Labrador’s Troubling Position

By: Greg Johnson

I am voting for Vaughn Ward in the May 25th primary election.

The opposition to Mr. Ward is waging a ‘campaign of criticism’ against him. This strategy appears in socialist Saul Alinsky’s, “Rules for Radicals”. One of Alinsky’s tactics is to continually ‘criticize’ opponents in order to destroy their credibility, instead of focusing on their positions on major issues—for example, the attack on Vaughn’s wife for holding a job at Fannie Mae.

However, the positions of Vaughn’s opponent, immigration attorney Raul Labrador, are troubling. State Representative Labrador advocated for the Dream Act amnesty at the City Club of Boise, on July 23, 2007. The Dream Act gives in-state tuition to illegal aliens at taxpayer expense and includes a path to citizenship. On May 5, 2010, on KBOI radio, Labrador said he was against in-state tuition for illegal aliens. If Labrador is against in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, why support the Dream Act?

Labrador has lamented there are too few H-1B visa’s issued to professional (usually high-tech) foreign nationals. There are US citizens in Idaho who have lost their jobs to H-1B visa holders. Foreign nationals work for lower wages. Apparently, undermining American workers appeals to Labrador.

Labrador supports former Sen. Larry Craig’s AgJOBS amnesty. In fact, he has been on retainer as an immigration attorney for the Idaho Dairymen’s Association while serving as an elected official. The IDA are huge proponents of AgJOBS.

At the Republican Women’s Candidates Forum on April 29th, in Nampa, Idaho; Labrador advised that statehood for Puerto Rico should be up to the people of Puerto Rico. What about the citizens of the United States??? The primary language of Puerto Rico is Spanish, not English. If Puerto Rico becomes a state the US instantly becomes an official bilingual nation. US taxpayers will be required to take on Puerto Rico’s debt. Projected increase in annual welfare payments alone by the US, $3 Billion per year!

In 2007, Representative Labrador opposed SB 1157, which requires persons receiving financial aid from the State of Idaho to prove legal US residency. In 2010, Labrador opposed State Sen. Mike Jorgenson’s legislation which was based on Arizona’s 2007 law. SB 1303 would have made E-Verify, a Department of Homeland Security Program that verifies the legality of new hires, mandatory for all Idaho employers.

Mr. Labrador touts himself as the only Candidate in this 2010 Congressional race who has written legislation opposing illegal immigration. However his bill was a sham with no mechanism for enforcement of immigration law! On the day his legislation was introduced in the House, he was CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT! Labrador was supposed to be working in the Legislature that day. Since he is paid by Idaho taxpayers, it is their right to know where he was and what he was doing.

Raul Labrador continues to oppose sound immigration enforcement legislation. Every patriot I know supports the State of Arizona in their battle against the illegal invasion. Vaughn Ward has voiced strong support for Arizona. Labrador affirmed on KBOI that in his opinion Arizona’s actions would not solve the problem. Immigration attorney Labrador does not believe in upholding federal immigration law as the Arizona law clearly does.

Remember Y-O-U can make a difference! Vote for Vaughn Ward, Idaho’s native son.

From Greg Johnson, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology. Greg has worked in Property & Casualty Insurance in the areas of Personal Automobile, Homeowners, Business and Commercial Liability. Greg has experience in Fraud Detection and has a Certificate of Legal Investigation and a Diploma in Private Investigation.

One thought on “Labrador’s Troubling Position

  1. The definition of “amnesty” used in the above article is as follows:

    “The definition of amnesty is any path to citizenship that legalizes foreign nationals in the country illegally, regardless of fines or touchback provisions.”

    “When we are considering the advantages that may result from an easy mode of naturalization, we ought also to consider the cautions necessary to guard against abuses…aliens might acquire the right of citizenship, and return to the country from which they came, and evade the laws intended to encourage the commerce and industry of the real citizens and inhabitants of America, enjoying at the same time all the advantages of citizens…”

    Founding Father James Madison, known as the “Father of the Constitution”

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