Setting the Record Straight: American History in Black and White

Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques

A Primer on African American Political History

Part 1

Part 1: African Americans served with our Founding Fathers; Fredrick Douglass, an African American, found that the Constitution is anti-slavery; the 3/5ths clause referred only to representation, NOT a person’s worth.

Part 2

Part 2: Democrats and the Democrat-controlled Supreme Court, reversed the Constitution and brought slavery back to the U.S.

Part 3

Part 3: Abraham Lincoln won the presidency and the 13th Amendment was passed with ALL Republicans voting for it and only 23% of northern Democrats voting for it.

Part 4

Part 4: Democrats are against what the vast majority of American people want; African Americans triumphed in becoming legislators – as Republicans; Democrats created the KKK to terrorize African Americans and force them to vote against Republicans; not one Democrat voted for the Civil Rights Amendment 14.

Part 5

Part 5: An election official in Mississippi could only find 1 African American person who was a Democrat; as Republicans, African Americans were appointed to congress and were extremely accomplished; not one Democrat voted for the 15th Amendment to give voters rights; in the entire history of our country, Democrats have elected only 2 African American Senators.

Part 6

Part 6: Not one Democrat voted for the bill to stop KKK’s reign of terror over African Americans; not one Democrat voted for the 1875 Civil Rights law; Democrats fought against African Americans being educated together with whites and 87% of Democrats voted against the law that would end segregation and permit African Americans to be educated with whites.

Part 7

Part 7: Only 1% of Democrats supported vouchers while 70% of parents supported it; to date, 3 African Americans have presided over Republican National Conventions, while not 1 African American has presided over Democrat National Conventions; Democrats repealed laws against KKK violence; Democrats enacted a voter tax that was too high for African Americans to afford.

Part 8

Part 8: Democrats continued to enact legislation to disenfranchise African American voters; in 1893 when Democrats were in charge of all branches of government, they did nothing for civil rights and in fact sought to repeal civil rights laws and amendments that had already been enacted by Republicans.

Part 9

Part 9: The Democrat KKK released their first movie – the first film ever shown at the White House – incorporating Woodrow Wilson’s support for the KKK.

Part 10

Part 10: Even though FDR “spoke” of ending discrimination, he and the Democrats continued to oppose every piece of Civil Rights legislation; many Klansmen (KKK members) ran for congress as Democrats to oppose those who fought for the rights of African Americans.

Part 11

Part 11: Texas was the first state to elect 3 African American statewide representatives – all 3 were Republicans and mainstream media didn’t report it, but the African American Democrat candidate failed to get elected; Fredrick Douglass reminded blacks that the Republican party is the ship and all else is the sea.

Part 12

Part 12: The NAACP was formed; Proverbs 29:2 When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when a wicked man rules, people groan.

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