Links To Visit – 06/04/10

Caroline Glick – Israel’s daunting task

The Jerusalem Post – Al-Qaida Orders Abduction of Christians, Saudi Royals (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Free Republic – Gov. Jan Brewer Reacts to Obama Meeting; Just Smiles when Asked if Obama Has Read the AZ Law – Video (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Free Republic – Unhinged: Lib Talker Malloy Calls Bachmann Glenn Beck’s ‘Whore’ and a ‘Crazy Bitch’ (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Free Republic – Video News Reoport on The Horrors, Behind the Doors of a Drop House (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Bob McCarty Writes – I’m Stepping Away From Full-Time Blogging

Bob McCarty Writes – Officer’s Requests for Testimony, Records Denied

Bob McCarty Writes – Congressman Phil Hare Fails With Vets and Threats

Free Republic – Islam indoctrination in U.S. textbooks (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Free Republic – Romanoff Cracks: Secret White House Jobsgate E-Mail Revealed (WH corruption) (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Kagan Watch – White House: Obama may use executive privilege to withhold Kagan documents (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

examiner.com – Phil Hare caught lying about being a veteran

examiner.com – Voters reject birthright citizenship

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Financial News Update – 06/04/10

Buffett Warns of Municipal Debt Meltdown

Chaos of the Bilderbergers?

Update on Lawsuit Against ObamaCare (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

MARKETS RIPPED APART: Here’s What You Need To Know (DJIA -324) (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Big Jobs (Read: Census) Number on Tap?

Morning Bell: The Jobless Obama Recovery

Congress Purposely Dragging its Feet on Death Tax

That 70s Show

Economy adds 431K jobs but few in private sector (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

US government is killing its own economy (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Big Pharma blackmails Greece; halts medicine supply over cash demands (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Fed’s Hoenig Urges Bernanke to Raise Rates to 1 Percent This Summer

Weak Private Sector, Census Hiring Reflect a Stalled Job Market

Chinese Exporters Ditch Wounded Euro for Dollars

S.E.C. Is Said to Seek to Bar Wall St. Financier (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)


BP Oil shares sell-off: What did Goldman Sachs know and when did they know it?

Lib Economist Robert Reich: We’re in a Double-Dip Recession

Thanks Barack… Despite 411,000 Census Jobs US Unemployment Back at 9.7%



Government Jobs Account for 95% of May Job Increases

Census Worker Claims Job Numbers Being Inflated

+430,000 JOBS

+41,000 PRIVATE


Obama’s Ban on Drilling May Trigger Job Losses

Euro Sinks as Hungary Fears Gather Pace

‘Very grave situation’

8,000 NY transit workers make $100,000+

What is the Bilderberg Group really doing in Spain?

Protesters ‘being detained, searched, questioned’

Gates to attend after attempted ‘bait and switch’

4-Day Week for Cash-Strapped Schools?

FDIC Mulls New ‘Safe Financial Services Product’ Program


U.S. Inflation to Approach Zimbabwe Level, Faber Says

the animated national unemployment map

one million copper pennies on eBay

U.S. Mint’s May gold coin sales reach most since 1999

Greece Urged to Give Up Euro

Gold at $2,500 Looks More Likely Than Ever

US Debt Soars to 90% of the GDP. (Gee, this sounds a lot like the national debt described in Greece…)

Tax Credits Fuel 6% Rise in April Home Sales

Consumers Snap Up Cars in May, Despite Fewer Deals

BP Share Price Collapse Hitting Pensions