Scoring with the Global Warming Hockey Stick

Want to see the REAL Global Warming Hockey Stick graph? Well look no further than Zombie’s new post at Pajama’s Media…

Key excerpt:

The data underlying the famous “hockey stick” global warming graph has finally been found after having earlier been misplaced by leading climate researchers. The newly recovered data confirms the accuracy of the abrupt upward turn in readings characteristic of the “hockey stick” shape found in many global warming projections.

Guess the ‘missing’ data was found after all. Zombie – Iowahawk would be proud… Brings a tear to my eyes – from laughing that is… Really you guys have got to see this:

New Global Warming Data Reveals Accurate “Hockey Stick” Graph

From doom to extinction and back again… 🙂


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Financial News Update – 02/25/10

Clinton says deficit now a security issue

Merkel: The euro in ‘difficult situation’ for first time

Senator warns of ‘financial meltdown’ risk

Obama May Ban All Foreclosures Without Review by Loan-Modification Program

NEW WORLD ORDER: GOLDMAN probed over crisis in Greece

Grim Milestones: Lending Drops at ‘Epic Pace’, Past Due Loans at Record High, New Home Sales at Record Low, 30% of Mortgages at Risk (Hat Tip: The Anchoress)

Fritz Henderson is back at GM, for $3,000 an hour (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Bernanke delivers blunt warning on U.S. debt (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Greenspan Says Crisis ‘By Far’ Worst, Recovery Uneven (Update1) (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Live Streaming Obamacare Summit Thursday (Hat Tip: Brian B.)


Obama Begins His Assault on Your Life Savings (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Democrats looking beyond health-care summit to final talks within party

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In 3-2 Vote, SEC Limits Short Sales

Whole Foods Prevails Despite Lefty Boycott Threats

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Pelosi: Health Reform Will Create 400,000 Jobs ‘Almost Immediately’ Liar…

CNN Poll: Only 25% want Dems to pass their health bills

Detroit Mayor emphasizes need to shrink city


China extends lead as top food producer

‘American influence waning’

Jobless claims up 12% in past 2 weeks

Dems, GOP Clash Over Controlling Rising Health Care Costs

FBI Arrests Ex-Madoff Operations Director in N.Y.

Fed Looking at Firms Betting on Greek Debt Default

New U.S. Embassy a Waste of Money?


U.S. New-Home Sales Drop 11.2% “Unexpectedly”??? What planet are they from? I suspect that we’ll see a further drop, seasonally adjusted this summer, as mortgage credit tightens and as another wave of foreclosures further flood the housing market.

Jim Rogers says that the UK will lose its AAA bond rating this year, and that inflation and a currency crisis are inevitable.

The Total Investor Blog

Bernanke: Record-low Rates Still Needed

Stocks Rise Ahead of Bernanke Report on Economy

Freddie Mac Loses $7.8 Billion. (Senator Everett Dirksen said it best: “A billion here, and a billion there, and pretty so you’re talkin’ about real money.” )

Bad Credit Sidelines Some Jobless Workers

World Economy to be Hit by Several Sovereign Defaults

Consumer Confidence Down Again

Oil Rally Fizzles, Drops Below $80/Barrel