Meet the Religion Commission

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Have you visited your church’s web site lately? When you do, you should look for wording such as ‘social justice,’ ‘progressive,’ ‘diversity,’ and a whole host of other warm and fuzzy terms that are currently being used to help fold different religions into the Progressive/Communist movement. This is widespread and can be found all over the place. Take an evening and surf Bing or Google and just look at religious web sites and search for some of these terms. It will be an instructive evening, I assure you; if not downright horrifying…

Then, make sure you read New Zeal’s latest work:

Meet the Communist Party USA’s “Men of Faith”

Trevor really lays out the agenda and the construct of the Communist Religion Commission. Very sobering:

Not content with workers, “people of color”, youth, greenies, gays and the generally disgruntled, the reds are coming after Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Muslims.

The Communist Party USA has re-founded its Religion Commission as it seeks to bring more churches and “people of faith” into the “progressive” fold.

This is a classic tactic that has been used by every tyrant known throughout history. If you can control the masses through their religion, you can rule the world. And once you rule the world, well then, you either outlaw religion entirely or form a very vanilla religion that everyone must belong and adhere to. Almost sounds like something out of Revelations huh?

Hitler was a big fan of religion and the occult. He used it as an effective tool and weapon. Stalin was a solid Communist and only believed in Atheism – to be religious in Russia at that time was to face a death sentence. Religion was considered to be the opiate of the masses and Stalin wanted it entirely removed.

The Communists in America don’t seek to learn from the religious. They seek to “guide” them.

It must be a task of Communists who are active in faith communities to bring to people an awareness of the progressive values and potential inherent in their traditions and to lead them to turn that awareness into action that will challenge both the members and leaders of their religious communities and the larger society.

Because, after all, the idiot masses need guidance and direction and only the elitists can provide it.

Even though it seems impossible, there is a Christian movement within the American Communist Party. Headed by two Christians, Tim Yeager and Pierre Williams (both Christians and both Communists), the Communist Party is actively recruiting people from all religions. Pierre Williams and Tim Wheeler as activists both campaigned for Barack Obama in South Carolina. Pierre serves as Secretary of the Communist Party USA Religion Commission.

Remember history and how the Communists have viewed religion in the past. Don’t fall for soft whispers and kind words that are hidden in plain sight to conceal a murderous and fascist agenda. Communist wolves in Christian clothing indeed…

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