Links To Visit – 07/08/2010

Ann Coulter – Bill Kristol Must Resign

Brutally Honest – Want to piss off a progressive woman?

Neal Boortz – THE ARIZONA LAWSUIT (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

WSJ – U.S. Plans Cyber Shield for Utilities, Companies (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Atlas Shrugs – I don’t believe the Official Version: Netanyahu’s Personal Security Guards’ Guns Stolen En route to DC

Atlas Shrugs – Jihadist Congressman and U.S. Ambassador Plead Guilty, Islamic Spies to Muslim “Charity” Tied to Terror

Atlas Shrugs – Nuremberg II: **Crickets Chirping** in Newsrooms Across the World

Atlas Shrugs – Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Rick Lazio Demands Quisling Cuomo Investigate $100 million Ground Zero Mega Mosque

Atlas Shrugs – CNN Jihad Lover and Mouthpiece, Octavia Nasr, Resigns

Atlas Shrugs – Pamela Geller’s Big Piece at Big Peace: The Religious War: Insidious to the Ignorant

Atlas Shrugs – MAS aka Muslim Brotherhood Gives Staten Island the Middle Finger

Atlas Shrugs – What Retraction? Harry Potter Star’s Attempted Honor Killers, Her father and Brother, Lie About Fabricated “Retraction” to Discredit the Badly Beaten Victim – For Congressional Dems, Time Is Almost Up (Hat Tip: Brian B.) – Obama sneaks through another dangerous extremist

The Washington Post – Oklahoma, South Carolina and Utah may follow Arizona’s lead on immigration law (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

RealClearPolitics – Arizona Dem Rep: Obama Refuses To Visit Arizona Border (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

RealClearPolitics – Arizona Immigration Law Sponsor Blasts Feds Over “Political” Lawsuit (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

LVRJ – Reid takes no stand on Arizona lawsuit (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

WND – NBC comedian: I love and trust Sarah Palin – Philly Tea Party Patriots call out Mayor Nutter on illegal immigration

SFGate – S.F. considers banning sale of pets except fish (Hat Tip: Kim Priestap) – R.I. troopers embrace firm immigration role (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Fox new – Lawyer Who Defended ‘American Taliban’ Now Heads DOJ Suit Against Arizona (Hat Tip: Brian B.) – San Francisco begins controlling what people can drink – CNN editor fired after praising terrorist leader – Runyan blitzes Adler in inaugural debate

The Oil Drum – BP’s Deepwater Oil Spill – Hitting the Well Annulus – and Open Thread (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

ABC News – Gulf Oil Spill: Latest Plan Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal Supports Draws Criticism From Federal Government and Scientists (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Jihad Watch – Epic, epic fail: “No fewer than 46” members of Afghan military have gone missing from Texas base

the right scoop – Obama to the Press: Quit trying to make me look bad by photographing oily ducks! (Hat Tip: Brian B.)


The Radio Patriot – Thursday’s ‘Fresh Hell’…

The Radio Patriot – Only Israel…

The Radio Patriot – Prayers for Attorney Gary Kreep

The Radio Patriot – Glenn Beck post-Independence Day TV program

Gateway Pundit – Obama’s Peace Partner Abbas: We’re Ready to Wage War Against Israel

Gateway Pundit – CAUGHT ON TAPE—- Racist NAACP Leader Says “Kenneth Gladney Not Black Enough” to Protect – He’s an “Uncle Tom” (Video)

Gateway Pundit – Tea Party 2.0 (Part 4): TEN Steps to Winning the War Against Socialism

Gateway Pundit – Defeat Socialism – Save America From the Obama-Pelosi Regime… DRAFT SARAH PALIN for RNC Chair

Gateway Pundit – American Airlines Loses Luggage of Israeli Security Detail – 4 Guns Missing

Gateway Pundit – New Black Panther Leader Shabazz Blames FOX News For Voter Intimidation Scandal

Gateway Pundit – Mother of Baby Saved By Israelis Wants Him to Get Well & Kill Them

Michelle Malkin – You’ve got hate mail: Liberal racism gone wild!

Michelle Malkin – Michelle Obama Gets Funding for Gulf Visit; Republican Members of Congress Not So Much

Michelle Malkin – The Illinois Governor’s Office’s ‘Shared Sacrifice’: They Share, You Sacrifice

Michelle Malkin – The year of the “Mama Grizzlies”

Michelle Malkin – How the teachers’ union killed D.C. school choice

ABC News – ATTY: Femme fatale spy to fly home to Moscow today

The Washington Times – Russian bomber incursions continuing, new Northcom commander says

Yahoo! News – BP dampens hope of early leak fix, court fight looms

Breitbart – ‘Stop and search’ declared illegal by European court

CNBC – Obama Will Issue New Drilling Ban if Appeal Fails

Yahoo! News – MAG: U.S. Missiles Deployed Near China

The Washington Post – Oklahoma, SC and Utah could be next AZ

NY Daily News – PAPER: Obama vs. Arizona: President fighting reckless war that will backfire

WSJ – Antibody can destroy 91% of HIV strains

Fox News – 3 Brits Convicted in Trans-Atlantic Bomb Plot

Fox News – ‘Chilling Effect’ From New Pentagon Rules?

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