By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Memorial Day 2010

A day early, but I want to share some thoughts and posts from others for Memorial Day…

Our soldiers represent all that is good and brave about America. In some ways, I feel they are the soul of our country.

The selflessness, the sacrifice, the courage are all components of what is best in America. They don’t shy from their duties or responsibilities. They don’t whine or complain or blame their woes on the last president who held office. They don’t vacation when they are needed by those who are in trouble – soldiers answer the call day or night, regardless of the personal cost. They embody the heart of a warrior and the kind soul of the faithful.

Since our country was founded, these men and women of all nationalities and all religions have done more for our families, our security, our future than any other who would proclaim, ‘follow me and I will protect you.’ Those words ring hollow except when they come from those in uniform who quietly protect us and die for us because it is the right thing to do.

Our country sits on the precipice of a new dark age. I fear the long years ahead and the suppression and struggle that is all but now inevitable. But in the midst of America’s darkest midnight, one thing I don’t doubt is the wondrous gift that our soldiers give us with every thought, breath and beating of their hearts – freedom. The freedom that we as a nation fought so hard to achieve and the freedom that we will one day again give to our children when we finally win the battle to restore our nation.

I want to say thank you to all who have served and are serving. My words are not adequate enough to express my admiration and love for all of you. I pray for you each and every day and may you and your families be blessed with happiness and honor. May the history of the fallen bring good memories and the knowledge that they watch over each of us, always. Dad – I remember all you fought for and loved. I miss you…

While our President refuses to go to Arlington Cemetery to honor the fallen this Memorial Day, we remember and honor our military past and present and salute you. While Obama is on vacation in Chicago, dishonoring our military, our country, our Constitution – NoisyRoom salutes our brave boys and girls. As far as we are concerned, our Coward in Chief can pound sand. What a disgrace to our nation – he dishonors the fallen and hides and plays in Chicago while America is destroyed. Way to go O…

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