Links To Visit – 06/12/10

Atlas Shrugs – “I am a Muslim,” Obama Tells Egyptian Foreign Minister Gheit Islamic Coup on the White House

Kim Priestap – Rudy Giuliani on Obama’s handling of Gulf oil crisis: “There seems to be a schizophrenic atmosphere to the way this emergency’s been handled.” – Democrats strip health care from the jobless

The Radio Patriot – AT&T ad campaign – Simply beautiful

The Radio Patriot – Eric Johnson aims to rid Georgia of illegals

The Radio Patriot – “I can’t suck it up through a straw” – President Petulant

The Radio Patriot – Fired Florida Ass’t. State Attorney updates situation

Phyllis Chesler – The Other Side of Jihad – Honor Killings – Saudi Arabia sides with Israel as Obama cowers to Iran

Caroline Glick – YouTube silences Latma, removes ‘We Con the World’

The Strata-Sphere – Obama Is Flailing, Lying And Forging Over Gulf Spill

The New Editor – That’s Okay Kid, A Lot of People Feel the Same Way…

The Daily Caller – Are unions Dock Blocking oil cleanup ships in the Gulf of Mexico? (Hat Tip: Kim Priestap) – Ominous signs–Obama, Democrat assault on citizens kicks up into high gear (videos included) (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner) – Leading Dem Wants Probe of Surprise Candidate (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Free Republic – …Establishing the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Free Republic – Obama Issues Executive Order Mandating “Lifestyle Behavior Modification” (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Free Republic – Presidential Memorandum–Disposing of Unneeded Federal Real Estate (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Atlas Shrugs – Obama Administration to Support Anti-Israel Resolution at UN Next Week

Atlas Shrugs – Hope and Change

Atlas Shrugs – Genocide Watch: “The Forgotten Rachels”

Atlas Shrugs – Jersey Jew-Hater Jihadis Denied Bail

Atlas Shrugs – Saudi Kiss Off: 90 Passionate Lashes

Michelle Malkin – Obama to Tea Partiers: See! The Gulf Disaster is What Smaller Government Will Get You

Michelle Malkin – USA vs. England; Updated

Gateway Pundit – Protests, Clashes & Crackdown Reported in Iran on Anniversary of Stolen Election (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Saudi Arabia Gives Israel Green Light to Bomb Iran

Gateway Pundit – Today’s Whine: Obama to Reporters “I Can’t Suck It Up With a Straw” (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Sarah Palin on Newsweek Hit Piece: I Don’t Trust Newsweek… “That’s One of the Reasons They’re Going Down” (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Obama Blew Off Gulf Memorial Service to Attend Fundraiser for Boxer

Gateway Pundit – 1,000 Patriots Turn Out at Warren County Tea Party (Video)

Bloomberg – OR ELSE: BP Given 48 Hours by Coast Guard to Step Up Capacity to Contain Spill

Bloomberg – NKorea warns of an ‘all-out military strike’

Fox News – Russia Won’t Immediately Help Kyrgyzstan Unrest

Fox News – Bill Clinton Takes Aim at Tea Party Darling

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