Links to Visit – 04/10/10

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Vocal Minority – Listen & Learn: El Rushbo on This Madoff-Like Regime – Part II (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Mark Levin – Obama is the Closest Thing to a Dictator We’ve Ever Had

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Gateway Pundit – President Kaczynski’s Body Found

Gateway Pundit – Hundreds Turn Out at Collinsville, IL Pre-Tax Day Tea Party Rally

Gateway Pundit – Russian Official Urges Interim Kyrgyz Government to Shut US Air Base

Gateway Pundit – Polish Leader & 95 Others Dead in Russia Plane Crash …Update: Airport Was Closed Before Landing Attempt

Gateway Pundit – St. Louis Tax Day Tea Party Event– April 15th in Clayton

Gateway Pundit – Top Obama Bundler Attempts Assault on Karl Rove – Media Silent (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Amazing!… Russian Soccer Fans Chant Holy Day Greeting At Easter Sunday Match (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Obama’s Approval Rating Drops to 43%… 54% of Americans Oppose Obamacare

Gateway Pundit – Unreal. Barack Obama Snubs Czech & International Hero Vaclav Havel at Nuclear Summit

Michelle Malkin – Prayers for Poland



The Daily Mail – Nazi salutes and swastikas as hundreds gather for funeral

AP – Stocks up but trades are scarce, worrying bulls

AP – L.A. utility at center of city’s financial meltdown

AP – Thai army pulls back from protest clashes; 15 dead

The Daily Mail – Gendercide: China’s massacre of unborn girls means soon will be 30 million more men than women


Fox News – Bomb Damages U.S. Consulate in Mexico, No Injuries

Fox News – US Navy holds 6 suspected pirates after battle



By: Dave Logan

DAY 15 will test the organizational skills of TPX III. With six Michigan tour rallies staring them in the face, it will no doubt be an exhausting affair. However, with two recent, high profile successes under their belt — endorsing Rep. Michele Bachmann and Bart Stupak’s forced retirement — this crew’s not only up for the challenge, but looking forward to it. You see, these patriots don’t dig foxholes. Don’t even know how to. They’re headed in one direction and one direction only: down range.

TODAY’S MICHIGAN TOUR SCHEDULE: Cheboygan — 8 am; Petoskey — 10 am — Traverse City — 11:30 am; Big Rapids — 3 pm; Grand Rapids — 4:15 pm; Lansing — 7:15 pm. All times EDT.


TPX tour embed Andrea Shea King — The Radio Patriot — reports on yesterday’s big news: Stupak’s forced retirement, and she includes many photos from the Escanaba rally. Reporting alongside Andrea, Fox News’ Griff Jenkins.

Last night, the TPX crew was treated to a night out for a good meal. TPX TV set up live-streaming equipment table side and sent out invites so TPX supporters could attend the dinner via computer. During the dinner, viewers enjoyed watching many of the crew members being interviewed. They even had a chat room feature so viewers could interact with the crew. A huge success for TPX TV’s Wm and Selena Owens.

President of America’s Mighty Warriors, Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee, attended the dinner and took a few moments to talk about her son, Marc Alan Lee. Marc was the first Navy Seal killed in Iraq while defending our freedoms back here at home.


MORE TPX COVERAGE can be found at Marathon Pundit, Noisyroom, and Instapundit. The TPX crew greatly appreciates everyone’s tour coverage. Everyone’s. It’s made a real difference. Less than a week remains, so let’s finish strong. **Stupak saves TPX 200 Grand**


Make a CONTRIBUTION to TPX III. Taking back America requires lots of money. Give generously.


Financial News Update – 04/10/10

Prison in Store for Obamacare Offenders

VAT to Follow Obama’s Spending Spree

Fannie, Freddie Finally the Focus of Crisis Commission

Please Don’t Feed the Animals (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

How ObamaCare will make things worse

Up Next for Obama… Financial Reform


Property Tax Rebellion Brewing After Real Estate Collapse. Here is my prediction on how this will play out: Property values will eventually drop by 50% in most of the more populous states. Assessed valuations eventually drop correspondingly, but only after a public uproar and some foot-dragging. Tax revenues will decline. State legislatures will respond, increasing property tax rates by 100%. Net result: The politicians still get their money.

