Links To Visit – 07/03/10

Jihad Watch – Muslim Brotherhood-linked mosques arouse suspicion across U.S.

Jihad Watch – Wafa Sultan defends Geert Wilders

Jihad Watch – Obama rushes to defend Muslims in China

Jihad Watch – As “tough” new sanctions kick in, Iran’s Thug-In-Chief threatens to ban Coca-Cola

Jihad Watch – Pakistan: Jihadis slaughter 42 at Sufi shrine, Pakistanis blame Americans (and Jews, of course)

Jihad Watch – Muslim actress in Harry Potter series “badly bruised” after attempted honor killing over her relationship with a Hindu man

Yahoo! News – Mayor Daley lays out strict gun rules for Chicago (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

WSJ – Why Is the Gulf Cleanup So Slow? (Hat Tip: Curtis Frantz)

The New Editor – ‘Hey, I Know, Let’s Throw Their Sake in the Harbor!’


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Financial News Update – 07/03/10

Our Douchebag Government – Midyear Debt Update (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Obama announces $795M in new grants to expand broadband Internet access (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Power Elite Versus State Capitalism – A New Meme!

Americans Aren’t Stupid Anymore – Do You See Them Buying Houses Or Stocks?

Citi: Stock Valuations Have Hit A Record Low Vs. Bonds

Here’s One Reason To Still Be Nervous About Ireland

Surprise: Investor Sentiment Isn’t Even That Bearish Yet

Deutsche Bank: Here’s What To Expect From Today’s Jobs Report

This Manufacturer Can’t Find 100 Unemployed Americans With Basic Math Skills To Hire

Morgan Stanley: Yen Traders Threatened By Potential Currency Intervention

June Non-Farm Payrolls Come In WEAK: Loss Of 125,000 Is Worse Than Expected

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