Matthews Whacks Tea Party, They Have Guns

What a blatant hit job – labeling everyone who is conservative and a constitutionalist as a terrorist and going after our second amendment rights. Matthews is a putz and a spineless asshat. Targeting patriots and tea party members – targeting militias who by the way have a right to exist and are not evil – targeting our rights designated in the Constitution and by G-d. Pretty obvious to me who the enemy really is here.

Ed Morrissey – Matthews: Tea Party is scary because, er, gunsgunsgunsgunsguns!

2 thoughts on “Matthews Whacks Tea Party, They Have Guns

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  2. Yes, Matthews, the Supreme Court does decide constitutional issues, such as in Heller, where they struck down DC’s gun ban. Shortly, they will issue a similar decision in MacDonald v. Chicago. These decision validate individual rights–not government decrees. The Court should not issue decisions that undercut or take away individual rights in cases where those rights are so clearly enumerated, such as in the Bill of Rights. The Court cannot or should not amend the Constitution. This can only be done by the people through their state and federal representatives, with super majorities. Not an easy process. That said, why does the left always stoop to hysteria and name calling?

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