Obama File 107 Neil Abercrombie, Yet Another Covert Socialist in the Obama “Orbit”

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Obama File 106 here.

Neil Abercrombie was a long time Hawaii Democratic Congressman and is currently running for the Governorship of that state.

Barack Obama, Neil Abercrombie

While in Congress, Neil Abercrombie was one of Barack Obama’s earliest and most vocal supporters.

This is not surprising, as there is a close Obama/Abercrombie family connection and seemingly many shared values.

While studying at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa in the early 1960s, Abercrombie attended classes with and befriended current United States President Barack Obama’s parents, Stanley Ann Dunham and the young Marxist economist Barak Obama. Sr.

Obama, father and son, 1971

Neil Abercrombie claims to have been Barak Obama’s “best” friend.

He also claims to have known young Barack Obama as a child and to know the values the future president of the United States was raised with.

There may be however another reason why Neil Abercrombie has been such a committed and zealous Obama supporter.

I have written previously of Barack Obama’s close ties to the the U.S.’s largest Marxist based organization, Democratic Socialists of America (D.S.A.).

Obama attended socialist conferences in New York in the early 1980s at the Cooper Union, the usual venue for the annual D.S.A. organized Socialist Scholars Conferences.

Barack Obama worked with D.S.A. member Lou Pardo on voter registration in Chicago in 1992. From 1993 to 1996, he was a member of the D.S.A. influenced Progressive Chicago and its sister organization, the Chicago New Party.

Obama addressed a D.S.A. forum at the University of Chicago in February 1996 and earned a D.S.A. endorsement for his Illinois State Senate run the same year.

Obama’s personal friends and mentors include D.S.A. members Quentin Young, Timuel Black, Congressman Danny K. Davis, Cornel West and the late Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf.

Obama has appointed several D.S.A. connected individuals to positions of authority including Transition Team member and former Democrat Party whip David Bonior, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary of Defense and daughter of D.S.A. leader Barbara Ehrenrich, Rosa Brooks.

Now it turns out that Neil Abercrombie also has D.S.A. ties. He has almost certainly been a covert member of that organization.

According to D.S.A.’s magazine Democratic Left, Nov./Dec. 1990, page 4, in 1990 the D.S.A. Political Action Committee endorsed two Congressional candidates, “DSAer Democrat Neil Abercrombie seeking to regain the House seat representing Honolulu and Vermont independent candidate Bernie Sanders….

Democratic Left Nov./Dec. 1990, page 4

Does the phrase “DSAer Democrat” imply that Abercrombie was a member of that organization? Or was he simply a close associate and supporter like Bernie Sanders – also coincidentally a strong Obama supporter.

According to Democratic Left, Winter 2007, Neil Abercrombie and D.S.A. and Communist Party USA connected Congressman Dennis Kucinich, spoke at a Democratic Socialists of America Political Action Committee event in Washington DC at the home of leftist “philanthropist” Stewart Mott. The event was in support of Bernie Sanders.

He (Sanders) flew to Washington and the next day attended the Washington, D.C., DSA PAC party at the home of Stewart Mott. Not only did Bernie Sanders speak; so did members of Congress Neil Abercrombie (HI) and Dennis Kucinich (OH). Christine Riddiough, former DSA National Director, served as host/moderator.

Neil Abercrombie was also a member of the radical Congressional Progressive Caucus, which was founded by Bernie Sanders with the help of D.S.A.

George (Skip) Roberts, who has long served as a D.S.A. rep to the Socialist International has also worked as an aide to Congressman Abercrombie. In recent years Roberts has been active in the Republican Party representing his boss, then SEIU president, Andy Stern.

More conclusive proof of Abercrombie’s ties to D.S.A., is the fact that his wife Nancie Caraway, an academic, noted for her far left views, has also been a D.S.A. member.

In 1985, Dr. Nancie Caraway of Hawaii was listed as a member of the Feminist Commission of the Democratic Socialists of America.

