Labrador’s Troubling Position

By: Greg Johnson

I am voting for Vaughn Ward in the May 25th primary election.

The opposition to Mr. Ward is waging a ‘campaign of criticism’ against him. This strategy appears in socialist Saul Alinsky’s, “Rules for Radicals”. One of Alinsky’s tactics is to continually ‘criticize’ opponents in order to destroy their credibility, instead of focusing on their positions on major issues—for example, the attack on Vaughn’s wife for holding a job at Fannie Mae.

However, the positions of Vaughn’s opponent, immigration attorney Raul Labrador, are troubling. State Representative Labrador advocated for the Dream Act amnesty at the City Club of Boise, on July 23, 2007. The Dream Act gives in-state tuition to illegal aliens at taxpayer expense and includes a path to citizenship. On May 5, 2010, on KBOI radio, Labrador said he was against in-state tuition for illegal aliens. If Labrador is against in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, why support the Dream Act?

Labrador has lamented there are too few H-1B visa’s issued to professional (usually high-tech) foreign nationals. There are US citizens in Idaho who have lost their jobs to H-1B visa holders. Foreign nationals work for lower wages. Apparently, undermining American workers appeals to Labrador.

Labrador supports former Sen. Larry Craig’s AgJOBS amnesty. In fact, he has been on retainer as an immigration attorney for the Idaho Dairymen’s Association while serving as an elected official. The IDA are huge proponents of AgJOBS.

At the Republican Women’s Candidates Forum on April 29th, in Nampa, Idaho; Labrador advised that statehood for Puerto Rico should be up to the people of Puerto Rico. What about the citizens of the United States??? The primary language of Puerto Rico is Spanish, not English. If Puerto Rico becomes a state the US instantly becomes an official bilingual nation. US taxpayers will be required to take on Puerto Rico’s debt. Projected increase in annual welfare payments alone by the US, $3 Billion per year!

In 2007, Representative Labrador opposed SB 1157, which requires persons receiving financial aid from the State of Idaho to prove legal US residency. In 2010, Labrador opposed State Sen. Mike Jorgenson’s legislation which was based on Arizona’s 2007 law. SB 1303 would have made E-Verify, a Department of Homeland Security Program that verifies the legality of new hires, mandatory for all Idaho employers.

Mr. Labrador touts himself as the only Candidate in this 2010 Congressional race who has written legislation opposing illegal immigration. However his bill was a sham with no mechanism for enforcement of immigration law! On the day his legislation was introduced in the House, he was CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT! Labrador was supposed to be working in the Legislature that day. Since he is paid by Idaho taxpayers, it is their right to know where he was and what he was doing. http://www.idahovotes.org/searchvotes.aspx?EntityID=22093&missed=True&startmonth=1&startyear=2008&E

Raul Labrador continues to oppose sound immigration enforcement legislation. Every patriot I know supports the State of Arizona in their battle against the illegal invasion. Vaughn Ward has voiced strong support for Arizona. Labrador affirmed on KBOI that in his opinion Arizona’s actions would not solve the problem. Immigration attorney Labrador does not believe in upholding federal immigration law as the Arizona law clearly does.

Remember Y-O-U can make a difference! Vote for Vaughn Ward, Idaho’s native son.

From Greg Johnson, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology. Greg has worked in Property & Casualty Insurance in the areas of Personal Automobile, Homeowners, Business and Commercial Liability. Greg has experience in Fraud Detection and has a Certificate of Legal Investigation and a Diploma in Private Investigation.


Arizona Employs New Secret Weapon Against Immigration

By: Snarky Basterd
Feed Your ADHD

Arizona has apparently employed a new secret weapon to rid the state of its illegal immigration problem.

According to anonymous sources, a new security force, dubbed Operation First Lady, will spread out, hip to hip, across Arizona’s 150-mile border and scare off potential illegal crossers. Each member of the security force will be cloned from First Lady Michelle Obama and will wear this uniform:

Another, even more secret and terrifying security detail, also cloned from Michelle Obama, will infiltrate schools and office buildings and job sites across the state, terrify unsuspecting illegal immigrants into revealing their lack of papers, and chase them back across the border into Mexico.

Officials have denied the existence of both security forces, but evidence the programs are already working began showing up yesterday.



Too horrible to contemplate – Part II

By: Andrea Shea-King
The Radio Patriot

Sam Vaknin, author of Malignant Self-Love, responded to my post “Too Horrible to Contemplate” in which I wrote about the warning Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely issued re: the grave danger in which Israel finds itself. Following that, I included a letter from a writer who has close friends in Israel, who themselves sent an assessment and warning of what was happening behind the curtains of power.

Vaknin sent links to articles he has written, exposing more of what he says is taking place inside the corridors of power. The linked headlines will take you to the full articles which, unless otherwise noted, were written by Vaknin in 2009. I invite you to read them and draw your own conclusions.

Israel, Obama, Iran, and Journalism
“During Netanyahu’s visit, Israel shared intelligence with the CIA regarding the potential for a terrorist attack which will dwarf 9/11 if Iran is allowed to continue with its nuclear designs and share its outcomes with allies such as Hamas and the Hizbullah. Iranian proliferation is a direct threat to US National security.

