The Rise of Private Education

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Ken McIntyre has written a post at The Heritage Foundation that is excellent and it will pull at your heartstrings – guaranteed… The Heritage Foundation is absolutely my favorite web site on the Internet. One you should visit every day.

Most of you don’t know this, but I home-schooled two of my children for 6 years. I was far tougher than any teacher and they did well. No thanks to the public school system. I walked away from the Fortune 500 to do it and never once regretted doing so. I am fortunate to have a business of my own and my husband is a successful software engineer. My son has gone on to be a software engineer as well and my daughter is in sales. I have always been a huge supporter of home-schooling and school vouchers.

So, when I read Ken’s article on the effort to save D.C. Opportunity Scholarships, I cheered these kids and The Heritage Foundation on. You see, Congress wants to do away with these scholarships. Our politicians claim that they are all for the children and education, when in reality they take real opportunities away from children – a chance for advanced education provided by funds in scholarships such as this one.

From Ken’s post:

Shaketa, along with seven other children among the program’s 1,700 current enrollees appear in provocative print advertisements displayed in Metro’s busy Union Station subway stop and on 225 buses traveling every Metro route in the District.

The four-week ad campaign, sponsored by The Heritage Foundation, began Monday evening, when the chalkboard-themed ads greeted commuters along the Metro platform at Union Station. The public service ads, 42 in all, also are grouped at station exits and entrances.

The slogan for the campaign is: “Let Me Rise!” It is a brilliant idea and one that will help these children attend private school with the help of vouchers. Their parent’s get to choose the school and these children will be able to advance as never before academically – they are America’s gift to our future…

Please read the whole article. The campaign is meant to reach members of the House and Senate as they ride the Metro. These same people cut funding for this successful program. Do our politicians even have a heart any more? Where are their souls? Do it for the children – for real this time. Do the right thing for the kids and their futures. It’s time to stop playing politics with our children’s education – quality, private education should not only be for the wealthy or the elite.

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