DSA Feminist Commission Directory, 1985

Note the presence of Barabara Ehrenreich on this list. in 2008, Ehrenreich founded Progressives for Obama, with D.S.A. comrades Bill Fletcher, Jr. and Tim Carpenter.

Nancie Caraway is also a big Obama supporter.

At Hawaii’s Democratic Party headquarters, on Hawaii primary election night, February 2008, Caraway said that there were upwards of 5,000 people in her polling station… She described the turnout as inspirational. “I’m a postmodernist cynic,” she said. “This is a new page in American political culture.

At the “request of the Obama Administration,” Dr. Caraway currently serves as a consultant to U.S. Ambassador Luis C. de Baca in the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons.

To my knowledge, Neil Abercrombie has never declared his affiliation with the D.S.A. Marxists to the voters of Hawaii.

Perhaps he was concerned they might unnecessarily worry as to where his true allegiances lay?

While an ardent opponent of almost every U.S. War from Vietnam to Iraq, Abercrombie finished his Congressional term as chairman of the Armed Forces Subcommittee on Air and Land Forces.

It would be interesting to know if Abercrombie ever declared his socialist affiliations to government security bodies before accepting this sensitive post.

It is worth noting that D.S.A. affiliated senator Bernie Sanders, addressed a conference of the Communist Party USA controlled and Soviet affiliated U.S. Peace Council in November 1989, with then D.S.A. leader Manning Marable and D.S.A. affiliate Holly Sklar.

It is also worth noting that 1990’s D.S.A. National Political Committee member and Obama admirer, Kurt Stand is currently serving a very long jail sentence for spying for the former Soviet Union and East Germany.

As an aspiring Governor of Hawaii, President Obama’s old family friend and supporter, Neil Abercrombie, needs to answer some serious questions.

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Exposing a “Minnick Myth”

By: Bill Hurst
Weeding Out “Minnick Myths”

Congressman Minnick, Idaho’s Liberal posing as a conservative, has sealed his defeat in the Congressional race against Raul Labrador, as the first elected Democrat to the United States House of Representatives from Idaho in decades, Minnick with his “aye” on H.R. 4173, his liberal-socialistic actions should be exposed. This will prove to Idaho First Congressional District voters as proof positive, that Minnick is not fiscally conservative.

Congressman Minnick was elected to the House of Representatives under the “Minnick Myth” as a fiscal Conservative, while Minnick has a liberal belief system on all other issues. During his first term in the House of Representatives, Minnick has voted as a fiscal Conservative on some economic related legislation, however, Minnick supported legislation that can be described alone as socialistic and destructive to our free enterprise system.

According to the group Open Congress, The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009 introduced by Barney Frank will “overhaul regulations in the financial sector. It would establish a new Consumer Financial Protection Agency to regulate products like home mortgages, car loans and credit cards, give the Treasury Department new authority to place non-bank financial firms, like insurance companies into receivership and regulate the over-the-counter derivatives market.”, in other words – more government control with the liberals reeling in total control of the market place.

read more…


We Will Not Be Silenced

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Gigi Gaston is an American writer-director who directed her first documentary, The Cream Will Rise, in 1998 about singer-songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins.

Here is Gaston’s 2008, documentary on alleged irregularities in the caucuses that were part of the 2008 Democratic party presidential primaries.

According to this, Obama supporters were the main culprits.

Thanks to Ben.


News from the Gulf – 07/11/2010

Hat Tip: Jean Stoner/Brian B.

Oil/Water samples from Gulf…VERY TOXIC

CAUTION* CNN: Gulf seafood NOT tested for BP’s Corexit or any other oil spill dispersants

Gulf toxicologist: Shrimpers exposed to Corexit “bleeding from the rectum”

Gulf Oil Spill Science Experiment On All Says Biologist

Oil Spill Timeline from RightChange on Vimeo.

