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Urges Senate To Defeat Obama’s Supreme Court Selection

PHILADELPHIA, MAY 11, 2010 — One of the tri-state area’s largest Tea Party organizations, the Independence Hall Tea Party Association, today called on the U.S. Senate to oppose Elena Kagan’s confirmation to the United States Supreme Court due to her lack of judicial experience and her historical inclination for placing political ideology above the rule of law.

Association President Teri Adams criticized yesterday’s nomination of Ms. Kagan as Supreme Court Justice and called on the U.S. Senate “to closely evaluate serious concerns regarding both her complete lack of judicial experience and her apparent violation of a federal law while serving as Dean of Harvard Law School.”

If confirmed, Ms. Kagan would be the first Supreme Court Justice in four decades with no judicial experience.

“Even more troubling,” said Ms. Adams, “is the fact that Ms. Kagan, as Dean of Harvard Law School, willfully put her far-left ideological agenda ahead of federal law when, in violation of the Solomon Amendment, she barred U.S. military recruiters from the Harvard Law School campus.”

The Solomon Amendment, passed in 1994, requires colleges and universities accepting federal grants to permit ROTC and other military recruiters on their campuses. Despite this, Ms. Kagan banned military recruiters from Harvard’s campus for nearly two years–until a unanimous 2006 Supreme Court ruling upheld the Solomon Amendment and forced her to capitulate.

Michael Johns, Association Vice President, said that Ms. Kagan’s refusal to adhere to the Solomon Amendment reflects a predisposition to subjugate the rule of law to political ideology.

“The greatest danger to the survival of our Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties is ideologically-driven judicial activism from the federal and Supreme Court benches,” Mr. Johns said.

“When a nominee to the highest court in the land consciously refuses to abide by a federal law because she disagrees with it, that represents a reckless disregard for the rule of law that is greatly concerning to the Tea Party movement and the American people.”

Mr. Johns pointed to a Quinnipiac University poll, conducted last month, demonstrating that the American people, by a seven-point margin, expect Supreme Court justices to “consider the original authors of the Constitution” and not their political preferences in the issuance of their rulings.

Mr. Johns also raised concerns that Ms. Kagan has never served as a judge on any circuit, federal or appellate court.

“As opposed to having an open and honest dialogue about the many rule of law issues facing our nation, the Obama administration went to great lengths to conceal their far-left agenda by selecting a candidate who has no historical record of ruling on these matters.”

The Independence Hall Tea Party Association, founded in 2009, is a non-partisan, tri-state, regional organization dedicated to Constitutionally limited government.


A Census Story…

Hat Tip: Feed Your ADHD

SNL – funny as all get out – warning, adult content… Watch the last skit – Betty White and the Census.

Now that you’ve enjoyed SNL, thought I’d share my census experience with you that happened earlier today.

The doorbell rang and being the unsuspecting sap I am, I answered it…

A young, pretty and nice girl was on the doorstep saying she was with the census. Like I couldn’t figure that out by just looking at her. She might as well have ‘Obama’ tatooed on her forehead. Any way, she was all smiles and very polite.

She asked if she had my address right. I said no and told her she could correct it. She then wanted to ask me those @!#$ questions on the form. I put on my biggest smile and said as sweetly as I could: “I know you have heard this a lot, but I’m only going to give you the number of people living here per the Constitution.” She said that that was totally okay and did not ask me another question. She then left on her merry way…

I’m sure she checked off the box marked: ‘Enemy of the State’ on the bottom of the form, so congrats to me! I’m on another enemy’s list I’m sure. But at least they haven’t carted me off – yet… 🙂


Stand With Arizona Rally, May 29th, 2010 Tempe, AZ

dallasteaparty — Arizona is under heavy fire from the left-wing bullies for trying to protect its own citizens from the ravages of illegal immigration. The entire state is being attacked as ‘racist,’ ‘nazi’ and ‘extremist.’ (Sound familiar?) The left-wing bullies believe they can target, isolate and neutralize Arizona, and thereby pressure the people of Arizona to stop enforcing the law.

