Links To Visit – 03/08/10

The Atlantic – A Detention Bill You Ought to Read More Carefully Hat Tip: Brian B.

auction bytes – IRS to Track Online Sellers’ Payment Transactions Beginning Next Year (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

WND – Custodian of U.S. mosques promotes slaying Americans

Don Surber – Cuts in government? Oh nooooooooo (Hat Tip: Larwyn)

Riehl World View – Kansas City Wastes $2 Billion, May Close Half Its Public Schools (Hat Tip: Larwyn)

StopTheACLU – CST:Weekly Standard Brings The Nude ManBearPig To Climate Debate (Hat Tip: Larwyn)

Ace of Spades – CBS News: It’s Not Gadahn (Hat Tip: Larwyn) Damn… – Immigration Reform would not include touchback (Hat Tip: Carolyn Cooke)

SEIU – VIDEO: Los Angeles Rally Kicks Off 48-Day “March for California’s Future” (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Brutally Honest – A CDC warning worth passing on

Gateway Pundit – Nigerian Muslim Herders Attack Christians With Machetes; 300 Dead (Hat Tip: Larwyn)

Doug Ross – Pass the popcorn, Nahanni: California organizes circular firing squad to determine who will make up its 50% shortfall in revenues (Hat Tip: Larwyn) – First ‘They’ Came and Took Your House, Your Retirement… Now ‘They’ Are Coming for Your Social Security! (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Yahoo! News – Growing low-oxygen zones in oceans worry scientists (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Atlas Shrugs – GRAPHIC VIDEO: Islamic Jihad Worldwide

The Radio Patriot – Hey Watermelon Man!

The Radio Patriot – Jack Cashill – “THE” American Thinker

Gateway Pundit – Vladimir Lenin: “Socialized Medicine is the Keystone to the Arch of the Socialist State.”

Gateway Pundit – LOCKED OUT!… Obama Won’t Let Public In to Hear His Health Care Speech in St. Louis– PROTESTS PLANNED

Gateway Pundit – Dem Rep. Massa May Rescind Resignation; Says Rahm Emanuel Is “Son of Devil’s Spawn” (Audio)

Gateway Pundit – American Al-Qaeda Terrorist Arrested in Pakistan Not Gadahn

Gateway Pundit – Iran Starts Mass-Producing Cruise Missiles

Gateway Pundit – Unreal. AP Writes Lengthy Article About Noose & Racial Incidents at Cali Campuses… Forgets to Mention Minority Student Hung the Noose

Michelle Malkin – Make your voice heard: Counter-protest the Obamacare Road Show; St. Louis Oba-Kabuki event is closed-door, invitation-only

Michelle Malkin – Chart of the morning: Guess who’s paying the Cover Tim Geithner’s A** “Bank Tax?” Y-o-u.

Washington Examiner – Wisconsin Attorney General charges ACORN workers with voter fraud

The Guardian – PAPER: Inside the world of Obama’s bodyguards This is disgusting…

Times Online – Cyberwar declared as China hunts for secrets – Troopers raid popular bars for unlicensed beers; Dozens of gallons seized

Fox News – N. Korea Says It Is Ready to ‘Blow Up’ U.S.

Fox News – FBI: China Stepping Up Cyber Attacks on U.S.

Fox News – Schools’ New Math: the Four-Day Week

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