Financial News Update – 02/12/10

Here’s Why The Real Jobs Loss Number Was 5x Worse Than What The BLS Reported

Green Shoots Sprouting Up All Over The Place…Watch Out One Might Stick Up Your Ass!

House Dems offer mixed signals on Senate jobs bill

UK’s Brown Says Global Bank Tax Near

Economic Instability a Result of Extreme Imbecility

Keynesian Economics: A Halfwit’s Guide to Monetary Inflation

Dollar Index Up: A Momentary Safe Haven from Greek Debt

Fund Dedicated to Concept That Gov’t Will Never Abandon Credit Expansion

Outside the Beltway: AZ Rejects Economy Killing Energy Taxes

Obama’s Very Weak Hand: When All Else Fails, Try Bipartisanship

AP: President Obama’s Jobs Bill Won’t Create Many Jobs

Shilling Sees 50 Percent Chance Stocks to Hit New Low

Greece turns on EU critics

New tax bombshell awaits UK – 20% VAT!

Obama’s Tax Pledge in Question

Dems Prepare Health Care Reform ‘Plan B’


How Goldman Sachs Helped Greece to Mask its True Debt

Big Government’s Big Shortfall

Stocks Up After EU Pledges Support for Greece

Moral Support, But No Money, EU Says to Greece

Oil Up for Fourth Day on Strong International Demand Outlook

The Fed’s “Exit Plan” is Just Another Secret Gift to Wall Street

Jason Kelly Reviews the US and European Economies

Banking and Housing Payments Devoured Middle Class Income

Stocks Fall as Bernanke Points to End of Stimulus

Trade Deficit Jumps Sharply in December

Consumers Spent Modestly in January

Oil Nears $74 as Weak Dollar Offsets High Supplies

EU Officials Wrangle Over Possible Greece Rescue

Greek Bailout Looking Increasingly Likely

British Airways Credit Downgraded by S&P

Think PIGS are in Trouble? These Seven US States Could be Headed for Something Worse

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