Must See Video: MSNBC Host Melts Down Over Tea Party

Friends – you know this tea party movement is growing by leaps-and-bounds each day as those who oppose this movement become more desperate in their efforts to stop us.

In an interview with the Tea Party Express’s Mark Williams, MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan yelled, screamed, walked off his own set, and alleged that tea partiers carry signs calling for the death of blacks and Jews. And as the veins were bursting in his head he then demanded that Mark Williams’ microphone be cut off so he could be heard.

We’re not exaggeraring folks. Watch this amazing video clip of a complete meltdown – and a bizarrely fascinating display of hypocrisy as MSNBC does a propaganda segment on “Anger in America” and then shows us exactly what it looks like:

All we at the Tea Party Express can say is: More Please!

Please, FORWARD THIS VIDEO to everyone. We need all of America to see how those who are trying to defeat this tea party movement conduct themselves.

Let those who mock and deride this tea party movement continue to act in this pyschotic fashion. They discredit themselves, and each time they do they demonstrate just how much progress we are making with this tea party movement and how big of a threat we are to those who oppose this movement.

Let this exchange on MSNBC serve as a moment for all of us to enjoy the deranged response from those who don’t understand what this movement is about at all. They are desperate and scared – and their conduct confirms this.

Keep doing what you’re doing fellow supporters of the tea party movement. It’s obviously working!

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