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Hat Tip: Jean Stoner

This message comes to you from summaries of e-mails from leaders in Southwest Ohio and Columbus.

They are referring to the Healthcare Amendment ballot initiative – which, if brought to ballot in Ohio and passed, would nullify the mandate to purchase government approved healthcare insurance – now a legal requirement after the passing of the healthcare bill in DC.

From Steven Carr in Columbus – “In April, I received a one-of-a-kind request from a local patriot named Lance Stoudt. Lance was a complete stranger to me, a recent member to the Columbus Tea Party who decided to throw his hat into the ring and fight back against big government. He completed the volunteer form on our website; checking standard “interest” boxes like Marketing & volunteering time. However, it was his open comments that separated his fighting skills from the thousands of emails I’ve received as head of the Columbus Tea Party.

You see, the truth is, until reading Lance’s email, I believed I was carrying my fair share of the liberty load. I spend countless hours each week on conference calls, strategy meetings, answering emails, research, as well as working with various websites. I’m on the board of the Columbus Tea Party, Ohio Liberty Council, the Ohio Project — blah, blah, blah. A large part of me tried to convince myself I was was doing enough.

Only now can I understand and admit that my rationale was merely an excuse against having to do the real work. Truth be told, I don’t want to canvass neighborhoods, going door to door… I don’t want to approach strangers in library parking lots. Both are out of my comfort zone. It’s much easier to be an administrator, pretending to be a leader, trying to rally everyone else to do the legwork. But Lance’s email has changed that for me. I decided to record his message in video form to share with all of you.

As Lance’s video will prove — we are so fortunate. Don’t take anything for granted; Your health, your right to petition the government, your freedoms. Use your blessings to protect your blessings.

Lance’s Message: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl_FzDdaVpI

George Washington’s Continental Army was at one point down to a total of 2500 men. Yet that small handful rose to the occasion and can be credited with establishing the freest nation the world has ever seen.

No one is asking you to storm a bunker on an exposed beach with bullets whizzing by your head. We don’t expect you to Pledge your life or fortune. We’re just asking for you to do one thing: Do More.

My fellow patriots, let’s not make excuses or allow fear to keep us from doing the work that really needs to be done. The odds against us are staggering. We are the Americans who must show up and fix this mess. We’ve been asleep for so long and we WANT to believe a few minutes here and a few hours of work there will solve our problems, but they won’t. Our country is being hijacked. The cavalry ain’t coming!

Lance has inspired me to step-up. I will collect 300 signatures (10 packets) for our efforts. I challenge 2,000 other Ohioans to step up as well. Such effort by 2,000 will produce 600,000 signatures — more than enough needed to stand up against this administration and the corrupt officials in congress! We’ll put this amendment on the ballot and, God Willing, on the Ohio Constitution come November.”

If you can volunteer time in your area, please submit your info to us at: http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07e2w9zs7pg96w3g2n/start

The Left Hates What You are Attempting

From a teacher in Southwest Ohio who wishes to remain anonymous regarding the Healthcare Amendment initiative in Ohio:

“I already signed the petition. I have something to share with you. I would ask you to not share my name.

I am a teacher working within the teacher’s union to expose their liberal, left agenda. At the May 8th Ohio Education Association’s Representative Assembly in Columbus, the union president from Worthington OH named Scott DiMauro proposed a new business item that passed with some opposition. His new business item was :


“OEA shall oppose the state ballot initiative to repeal sections of federal health care reform. Further, OEA will seek support from the National Education Association and partner with other organizations to work to defeat such an amendment should it qualify for the ballot.”

In his speech, some “low lights” concerning the petition were:

  • “This just drums up business for conservatives”
  • “it is detrimental to take a step back”
  • “it is misguided attempt by a fringe group…a slap in the face for those working for universal health care”

OEA has 130,000 members that are inundated with politically driven communications. Groups such as yours need to let your teachers know how their dues money is being spent.”

This is just the beginning of the many, many unions or left leaning groups who will be standing against the Healthcare Freedom Amendment.

We need your help.

If you can volunteer time in your area, please submit your info to us at: http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07e2w9zs7pg96w3g2n/start


Chris Littleton
Ohio Tea Party PAC


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Four more banks closed on Friday, now 72 for the year.

And in case you missed the news last Friday: Bank closures cost $7.3 BILLION for one week. Reading through this article, one learns we are bailing out banks in Puerto Rico: “The Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) was tapped for $6.5 billion in the first quarter of 2010 and another $9.4 billion for just the first month of the second quarter. This brings the estimated DIF deficit to $36.8 billion excluding the prepaid $46 billion that sits on the sideline for 2010 through 2012. After applying the $15,333 billion prepaid assessments for 2010, the DIF is in arrears by $28.0 billion. After you apply the total $46 billion prepayments, there is only $9.2 billion left that’s supposed to cover all losses through 2012. It looks like the FDIC will have to tap its $500 billion line of credit with the US Treasury, which will put tax payers on the hook yet again.”

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