Oil Spill Timeline



By: AJ

They See his Corruption and Path to Destruction

The elite Democrats with deep pockets who put their money where their mouth is and vigorously supported Obama’s campaign and presidency are now rejecting him. Their eyes are wide open and they see that Obama’s policies and the path he has set for our country, is leading to destruction.

Ordinary Americans saw it early on. They’ve been protesting against Obama’s out-of-control spending, bailouts, “reform” bills that actually destroy our way of life, and the nationalization of U.S. corporations and entire industries. They were ridiculed and marginalized, but the tide is turning.

High-profile supporters of Obama reject his brand of Progressive destruction and the ranks of ordinary Americans who care about our country and freedom is increasing.

Barbra Streisand, James Brolin, Mort Zuckerman and others are speaking out. Ed Morrissey reported at Hot Air on the recent event attended by high-profile Democrats who spoke out against Obama’s agenda of destruction.

“Zuckerman added that he detects in the Obama White House “hostility to the very kinds of [business] culture that have made this the great country that it is and was. I think we have to find some way of dealing with that, or else we will do great damage to this country with a public policy that could ruin everything.”

Ferguson added: “The critical point is if your policy says you’re going to run a trillion-dollar deficit for the rest of time, you’re riding for a fall… Then it really is goodbye.” A dashing Brit, Ferguson added: “Can I say that, having grown up in a declining empire, I do not recommend it. It’s just not a lot of fun actually — decline.”

Ferguson called for what he called “radical” measures. “I can’t emphasize strongly enough the need for radical fiscal reform to restore the incentives for work and remove the incentives for idleness.” He praised “really radical reform of the sort that, for example, Paul Ryan [the ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee] has outlined in his wonderful ‘Roadmap’ for radical, root-and-branch reform not only of the tax system, but of the entitlement system” and “unleash entrepreneurial innovation.” Otherwise, Ferguson warned: “Do you want to be a kind of implicit part of the European Union? I’d advise you against it.”

This was greeted by hearty applause from a crowd that included Barbra Streisand and her husband James Brolin. “Depressing, but fantastic,” Streisand told me afterward, rendering her verdict on the session. “So exciting. Wonderful!

Mort Zuckerman, billionaire publisher and real estate developer, points out that Obama has done everything wrong. He discusses how Obama’s healthcare plan is a fiscal disaster for our country, and how Obama did change politics-as-usual by making it WORSE. Zuckerman describes Obama’s outrageous spending as a “debt binge.” (In the 18 months since Obama took office, he has spent more than ALL presidents in the entire history of our nation combined.)

Zuckerman published an article in the Daily Beast, titled “He’s Done Everything Wrong.”

In his article he states, “He has not rallied public opinion. He has plunged in the polls more than any other political figure since we’ve been using polls.” He also says, “I’m very disappointed. We endorsed him. I voted for him. I supported him publicly and privately.” He describes Obama’s political corruption as “REVOLTING.”

With regard to how other countries view Obama, he states, “Let me tell you what a major leader said to me recently. “We are convinced,” he said, “that he is not strong enough to confront his enemy. We are concerned,” he said, “that he is not strong to support his friends.” The political leadership of the world is very, very dismayed.”

Voter intimidation is in the news today because Eric Holder, appointed by Obama as the U.S. Attorney General, dismissed the rock-solid case against the New Black Panthers who intimidated voters at a Philadelphia polling place. Now more Democrats are speaking out about Obama’s corruption during our last election.

All indications from Democrat voters who are paying attention is that their eyes are now wide open. If you’re a Democrat voter, are your eyes now wide open?

Update: Brutally Honest – Dissension in the ranks


If I Were President

by: Nancy Matthis at American Daughter

Our writers here at American Daughter have been critical of Obama’s response to the oil disaster. Reader MaryAnne reasonably asks:

Could you please detail exactly what you think Obama should personally do about BP’s complete disregard for the safety of its workers and the destruction of Gulf Coast beaches? I have gone to the trouble of reading some of your past posts and have yet to see you offer one workable solution to any of the problems you address.

