Memorial Day Heroes

By: Matt Daniels
Great Americans

The History of Memorial Day

The Men Behind The Medal

Great Americans is a proud partner of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation. This video tells the inspiring stories of several Medal of Honor recipients – including those who fought in the Vietnam era battle dramatized in We Were Soldiers. It also tells the dramatic story of Army Sergeant Paul Ray Smith, the first Medal of Honor recipient in the war on terrorism.

Our Heroes Next Door

My friend Bob Wallace of the VFW Washington Office – and millions of VFW members worldwide – are dedicated to the noble cause of honoring the dead by helping the living. This VFW video captures the spirit of their service to America’s ordinary heroes and their families. You can support their efforts at:

Women Sharing The Sacrifice

Major Megan McClung was the highest-ranking female military officer to be killed in Iraq. Her story exemplifies the fact that now, more than ever before in history, women are sharing in the burden of defending our nation. As expressed by my friend Brig.Gen. Wilma Vaught, of the Women in Military Service Memorial, they feel “it would be wrong not to serve” and share in the sacrifice.

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