Obama’s staff is ignoring the intel (HUMINT) because they believe that it is intended to manipulate the Administration into accepting Israel’s planned bombing of two facilities in Iran.

They are also ignoring intel regarding a Hamas cell in Cairo that is bent on mischief. The Israelis are shunned. The CIA is exasperated.”


Preparations for Attack on Iran Almost Complete
Late last year, Israel embarked on a coordinated campaign of leaks to the press regarding its determination to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities if Obama’s then-new administration fails to sway the Iranians diplomatically. Israel is unwilling to accept a nuclear Iran: “It is not an option”, say its senior intelligence and military leadership.

On January 20, 2009, I appeared as a guest in the most popular political affairs program in Macedonia (“Glasot na Narodot”, or The Voice of the People). I warned that Israel is willing to wait 6 to 8 months for Obama’s “diplomacy” with regards to Iran’s nuclear capability to show some progress. If Iran remains recalcitrant, Israel plans to bomb two facilities in Iran as it did in Iraq in 1981, I said. Refueling won’t be a problem, I assured the program’s host, Slobodan Tomic: both Egypt and Saudi-Arabia offered to help.


Attack on Iran to Include Ground Forces
An eventual attack on Iran may include ground forces. Units of Sayeret Matka”l (“Headquarters Scouts”, Israel’s elite special forces) have been transferred to the mock in Biq’at Hayareach (“Moon Vale”), not far from Eilat. They have spent the last few weeks training there: parachuting, paragliding, urban warfare (laba”b in Hebrew), and hand to hand combat. Special emphasis is placed on explosives. The area is isolated (it got its name from its eerie similarity to the moonscape), but various civilian suppliers have reported massive explosions during the day.

In my previous article, titled “Preparations for Attack in Iran Almost Complete” (dated July 10), I revealed the existence of the training mock near Eilat and Aqaba by the Red Sea. A few days later, Israel made the presence of its Navy in the Red Sea public. Though it has not been a secret hitherto, it has hardly been trumpeted. The navy’s role is support the mission with sea-launched precision cruise missiles (of Israeli manufacture). In general, Israel is trying to minimize the involvement of American materiel in its forthcoming foray into Iran.


Attack on Iran: Rift in the Military and the Role of Commandos
The targets for Israel’s attack on Iran have been chosen: one is close to the sea, the other is inland. Members of Sayeret Matka”l are now conducting joint (often nightly) exercises with Israel’s Navy SEALS (the “Shayetet”) off the coast of Ashkelon and on the beaches of Haifa. While the deployment of the commandos and other ground forces will be done mostly by air, their evacuation, 4-6 hours later, will be accomplished by sea.

The role of the commandoes was re-defined last week to exclude the kidnapping of Iranian scientists. This change in operational goals followed a row among the upper echelons of Israel’s military and intelligence community. Now, Israel’s elite warriors are merely to return with soil samples and equipment from the facilities in the wake of the aerial bombardment. They are also to mine the area and to detonate explosives in sensitive locations. They are to avoid Iranian losses of life and collateral damage. Two Mossad A-Teams are already in operation inside Iran, close to the coast, having been deployed there by a submarine last week.


Attack on Iran: Israel Turns to Russia

Russian senior air defense officers, accompanied by mid-level diplomats have recently visited Israel. The discussions focused on Iran and their contents are only partly know. Israel may be asking Russia to leverage its growing influence within Iran to rein in the latter’s nuclear weapons agenda. In return, Israeli sources claim that Israel has shared with the Russian visitors intelligence, including hard to obtain HUMINT, about the Iranian leadership, its oil economy, and military. The Americans were apprised of the discussions. Israel asked Russia not to supply Iran with strategic air defense systems “in the next 3 months” (presumably, until after Israel’s aerial bombardment on Iranian facilities). Russia remained non-committal, “noting” Israel’s concerns.


But Obama is merely implementing anti-Israeli plans hatched earlier:

Israel – The Next Target (Note: Written in 2005)
Its leader seems more comfortable in battle fatigues than in civil suits. He has been long pursuing a policy of bloody oppression and annexation. The regime is often castigated due to rampant human rights violations. The country possesses weapons of mass destruction, though it repeatedly denies the allegations. It refuses to honor numerous Security Council resolutions. President Bush senior once subjected it to sanctions. The United States is already training its sights on this next target: Israel.

The chieftains of the New World Order have made it abundantly clear that Iraq’s capitulation inexorably led to the official release of the much-leaked “road map” for peace in the Middle East propounded by the “Quartet” – the USA, UK, United Nations and Russia. A series of disclosures in the Israeli media made it equally evident that prime minister Ariel Sharon’s crew still beg to differ from substantial portions of the foursome’s vision. Instead, Sharon has come up with his Gaza Withdrawal First plan and his newfound amity with the post-Arafat Palestinian Authority.


