Links To Visit – 05/09/10

Google – Obama bemoans ‘diversions’ of IPod, Xbox era (Hat Tip: Kim Priestap)

Gateway Pundit – Obama Lashes Out at New Media & iPods… Even Though He Gave the Queen One Last Year

Gateway Pundit – Liz Cheney: This Administration’s “First Instinct Is to Inform the Terrorist That He’s Got the Right to Remain Silent” (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Texas Man Behind Anti-Obama Billboards Speaks Out (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Oh My… After a Year in Office Obama Loses Almost Half of His Jewish Support

Gateway Pundit – Commie-Lover Danny Glover Booed at Utah State Commencement

Gateway Pundit – Holder: Taliban Behind Times Square Attack (Won’t Discuss Why Team Obama Took Him Off Terror List)

Gateway Pundit – Thick Blobs of Tar Begin Washing Up on Alabama Shore – Obama Goes Golfing

Gateway Pundit – Edinburgh Welcomes Home Its Soldiers From Afghanistan (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Hezbollah Announces They Are Eager For War With Israel & More Ready Than Ever

Gateway Pundit – Shocker… Far Left Progressives Have Low Levels of Economic Knowledge

Gateway Pundit – Thank Goodness… State-Run Media Absolves Obama For Weak Response to Gulf Oil Spill

Gateway Pundit – Tea Party Claims Scalp of Utah Republican Senator Bob Bennett


Attorney Gen. Eric Holder says investigators have “now developed evidence that show that the Pakistani Taliban was behind” the attempted bombing of Times Square. “We know that they helped facilitate it,” Holder said on ABC’s “This Week.” “We know that they helped finance it, and that [the suspect] was working at their direction.” Holder also said for the first time that the administration is open to modifying Miranda protections to adapt to an age of terrorism.

NRA-ILA – Senate Hearing Promotes Anti-American Watchlist Bills

Speaking against the proposed legislation during the hearing was Aaron Titus of the Liberty Coalition. “Senate Bill 1317 goes too far,” he said. “The bill should be titled, ‘The Gun Owners Are Probably All Terrorists Act,’ because it strips citizens of their constitutional right to [keep and] bear arms without any meaningful due process. And Senate Bill 2820 should be called, ‘The National Firearm Registry Act’ because it creates a national firearms registry. . . . a massive database of names and detailed personal information of each law-abiding citizen who purchases a gun.”


The Radio Patriot – That’s a Tea Party!

The Radio Patriot – Utah’s Bob Bennett: I hear laughter in the rain!

The Radio Patriot – Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu…

The Radio Patriot – Whaddya say we do the same thing for illegals’ health care costs?

The Radio Patriot – Our fellow Americans in Nashville need us

Bob McCarty Writes – Immigration Battle Isn’t Limited to Arizona

Yahoo! News – White flight? Suburbs lose young whites to cities (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

CFP – Tennessee Troubadours with Heart (Hat Tip: Brian B.) – Poll: Should American-born terrorists get Miranda rights?

Brutally Honest – What the Hay… Why not try it? (UPDATED)

World Tribune – Report: China, Iran, North Korea have formed strategic alliance (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

CFP – The Trojan Horse (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

ABC News – Utah Uses Eminent Domain to Seize Land of … Uncle Sam (Hat Tip: Brian B.) – Pennsylvania legislators hope to mirror Arizona’s immigration bill (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

New York Daily News – Battle over Arizona’s SB 1070: Oklahoma eyes similar immigration law; City Councils eye boycotts (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Pat Boone – For Arizona, and America, the immigration solution (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Atlas Shrugs – 10 Muslim UN Peacekeepers rape 13-Year-Old Girl

Atlas Shrugs – BOLTON: We Shouldn’t Rescue Europe

Atlas Shrugs – Muslims Attack Jews in Judea/Samaria, Burn Jewish Cemetery in Ancient City of Hebron

Reuters – Oil spill spreads west toward Texas

Yahoo! News – New scale of disaster looms in Gulf

AP – Spill grows to 3.5M gallons; BP scrambles

CNN – Feds may sue AZ


WSJ – FCC Web Rules Create Pushback

Fox News – Officials Consider New Tactics to Keep Pace With Evolving Terror Threat

Fox News – Holder Calls for Review of Miranda Rights Law

Fox News – Officials: Pakistani Taliban Behind Bomb Plot

Fox News – Iran Hangs 5 Activists Convicted of Bombings

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