Science Czar Holdren’s Connections to Soviet Spies

Bulletin of The Nuclear Scientists
world famous for its ominous symbol, the Doomsday Clock.

New Zeal takes a look at the very special connections that Science Czar John Holdren has with pro-Soviet sympathizers. Telling indeed and riddled with Communists and spies… It’s not paranoia if you can look at the guy’s history and the actual people he dealt with and see what they were. Avowed Communists and Socialists…

Holdren at one time was on the board for the Bulletin of The Nuclear Scientists. An organization formed from the Manhattan project. The Manhattan Project was evidently riddled with Soviet spies. There were at least two Soviet informants in the original sponsors of the Bulletin. Bet they didn’t teach that to you in school, did they? And it gets even better… Some of the Socialist and Communist sympathizers had family ties to Barack Obama. Wow – his family tree and associates just get better and better the more you dig. Fantastic… Americans should be soooo proud.

Perhaps The Doomsday Clock was an appropriate symbol since one of the primary goals of the Bulletin seemed to be the goal of making the US as weak militarily as possible. Wonder why they would want that? Because it forwarded the Soviet Union’s propaganda goals perfectly.

From New Zeal:

It was not surprizing then, when in 1994, a former senior Soviet Intelligence officer named two of the Bulletin’s founding sponsors, Leo Szilard and Robert Oppenheimer as sources of atomic information to the Soviet Union.

According to Sudaplatov, a former wartime director of the Administration for Special Tasks, an elite unit of the Soviet intelligence service, Leo Szilard, Robert Oppenheimer and Enrico Fermi, knowingly supplied information to Soviet contacts during their work on the Manhattan Project.

Sudaplatov claimed in his 1994 book “Special Tasks, Memoirs of an Unwanted Witness-A Soviet Spymaster”.

Szilard was almost removed from the Manhattan Project as a “security risk.” In the 1960s he was involved with the radical Washington DC “think tank,” the Institute for Policy Studies – infamous for its ties to foreign intelligence services and currently a source of policy ideas for the Obama administration.

In New Zeal’s post you will read more about the informants, Communists, Socialists and radicals surrounding Holdren and influencing him. You’ll read about the FBI and Hoover and his attempts to go after one of the sponsors of the Bulletin. You’ll read about the ties that bind and you’ll gain an insight into one more piece of the puzzle that explains John Holdren and his evil views…

In closing, New Zeal asks the right questions:

Today, John Holdren is President Obama’s “Science Czar” – officially director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Executive Office of the President.

Holdren’s brief encompasses global environmental change, fusion science and technology, comparative analysis of energy options, ways to reduce the dangers from nuclear weapons and materials, population control and the interaction of content and process in science and technology policy.

All these areas have huge implications for America’s national security, prosperity and future liberty.

Should a man with John Holdren’s past associations be entrusted with such a position?

Was Holdren given a proper security vetting, or did he “slip through the cracks” like communist “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones?

I doubt it… I think Obama knew exactly who Holdren was when he selected him. I think they share a common view of politics and how American should be ‘transformed.’ The real question is, why do we allow this to continue? Do Americans really want their leadership populated by radicals and monsters who have the power to dole out evil in ever more creative ways? Holdren needs to go – read all of New Zeal’s post. It is riveting…

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