority, for the majority that wants health reform, a clean environment, massive job creation, peace, and economic and social justice, to take the offensive.

When you read New Zeal’s post, you’ll see that this guy really HATES Sarah Palin. His utter contempt for her may be just the ticket to getting her elected in 2012 – thanks Jarvis! His slurs are juvenile at best and simply moronic. I am sooo tired of the race card being played and the attacks on the right and the family and morals and the Constitution ad nauseam… They have no firm ground to stand on, just the same tired old lies and propaganda that Americans have learned to loathe.

Looks like the Communist Party USA is scrapping for a fight with American patriots… Let’s give it to em’ folks. Keep up the political heat, the Tea Parties and the fight to take our country back from Socialists, Marxists, Communists, Progressives, Radicals and our government. We are poised to push the majority of them out of office and then the real adults can make the really tough decisions needed to bring us back from the Progressive abyss.

New Zeal – Top Communist Flays the “Tea Party” Movement