San Francisco Tea Party on April 15

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Here are the latest details on the San Francisco Tea Party, from Tea Party organizer Sally Zelikovsky. Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town (I always am when these roll around, and it’s truly not on purpose), but I urge any of you within reasonable distance to attend. After all, San Francisco is Nancy Pelosi’s home turf:


* The San Francisco Tea Party will take place at Union Square (NOT Justin Herman Plaza) on April 15th from 4 pm until 7 pm. We changed the location as a favor to the City of SF, building good will and providing them w/ an opportunity to make a considerable amount of the money for a weeklong event at JHP.
* I suggest arriving before 4:00…from around 3:00 on. Some folks are even making a day of it with shopping and lunch, followed by TEA, of course.
* There are nice bathrooms in Macy’s and Sak’s–exact location details will follow closer to the date.
* If anyone has any doubt as to the significance of a Tea Party in San Francisco, just remind them that Speaker Pelosi “represents” this district. Given the close ties between socialism and San Fran, the more we have, the more noise we make, the stronger our message. Spread the word and bring your friends. Make an effort to stop by after work–we arranged the time this year to accommodate working tea partiers. Don’t ever think YOU won’t make a difference. EVERY BODY COUNTS!

If you cannot make it to SF, there are other tea parties in Sacramento, San Mateo, Pleasanton and San Jose.


* Political Satirist, Eric Golub, will entertain us w/ his keen sense of humor and believe you me, we could all use some humor right now. That doesn’t take away from the seriousness of this event–just enhances it!
* Someone from KSFO will join us as well and I am working on one other.
* Of course, the people will have time to speak and participate.
* Lukas Hansen will sing the Star Spangled Banner and Celestial City, from the GroupaPalooza, will also entertain us with their sublime voices.


* One Year Later…Are you better off?
* All of the usual: limited govt, lower taxes, individual liberty, free markets, fiscal responsibility and NO to ObamaCare!
* No inappropriate signage–stick to the message. No matter how much you personally might want to focus on O’s birth certificate or his fascist tendencies, this is not the event for that and, as experience has shown, the press will only focus on the one or two signs like that and miss the point of the protest completely. We will ask you to leave or put down your sign if you show up off topic or with inappropriate signage.


From North Bay: Drive and Park (details to come) or take the Ferry and walk (about 10 minutes).

From East Bay: Drive and Park or take the BART.

From South Bay: Drive and Park.

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