Communists “Work” Immigrant Communities

By: Trevor Loudon

Cross-posted from New Zeal.

A very good video of a recent ‘immigrants rights’ rally in Atlanta, Georgia.

Now Atlanta is not a Communist stronghold like New York, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles or San Francisco. Yet even here, the International Socialists, the Socialist Worker’s Party and the Revolutionary Communist Party are busily and publicly “working” the crowd.

These people want blood in the streets.

They must not be allowed to succeed.

2 thoughts on “Communists “Work” Immigrant Communities

  1. If they think that our ‘capitalist imperialism’ is so darned awful then why the heck do they keep coming here? They can leave anytime and we’ll all be cheering them goodbye.

  2. I’ve seen this sort of professional “crowd-working” done before. The best thing you can do is take videos of the professionals doing it, and then post them on YouTube under the title of “how to work a crowd”. Once people can recognize it being done, they won’t believe those “worked” demonstrations so readily.

    –Leslie <

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