2 Important Things You Can Do for REAL Change

There are so many different fronts that we in the tea party movement must fight to take our country back.

Frequently, we at the Tea Party Express have focused on the “big picture” if you will: raising money for political campaigns – to support the “good guys” or defeat the “bad guys,” TV and radio ad campaigns on key issues of the day, organizing mass rallies, spearheading petition campaigns and email/letter/phone call/fax campaigns to key Members of Congress, news conferences, press releases to the media, etc…

But there is much more that needs to be done. Thankfully there are some great patriots who are helping to organize a national effort to provide tea party supporters such as yourself a fantastic opportunity to really change the way politics work – and ensure that constitutional conservatives are involved in the decision making process of the major political parties.

If you live in California, both of the following two action items require your attention.

If you live anywhere else in the nation, pay attention just to Action Item #1.

** ACTION ITEM #1 ** (Nationwide): The National Precinct Alliance has been steadily building a network to give tea party supporters and conservative constitutionalists the chance to help take back the major political parties. It involves a grass roots effort at the ground level – to ensure that good people such as yourself can help us take back the political parties by getting involved specifically at the precinct level.

As the National Precinct Alliance explains:

The candidates, democrat and republican, who win public office will almost always be the candidate endorsed by the local PARTY LEADERS. One of those two candidates, either the republican or the democrat, will be elected in November, and go to Congress to make the laws, and determine much of our country’s future. This is very obvious to most Americans. What is not obvious is what is happening at the grassroots level. Every two years there is an election most Americans are not aware of… the election of our Precinct Executives. The Precinct Executives elect the Party Leaders and the Party Leaders endorse the candidates for office. Hence, the only way Americans can fire the current local county Party Leaders is through the Precinct System by electing like-minded Precinct Executives.

So how do you, or someone you know, become a Precinct Executive and help advance this effort? The National Precinct Alliance has all the answers and you can get involved here: http://www.nationalprecinctalliance.org/main/getting_started

** ACTION ITEM #1 ** (California Only): In California an important deadline is coming up – tomorrow, Tuesday, February 16th. The deadline is for applications to the first-ever Citizens Redistricting Committee.

Because of a voter-approved initiative, private citizens such as yourself can apply to serve on the state’s redistricting commission, where the lines are drawn for legislative districts throughout the state.

We are all now well aware of the famous – infamous – examples of district lines being drawn for a congressional or legistlative seat that are ridiculously shaped. They are designed solely to get blocs of voters into one district, to help ensure that the incumbent politicians – in this case now dominated by liberals – can keep their seats and hold on to power.

But not anymore!

Not, at least, if California patriots such as yourself will please, please, please apply to serve on the California Citizens Redistricting Committee.

Full details on how to get involved are here: http://www.wedrawthelines.ca.gov/

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