If you agree with the left-wingers, then you should feel free to stay home and go on with your life.

If, however, you DO support Arizona, we think it’s time for all of us to…


On Saturday, May 29th, patriots from across the United States will be coming together in Tempe to Stand With Arizona and against the left-wing bullies.

If you support Arizona’s right to pass reasonable laws for the protection of its own citizens, you are hereby invited to JOIN US on May 29th at Diablo Stadium in Tempe, Arizona.

Arizona needs our support! Will you answer the call?



Mullah Omar Captured, Named to Supreme Court

By: Snarky Basterd
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Taking advantage of one of his few political wins since being elected, Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Omar’s irrevocable invitation to visit the White House, pResident Barack Obama immediately named one of the most sought after men in the world as his nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court.

In doing so, Obama withdrew his initial nomination for Chaz Bono, citing concerns over questions about the law degree Bono earned from a box of Cracker Jacks and repeated rumors that Bono may in fact be a former mall guard sought for questioning regarding random acts of storefront malfeasance.

“My friend, Mullah Omar, embodies the same excellence, independence, and passion for the law that I have (when I’m not ignoring 12 million illegal aliens and threatening to throw American citizens in jail for not buying health insurance),” Obama said.

“Mullah Omar is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost legal terrorists. He’s an acclaimed murderer with a rich understanding of subverting constitutional law, just the kind of person we need around. He is a former Al-Qaeda aide, with a life-long commitment to wreaking havoc and destruction and a firm grasp of how to eliminate the boundaries between any branches of government,” Obama said.

Obama went on to say that he would have preferred to name Van Jones, former Racism Czar, as his first pick to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens, but Jones was busy helping Los Angeles High School teacher Ron Gochez and La Raza, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s favorite race-baitors, start a Mexican revolt in the United States.


ABC News: Mullah Omar “Is Considered One of the Finest Legal Terrorists in the World. “Omar, 50, is considered one of the finest legal terrorists in the world, dazzling both fellow goat-loving and pork-eating friends with his brutal and injudicious prowess but also his ability to find the warmest part of a cave and survive for years.” [ABCNews.com, 5/10/10]

Fox News Channel’s Shannon Bream: Mullah Omar Will Garner Bipartisan Support in the Senate “Because He’s Had a Very Distinguished Career. No One Would Argue Anything But That He is a Brilliant Individual – He’s Got a Fantastic Resume. And He Is Known as Being a Consensus-Builder.” Fox News Channel’s Shannon Bream: “So I would think that this is the kind of nominee that will have [Sen. Reid’s] full backing, his full support, and that of many, many other top Democrats and even some Republicans in the Senate (especially the RINOs), because he’s had a very distinguished career. No one would argue anything but that he is a terrifying individual — he’s got a fantastic resume. And he is known as being a first-rate terrorist, I mean, something that’s been discussed with him before. When he was a leader of the Afghan Taliban he brought together a lot of people (and killed them injudiciously), students and faculty, women and white people, and was really seen as somebody who subjugated the law.” [Fox News Channel via Media Matters, 5/9/10]

Associated Press: “In Nominating Omar to Replace Justice John Paul Stevens, President Barack Obama Has Chosen A Brilliant Legal Terrorist.” “In nominating Omar to replace Justice John Paul Stevens, President Barack Obama has chosen a brilliant legal terrorist with views about killing as many Americans as he can. Omar, 50, already has won Senate confirmation once, when they gave President Bush the authority to bomb his unwashed ass.” [Associated Press, 5/10/10]

CBS News’ Jan Crawford: “The Justices Really Like Him. You Should See Justice Scalia, a Conservative, and Omar Going Back and Forth. So the White House Sees That as a Real Plus. And They Expect Him to Be a Very Effective Terrorist on That Court.” “I’ve known him for a long time; he was an instructor of mine at a Taliban terrorist training camp and he’s very engaging, quite dynamic in his personality, particularly when he beats you. And you see that when he’s arguing for plotting random car bombings. The justices really like him. You should see Justice Scalia, a conservative, and Omar going back and forth (and know that Omar would murder Scalia with his eyes if he could). So the White House sees that as a real plus. And they expect him to be a very effective terrorist on that court.” “CBS Early Show,” 5/10/10]