I haven’t done this until now, because it doesn’t make any difference what I would have done. The mission of our news magazine is to inform our readers of the capabilities and shortcomings of public figures, so they can make informed decisions about their political activism, financial support and voting. But such a discussion may offer a useful baseline for comparison, and it certainly is something that I have given a lot of thought. Here’s what I would do if I were president:

  1. If I were president, I would immediately assume personal executive responsibility for the response to one of the greatest environmental disasters to face our planet, that happened under United States jurisdiction. I would NEVER abdicate that authority to any profit-motivated corporation. I would use every legal means to force that corporation to finance the clean-up, but I would manage the clean-up myself, by delegating tasks to my government officials.
  2. The assessment of “guilt, fault and blame” is only useful if it prevents future mistakes based on “lessons learned.” And technological mistakes usually result from policy driven by wishful thinking rather than scientific data. In this respect, the Deepwater Horizon disaster is almost an exact reprise of the Challenger disaster, in which decision makers ignored the warnings of scientific personnel about the O-ring’s potential failure at freezing temperatures.

    If I were president, I would immediately make it perfectly clear and well understood by the public that the deepwater drilling was promoted during the Clinton administration (the Outer Continental Shelf Deepwater Royalty Relief Act of 1995) without due consideration of disaster contingencies. Our government gave British Petroleum a “categorical exclusion” for the well during the Obama administration. I would do this, not to indulge in partisan finger-pointing at Democrats, but to prevent the root administrative causes and lax safety standards of our own government agencies from being obscured by Democrat partisans throwing up smoke-screens about Dick Cheney’s relationships with the oil industry.

  3. Within hours of the first phone call notifying the White House of the rig explosion, I would have assembled a crisis team, booked a hotel on the Gulf Coast and taken the whole team there on location to assume personal positive control of the situation. Within the first twenty-four hours I would have convened an emergency meeting with the governors of the Gulf States. For the entire duration of the crisis, I would not have played one hour of golf, nor done anything else but be the country’s executive-in-chief.

    To be president of the United States is an honor and it is an executive position, a management position and a good executive “rests in action.” A qualified executive does not need the personal recreation of sports or parties to “recharge his batteries.” He draws his strength and energy from his passion for the job, from the personal satisfaction of giving his hands and heart to the cause and knowing he has done his best.

  4. Upon first being notified of the rig explosion, I would have placed an emergency call to Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. I would have decreed, under the executive powers, that she bypass the normal protocols for data calculation and delivery, assemble her best scientists immediately (waking them up if necessary) and get back to me within eighteen hours with her best estimate of the latitude/longitude coordinates of the point above the blown hole where the center of the oil “volcano” was most likely to first breach the ocean surface.

    I would have asked the Gulf State governors to mobilize their National Guards to protect the beaches and wetlands, and asked Congress for emergency funding for same. I would have tasked the Secretary of the Navy to identify some Naval assets in the Gulf for assisting oil containment operations. I would have instructed the Coast Guard to immediately mobilize a fleet of boats on standby, awaiting the NOAA calculations. As soon as the NOAA coordinates were received, I would have had the Coast Guard deploy five widely spaced concentric rings of oil booms around the NOAA-calculated surface point. The containment booms would have been in place within two days, tops. (Those measures would impede, but not prevent, the spread of oil. They would buy time for dredging and bio-remediation.)

  5. I would have ordered dredging to begin immediately to create sand reefs connecting the barrier islands offshore from sensitive wetlands and marshes, to protect the pelican rookeries and sea turtle hatching grounds from contamination. As executive-in-chief, I would have taken the responsibility for my decision and not hidden behind the requirement for an Environmental Protection Agency impact study that could take months or years.
  6. