Communist Party Leader on Working with the Democrats

By: Trevor Loudon
KeyWiki Blog

Communist Party USA National Secretary and Obama “friend” Sam Webb, writing in the People’s World on working with the Democratic Party. The communists are blatantly working with and through the Democrats, to further their own agenda and Sam Webb is not shy about admitting it.

Sam Webb

No decisive and enduring shift in class relations in our country is possible without a decisive shift of power in the state sphere. Other things are necessary – mass sentiment, grassroots organization, popular insurgency, broad alliances, division in your adversary’s camp, etc. – but by themselves these are not sufficient to fundamentally change the trajectory of the class struggle.

Only when combined with control over some, if not all, of the levers of state power (presidency, Congress, governmental agencies, courts, military, and more) does the wish for fundamental change turn into a real possibility.

The notion that electoral politics has little progressive potential, that it is “politics lite,” that it pales in the face of direct action (an unnecessary juxtaposition) is mistaken and harmful.

Furthermore, a relationship with the Democratic Party isn’t heresy or something to profusely apologize for.

Now, it’s true that there is always a danger of losing one’s political identity and independence in the mainstream of politics (which is where the left should be), but to turn it into a reason to boycott (or participate only half-heartedly in) the electoral arena is a recipe for marginalization. In fact, I would argue that for the left, a relationship to the Democratic Party at this stage of struggle is a strategic necessity and later on probably a tactical requirement.

In 2008, there was no way to defeat the right without such a relationship. The same can be said about this fall’s elections.

The Democrats will be exploited, until the communists feel the time is right to build their own mass based political party to seize state power. New York’s communist and socialist led Working Families Party, could provide a model and framework for such a future organization.

What is more, there is no evidence that it backburners the struggle for political independence. In fact, new forms of political independence have developed in recent years in important ways, but differently than most of us on the left imagined. To our surprise, they took shape within the framework of the two-party system, not outside of it, and within labor and other major social organizations, operating under the broad canopy of the Democratic Party.

If an alternative people’s party is going to emerge (and we should persuasively make the case for one as we participate in existing struggles), these new independent expressions will be its basis and combine with forms operating outside the two party system, such as the Working Families Party, the Progressive Party, and others.

Finally, the state in our society is a historical product and is structured to produce and then reproduce on an extended scale the profits and power of the transnational corporations and banks. Obviously this is an enormous advantage to the right since it favors capitalism in the raw. But still it doesn’t follow that the left should avoid the state like the plague.

Properly organized and united, the working class and people’s movement can win positions in government and harness them to shift public policy, institutions and agencies to the advantage of working people and their allies. And in so doing, they will create the practical and ideological conditions for more radical changes.

With the elections a few months away, we should quickly digest this lesson.

The pro Cuban/pro-China Communist Party USA is openly admitting to working with the Democratic Party to advance its Marxist-Leninist agenda. Surely the brave and vigilant Main-Stream-Media will be all over this story?


No Budget This Year

By: T.F. Stern
From: T F Stern’s Rantings

There used to be a picture in my bathroom directly in front of the ‘throne’; a chance to ponder old sayings while taking care of important business. “Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life”, was on the first line as I recall followed by twenty or thirty classic one liners. The picture vanished some time back; one of my children has it in their bathroom across town.

Reading a story on the Fox News website reminded me of that picture and the wisdom gleaned during deliberate and essential moments of thought.

“Those who spend five but make only four have no need of a purse”.

It would seem our leaders in Washington never bothered to learn that one.

“House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said Tuesday his party will not approve a traditional budget that sets spending guidelines for the new fiscal year.”

Having watched the efforts in Washington this past year, such a statement shouldn’t surprise anyone. I shouldn’t let previous administrations off the hook, heaven knows they did a fair job at spending money; but the current administration gets the brass ring when it comes to chucking restraint in the trash.

The dictionary used by the folks on Capitol Hill has pages torn out to make sure there would never be any reference to words such as Budget and Restraint. (To be sure, I think Clinton had the words Restraint and Sexual Predator yanked long before he ever considered working on the budget.) The congressional dictionary is getting mighty thin; reference to words such as constitution, representative, integrity, character, honesty and many others have also been deleted.

‘“Here’s another idea Democrats should consider,” chided Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). “Stop spending money you don’t have.”’

The scale in my bathroom lied to me just this past week and one of my daughters remarked that I appeared to be over weight when I went swimming on Father’s Day; cruel yet truer words have never been spoken. There are many tried and true diets to get rid of excess weight; none more efficient than when congress is in session. By the time those thieves get done with our money there won’t be enough left to buy groceries.

“I’ll gladly pay you Wednesday for a hamburger today”, wasn’t that the line from Popeye’s deadbeat friend? Did Wimpy ever pay anyone back? My guess is he eventually got elected and still has a seat in Washington.

I could go for an old favorite, the one from Treasure of the Sierra Madre. I’ve butchered that line many times as suited my needs; why should this subject be any different? “Budget, we don’t need no stinkin’ budget!”

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I Am Holding BO’s Presidency Hostage

From: Barack Obama’s Oil Spill’s Blog

I’m beginning to convince myself that BO has forgotten all about being a “really good one-term president.” He wants to be number 1, all right. No doubt about it … but he’s looking for a top finish at the bottom, to be lower than Jimmy Carter, the worst president ever – until now.

The parallels are striking, until you examine them further. Then you find out BO is so far in front, if there were a 10-run rule in presidential dumbassity, the umpires would stop the game and declare BO winner. Think about it. Carter inherits a bad economy and makes it a thousand times worse; BO inherits a bad economy and makes every economy for every president ever to come (if he lets them) look like Carter were president during the Reagan years. Carter exemplifies a malaise in which Americans ponder being the first generation to live beneath the economic standards their parents enjoyed; BO exemplifies a malaise in which Americans contemplate their future economies functioning below the standard of living in Afghanistan. Finally, Carter presides over an internationally embarrassing hostage crisis that threatens the ideal of America; BO presides over an inter-oceanic-ly embarrassing hostage crisis that threatens to cause every member of PETA to brave Louis Farrakhan’s security in BO’s Chicago neighborhood for a seat on the mothership off this planet.

These are the kinds of thoughts an oil spill kicks around while spewing (at least) 1.5 million gallons of oil, 24/7 a day, into your Gulf of Mexico. Now, I’m just a political novice, a strapping baby boy a little over two months old, but I can’t help but notice the parallels between the two presidents … and then immediately figure out who’s immeasurably worse. That’s probably why rumors are swirling around about Rahmbo wanting to leave BO for greener showers. He’s too pragmatic for the Ideologue in Chief. When in doubt, the pragmatic sailor cuts loose and sinks the dinghy holding his ship back, letting the dead weight sink to the bottom … down here with me.

Seriously, did the Regime think the American people would accept this past weekend’s spin – that it was inconceivable for my boss, Tony Hayward, to go yachting with his son – without noticing that it doesn’t in the slightest bit do “us all good as American citizens” for BO to get his life back by golfing for the 39th time since he took over America, while I gush and gush and gush?

Meanwhile, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, whose calls to the president go un-answered, took vacation from beating me back … to negotiate his state’s budget.

Really, this guy BO is either the worst president ever, or he has something up his sleeve, something so nefarious, I couldn’t possibly explain it. After all, I’m just a spill, yes, I’m only a spill. What do I know about BO wanting you to pay $7 for a gallon of gas?

What do I know about BO trading American lives and sovereignty for political gain in Arizona, telling Arizona Sen. John Kyl (R-to the rescue) that if the Regime secured the U.S. border, the GOP wouldn’t be willing to consider amnesty for any illegal bastard already in your country, which, by the way, includes me?

For all I know, I’m just the tip of the iceberg, the nightmare BP and BO don’t want you to really know about, a puddle of the disaster to come. You decide. Hey, for all I know, and I’m just an oil spill talking, maybe it’s all about money, vast amounts of money BO stands to earn.

What I do know is that, whatever the Democrats thought their November would look like after they shoved Obamacare down your throats, it’s going to be far worse. When it’s all said and done, I will make every Congresscritter remember their trips to the ice cream stand after little league games as stays in the basement of juvy hall with the queens.

I am the face of ecological and political disaster, and, dayum, I have really big ears.

It’s the end of Day 63, BO, and I’m still gushing. Do you know where your presidency is? Right here, gasping for breath, beneath the steel-reinforced heel of my boot … because I am holding it hostage.


McChrystal and the Wolves

By: T.F. Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

Gen. Stanley McChrystal, our top U.S. war commander in Afghanistan, made the mistake of opening his mouth in front of the news media the other day; didn’t he ever watch the movie, Patton? It doesn’t matter if McChrystal had the best battlefield record or the worst at this point; he spoke out of turn on matters which don’t belong in print and that makes his position rather awkward if not untenable.

“McChrystal has been called to the White House Situation Room on Wednesday to explain his comments to the magazine directly to the president, a senior administration official told Fox News. Normally, he would appear on a conference call for a regular strategy session.”

Gen. McChrystal will need to stand patiently, hat in hand, as he watches his military career flushed down the toilet by men who aren’t fit to tie his shoe laces on the battlefield; such is the nature of politics. It might be fun to be a fly on the wall when McChrystal meets with the wolves back at the White House; their teeth bared, circling around waiting for the perfect moment to take him down.

There’s a line from the Wedding Crashers, one that fits the situation quite well, “You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me!” I can hear Obama belittle, demean and deride (is that redundant?) a decorated battlefield veteran as our commander and thief ( just a typo, ignore that), lectures McChrystal.

I have it from a reliable source that our troops, while under fire, must obtain permission from local government officials prior to engaging the enemy lest they accidentally take out unintended targets. They have been subjected to small arms fire accompanied by rocket propelled grenades and watched as their enemies run off and hide inside local residences. The mayor or head honcho of the town then explains that the folks who live in that particular house are good people and could not possibly have been involved; permission to engage denied. Is this any way to run a war?

The problem with leading our troops in Afghanistan has to do with understanding the goal. Our valiant men and women are in harms way, not to win; but to lose gracefully, tail tucked between our legs in a pleasing manner until our exit strategy calendar has timed out.

General McChrystal should use this opportunity as his exit strategy, do a “MacArthur” and simply fade away. The wolves will win the battle for McChrystal’s hide; but they are intent on losing the war.

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