Total Fed Credit: A Credit to Fed Stupidity (The Mogambo Guru)

The Fed’s Shell Game Continues…

Thanks to Greenspan and Bernanke the Next Crisis Could be Even Scarier

How the Wall Street Crash Changed America Forever

Notes From Jim Sinclair’s Toronto Seminar

Shadow Government Statistics Hyperinflation Special Report (Update 2010)

BLS Releases Latest Jobs Openings Data, Number of Unemployed People Per Open Spot Increases in February to 5.5. (Some “recovery”!)

Hard-Core Financial Preparedness

Actual March unemployment 21.7%. (“March Employment Gain of 162,000 Was 114,000 Net Result of Temporary Census Hiring.”)

Petrol $9.00 a gallon in UK. Thankfully that is per Imperial gallon (1.2 US gallons) but that still works out to $7.67 per gallon.

Santelli: $4 Gas, $150 Oil Coming this Summer

Unemployment Benefits Expire for Thousands

The Line Of Doom (The Mogambo Guru)

About this time, as part of my Official Mogambo Duties (OMD) here on this planet you call Earth to improve the species by weeding out the unfit, I usually take the time to gently tell you that unless you prove your intelligence by buying gold, silver and oil to protect yourself against the massive, unstoppable, terrifying, bankrupting inflation in prices that is coming as a result of the massive, unstoppable, terrifying, bankrupting inflation in the money supply that is coming as a result of the loathsome Federal Reserve creating so much massive, unstoppable, terrifying, bankrupting money (so as to fund Obama’s massive, unstoppable, terrifying, bankrupting $1.6 trillion budget-deficit, with trillions more to come), then there is something very, very wrong with you and you should not have any children.

What Does it Mean to be Middle Class in 2010?

UK: High Earners Hit As 50% Tax Goes Ahead

Initial Jobless Claims Increase Unexpectedly

Oil Down to Near $85 as Two-Month Rally Stalls

Broke Icelanders Opt for Exile


Gigantic Crowd Awaits Tea Party in Traverse City

CONTACT: Levi Russell – (509) 979-6615 or [email protected]

Huge Tea Party in Traverse City as Tea Party Express Crosses Michigan – Celebration of Stupak’s Forced Retirement

Congressman Bart Stupak’s retirement hasn’t made the tea party in Michigan moot – instead it’s reinvigorated the movement and in less than one-hour a gigantic tea party rally will take place in Traverse City, MI. Thousands are expected to attend.

In addition, a caravan of supporters from Petoskey, MI is joining the Tea Party Express motorcade. A “whistle stop” tea party rally just took place in Petoskey and several hundred turned out despite the rally only lasting 15 minutes.

The rally will take place at approximately 11:40 AM Eastern Time at the Grand Traverse Civic Center Pavillion.

Grand Traverse Civic Center Pavilion
1213 W Civic Center Dr
Traverse City, MI 49686


Stupak Saves Tea Party $200,000

CONTACT: Levi Russell – (509) 979-6615 or [email protected]

Stupak Saves Tea Party Movement $200,000

Congressman Bart Stupak has been insisting that the Tea Party Express’s $250,000 campaign to “Defeat Bart Stupak” had nothing to do with his forced retirement. In an interview with Fox News, Stupak said he was proud of himself for “sucking dry” the treasury of the tea party movement.

But Stupak showed his ignorance and arrogance. In fact, by announcing his retirement in the middle of our “Defeat Bart Stupak” campaign, Stupak allowed us to halt the purchase of additional TV and radio airtime for our ads. Thus, as Congressional Quarterly reported, we’d only spent $50,000 in our campaign and has allowed us to save $200,000 to use against other failed incumbents in Congress.

Here were Stupak’s comments made yesterday:

“If anything I just made the tea party people spend a lot of money that wasn’t necessary on all these ads they have to run against me so they can’t use it on anyone else. So I’ll take credit for sucking their treasury dry.”

And here is the link to the Congressional Quarterly article:


Here’s the video clip:

Well guess what Mr. Stupak, you’re a real genius!

You see, by running in fear from the campaign being waged against you – while we were still in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and in the middle of our TV & radio ad campaign – you’ve allowed us to stop the campaign against you with only $50,000 of the $250,000 having been spent. You can see the report from Congressional Quarterly – HERE, we’d only spent $50,000 by the time you made your announcement.

Congressman Stupak: you are as ignorant as you are arrogant. You could have kept your mouth shut another week or so and truly drained the tea party movement’s treasury dry.

