Links To Visit – 07/10/2010

Weeding Out “Minnick Myths” – Statism-Socialism At Work Folks…Video Proof Of Errors Being Preached!

Daily Caller – Lawmakers question whether Obama violated law by backing pro-abortion Kenyan constitution (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner/Curtiz Frantz) – Democrats to launch massive blitz in December – School to teach homosexuality to 1st-graders – Obama refuses to deport thousands of identified illegal immigrants

NewsRealBlog – Obama’s Fine With Iranian Seat on UN Women’s Rights Commission (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Yahoo! News – Iran to review woman’s stoning verdict (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Human Events – Obama’s Lawlessness on Immigration (Hat Tip: Carolyn Cooke)

The Hill – Black GOP candidate slams Obama for exploiting race (Hat Tip: Brian B.) – Video: Ground Zero mosque ad banned by CBS

Sioux City Journal – Federal judge orders Osceola County sheriff to issue gun permit (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The New Editor – Liberal Groups Found ‘One Nation’ to Counter Tea Party

the raw story – Hospital security ‘punches, tasers’ nephew of Clarence Thomas (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

WSJ – The Obama-Pelosi Lame Duck Strategy (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

The Washington Post – The selective modesty of Barack Obama (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Big Journalism – Another Story the MSM Doesn’t Want You To Know About: ‘Never Bring Another Lawsuit Against a Black’ (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Atlas Shrugs – Get Wise to October’s Surprise (Hat Tip: Larwyn)

Glenn Beck – Obama: Individual salvation depends on collective salvation (Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques)

Atlas Shrugs – Lebanese Minister Wiam Wahhab Warns of Possible Attacks against UNIFIL and States: “I Like the Germans in the World Cup because They Burned the Jews”

Atlas Shrugs – Atlas Exclusive: Congressional Candidate Vijay Kumar: “THE MUSLIM MOSQUE: A STATE WITHIN A STATE”

Atlas Shrugs – Muslim to be Charged: “A genocide should be perpetrated against the Jewish populations of North America and Europe….Their permanent extermination is the only solution”

Atlas Shrugs – Islamic Supremacist Obama: “Israelis suspicious of me because my middle name is Hussein”

Jihad Watch – “Moderate” Palestinian top dog Abbas to Arab states: “If you want war, and if all of you will fight Israel, we are in favor”

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