USA Today: Omar Is “A Highly Credentialed Terrorist,” “Had a Reputation for Bringing Together Ideological Factions (and Killing Them).” “In choosing Omar, Obama has turned to a highly credentialed terrorist who has spent his career inside a cave with 12 goats, including the past year as one of the most wanted men in the world. As former leader of the Afghan Taliban, Omar had a reputation for bringing together ideological factions (and killing them). That style might help him bridge differences on the divided court (by killing them all). If confirmed, he will be the first terrorist on the current bench — and the 41st terrorist Obama appointee since his election in November 2008.” [USA Today, 5/10/10]


Carly Fiorina on the First Amendment: Regulate it

Hat Tip: Jean Stoner

devore4cahttp://chuckdevore.com/ – Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina wants to be a U.S. Senator. At a Web 2.0 conference in October 2009 she called for regulation of speech on the Internet, saying that the Internet cannot continue to be the “Wild Wild West.” Fiorina’s proposal for content restrictions on the Web represents an unconstitutional infringement of our First Amendment rights. California State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, the conservative Republican candidate against Sen. Barbara Boxer, disagrees with Fiorina’s proposed regulation of the Internet. As a U.S. Army officer and a state lawmaker, he has sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America — and that includes the First Amendment.

CA-SEN: Fiorina and the GOP Launch Last-Minute Back-Door Attack on Chuck DeVore



From: ThirdWaveDave

**If we don’t act on this NOW, then God help us all**

THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION now wants to takeover, or “regulate,” the internet. And it looks like they’re well on their way to doing just that. As we all know, there is nothing wrong with the internet. The internet seems to be developing and growing just fine, thank you, very much. But Obama sees it much differently.

Americans for Prosperity has launched an ad campaign to alert those Americans who are not yet aware of another government intrusion into the private sector–the internet. AFP has a petition for you to sign as well. I suggest you sign it and pass it down the line to your readership.

The ad below just showed up here in California (FNC). Detailed information about Obama’s grab for the internet can be found in the lead story of Andrea Shea King’s Surfin’ Safari column at WND.


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Michelle Malkin – The unemployment benefits debate, Part III

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Hat Tips: Brian B./Jean Stoner

From News With Views:


Read it all… Excerpt:

In response to congressional inquiry, the Government Accountability Office examined the extent to which the Defense Department has identified “clearly defined roles and responsibilities for DOD entities to facilitate interagency coordination for homeland defense and civil support missions.”

“In other words, how can the Army or Marines usurp the authority of local police officers and citizen volunteer groups during a so-called emergency,” cautions former New York police detective and intelligence officer Sid Franes.


Last week, the Obama Administration took its first major step in a plan to ban all firearms in the United States. The Obama Administration intends to force gun control and a complete ban on all weapons for US citizens through the signing of international treaties with foreign nations,” according to journalist Joan Sharon.

By signing international treaties on gun control, the Obama administration can use the U.S. State Department to bypass the normal legislative process in Congress. Once the U.S. Government signs these international treaties, all US citizens will be subject to those gun laws created by foreign governments.

Tick, tick, tick… Time is running out folks. The government is gearing up and we are the main course. Buckle up – it’s going to be a VERY rough ride. Prepare yourselves – we will not go down without a fight.


Olbermann vs Diamondbacks

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From: davidandbroliath

http://broliath.wordpress.com/ I love when Olbermann calls out others for diversity. Especially when its an organization that hires minorities…like the Arizona Diamondbacks, who are nearly half non-Caucasian. If Keith believes in the progressive concept of diversity, he should immediately quit MSNBC, who has skipped on numerous opportunities to hire minorities for their shows over the last three years.