To our supporters in the tea party movement: let’s keep this up. We’re about to announce our giant 2010 Election Targets on April 15th. Let’s fatten up the tea party campaign treasury so that Bart Stupak’s friends in Congress can join him in the retirement home playing checkers and watching the soon-to-be-elected constitutionalist conservatives in Congress on C-SPAN taking our country back!

You can contribute any amount from as little as $5 to the maximum allowed $5,000.


If you prefer you can mail in a contribution to our headquarters:

Tea Party Express
770 L Street #1020
Sacramento, CA 95812


Something Very Wicked This Way Comes

Hat Tip and Quote: Kim Priestap Special thanks to The Anchoress.

I awoke to the horrifying news that the President of Poland, his wife, their banking leaders and their military leaders all perished in an airplane crash this morning en route to Russia for a ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the massacre of thousands of Polish officers by Soviet secret police. There was thick fog, but what was very telling was that the airport was closed and would not allow them to land. In such an emergency, you would think they would do all they could do to safely bring in that plane. The pilots tried three times to land and fell apart on the fourth attempt. This looks almost ‘planned’ to me by the Russians. The latest count I heard was 131 dead. Guess Russia doesn’t have to worry about that pesky missile shield in Poland now, huh? The AP calls it ‘tragic irony.’ I call it ‘convenient.’

Our prayers and condolences go out to the Polish people… May you find comfort and solace in your hour of grief and need. And may G-d watch over and protect the Polish people

Kim Priestap has a post up on this that is very compelling:

Polish president, top military officers, and high ranking government officials killed in plane crash

Key excerpt:

There’s a truly bizarre irony in the timing of this crash that cannot be ignored. Kaczynski and many of his top military officers were heading to Russia – on a Russian plane – to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Stalin’s massacre of thousands of Polish military officers.

Here’s another bizarre twist. Just this past September, when President Obama was simultaneously announcing that he was reneging on the United States’ commitment to place a ballistic defense system in Poland, Russia tried to intimidate the Polish government by playing nuclear “war games” on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Poland.

Could Russia pick a better time to move on Poland? With a spineless President and Congress, America will surely stand passively by and let these events unfold. Especially since we just signed a spanking new ‘reduced nukes’ agreement that would effectively tie our hands from moving on Russia or China (but Israel is a possibility – chew on that one for a moment). Russia can also tell the US that if they want sanctions on Iran, Americans need to sit down and shut up. Will the Czech Republic be next in line for Russia? Can China moving on Taiwan be far behind?

With America out of the way, there is no one to stop the bad guys. We were the last hope of a free world. Darkness is descending and a world war is on its way. Something very wicked this way comes…

Also See:

Brutally Honest

Michelle Malkin

Medvedev calls for Russian-Polish unity after Kaczynski’s death (via Lucianne) We all know what that means, don’t we?

Afterthought: I just can’t believe it was an accident – too fortuitous and coincidental. It was foolish to put most of the leadership on one plane – I wonder if there is more to that piece of the puzzle? We’ll never know since Putin has put himself in charge of the investigation.

Update: FAST FACTS: Polish Politicians Who Died in Russia Crash – Fox News

Some of those who died in the crash of Poland’s presidential plane, according to the Law and Justice Party, founded by President Lech Kaczynshi.

Lech Kaczysnki — Polish president

Maria Kaczynska — The president’s wife

Ryszard Kaczorowski — last president of the anti-Communist government-in-exile in London, 1989-90. The government-in-exile was set up after the prewar Warsaw government was forced to flee the Nazis in 1939.

Aleksander Szczyglo — head of the National Security Office and former defense minister

Pawel Wypych — presidential aide

Mariusz Handzlik — presidential aide

Jerzy Szmajdzinski — deputy parliament speaker and former defense minister

Andrzej Kremer — Deputy Foreign Minister

Gen. Franciszek Gagor — head of the army chief of staff

Andrzej Przewoznik — minister in charge of WWII memorials

Slawomir Skrzypek — head of the National Bank of Poland

Janusz Kurtyka — head of the National Remembrance Institute, a state body that investigates communist-era crimes

Przemyslaw Gosiewski — lawmaker

Zbigniew Wassermann — lawmaker

Grzegorz Dolniak — lawmaker

Janusz Kochanowski — civil rights commissioner

Bishop Tadeusz Ploski — army chaplain