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90 in 90 = 180:
History Holds the Key to the Future

Please read the Federalist Papers with us this week and join us on our blog!

We need your voice!

Go to Constituting America and check out our 90 in 90: History Holds the Key to the Future Program!

Howdy! We hope you will take a moment to stop by Constituting America and participate in our
90 in 90 = 180: History Holds the Key to the Future – National Conversational Blog/Reading of the U.S. Constitution and the Federalist Papers!

Each day we read a new Federalist Paper, and share our thoughts about its relevancy today with a guest Constitutional Scholar.

Thomas Jefferson called the Federalist, “the best commentary on the principles of government, which ever was written.” Join us and find out why!!

If this is your first week to join us, don’t worry! We welcome your participation at any point! You may catch up at your convenience, or just start from where we are now!

This week’s reading and blogging schedule is below our signature. Please don’t be a silent partner! We want your voice on our blog! The conversation is important and we need your thoughts!

Embark upon this as a family project, with your kids! And invite your kids to enter the We the People 9.17 Contest – entries due July 4th! Sign up on line ASAP!


Day 18 – Friday, May 14 – Blog on Federalist Paper # 13, Read Federalist Paper #14

Day 19 – Monday, May 17 – Blog on Federalist Paper # 14, Read Federalist Paper #15

Day 20 – Tuesday, May 18 – Blog on Federalist Paper # 15, Read Federalist Paper #16

Day 21 – Wednesday, May 19 – Blog on Federalist Paper # 16, Read Federalist Paper #17

Day 22 – Thursday, May 20 – Blog on Federalist Paper # 17, Read Federalist Paper #18

Day 23 – Friday, May 21 – Blog on Federalist Paper # 18, Read Federalist Paper #19

Day 24 – Monday, May 24 – Blog on Federalist Paper # 19, Read Federalist Paper #20
We The People 9.17 Contest

We The People 9.17 Contest

Encourage the young people in your life to sign up online ASAP for the “We The People 9.17 Contest.” We need lots of cool short films, PSA’s, songs, essays, poems and holiday cards to make the contest a success!! Details on www.constitutingamerica.org


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