Sanctioning Sharon (Note: Written in 2005)
In a bid to strengthen the hand of the newly elected Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, the Israelis have released hundreds of Palestinian prisoners and pulled, in March 2005, from Jericho and Tulkarm. In a significant change of heart, Hamas, the militant Palestinian organization, vowed to compete in future parliamentary elections and, thus, potentially, to repeat its impressive showing on the municipal level.

As the pro-war and anti-war camps are holding a string of summits, a consensus has emerged in Europe – including Britain – that the “road map” for peace in the Middle East would be a futile exercise without some “teeth”. Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation may prove to be the glue that reunites the fractious Euro-Atlantic structures.

But while the United States is reluctant to impose a settlement on the Israelis – the specter of sanctions against the Jewish state has re-emerged in the Old Continent’s corridors of power. A committee of the European Parliament is said to be laboring away at various scenarios of escalating sanctions against Israel. The European Commission may be readying its own proposals.



By: Dave Logan

On Tuesday, Neil, you completely caught me off guard with your closing segment “Common Sense.” It was anything but common sense; it was disappointing and somewhat shocking, because I couldn’t believe what you just said. (correction: Neil’s comments were made on Wednesday)

I speak of the Blumenthal segment where you insisted on cutting him a break for saying he served in Vietnam when he didn’t. Your argument for this was a stretch, weak at best. Then you closed with this parting shot at those of us who were upset with Blumenthal:

“Get him on issues that matter, for God’s sake; not nonsense like this that does not.” — Read the whole piece.

Nonsense? The issue doesn’t matter? Neil, you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. In fact, we expect this rhetoric from the likes of Code Pink, Jane Fonda or John Kerry, but not you.

Blumenthal just happens to be a politician, and I’m sure there are those who want to use this issue to bring him down. That’s politics. When non-politicians who’ve never served in VN say they did — and there are many — they are exposed just the same and always will be. Whether he lied or simply misspoke on several occasions, an apology is the honorable thing. The only thing. By not apologizing, he placed his true character on display. And to be honest, Neil, at this point it’s too late for Blumenthal to rescue his character. Trust me.

As for you, Neil, I’m “cutting” you a break on this one, because I don’t think you were ever in the military. So, you wouldn’t be able to fully understand the bonds that are created and sustained over a lifetime within the family of vets, especially combat vets. It’s a bond stronger than any steel known to man. It’s a sacred thing.

Joe Galloway has experienced the Hell and horrors that comes with combat. In his experience, though, they didn’t refer to it as Hell; they just called it The Valley of Death.

Watch the video below where he explains the relationship between combat vets. Pay particular attention to phrases like “What a blood brotherhood this is — unending, unending, it just goes on.” And, “Soldiers have a different heart, a very special heart… a willingness to give of yourself even unto death.” Or, “They had to do it. Not by orders, but by the orders of their own heart.” In the video, Major Bruce Crandell (MOH) and Major Ed Freeman(MOH) will teach you even more:

After seeing that video you should have a better understanding of why the Blumenthal issue is not “nonsense.” But if you don’t, try reading Joe Galloway’s Memorial Tribute to Ed “Too Tall” Freeman from a couple years ago:

By Joseph L. Galloway McClatchy Newspapers

For the better part of 60 years, two old Army pilots who loved each other argued over many a meal and drink as to which of them was the second best pilot in the world.

The two shared the cockpits of old Beaver prop planes and Huey helicopters; they shared rooms in military hooches all over the world; they shared a love of practical and impractical jokes and they shared an undying love of flying and soldiers and the Army.

They also shared membership in a very small and revered fraternity of fewer than 105 men who are entitled to wear around their necks the light blue ribbon and gold pointed star that is the Medal of Honor, America’s highest decoration for heroism above and beyond the call of duty. — Continue reading.

If you’re not there yet, Neil, I found this comment when I signed Ed Freeman’s Guest Book:

August 22, 2008

To Ed’s Family and Friends…I’m one of those that he and Bruce (Snake) carried out of LZ Xray on 15 Nov. 65. I was listed in the book, “We Were Soldiers Once and Young” as triaged, unlikely to survive. I went on to become a fixed wing and helicopter pilot, like Ed. I’ve lived to see my children grown and grandchildren as well. Many Thanks, Too Tall for 40+ additional years of life. You’ll be missed.

Garry Owen, Sir!

Wild Bill FranklinHotwire 3/63rd Platoon Leader, Co. C 1/7thLZ Xray 1965
William W. Franklin,
Melbourne, Florida

Because of men like Crandell, Freeman and an outstanding medic, Mr. Franklin was able to see his children and grandchildren grow up. Think about that for a moment. Let it sink in. There are no words to describe the bond, the brotherhood that was forged on that day, for all days.

Nonsense? Even you don’t think so, Neil.

See you Thursday at 4 eastern.


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Weasel Words From a Would Be Tyrant

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

From radio station WBEZ, February 2001.

In the clip, Obama’s regulatory czar Cass Sunstein talks about requiring Internet sites to automatically post links to opposing viewpoints.

Voluntarily of course, except if they don’t, because then it will have to be mandatory, because private citizens are too irresponsible and partisan and Congress needs to step in to make things fairer, because fairness and equality are social goods, which must trump private concerns, don’t you see….?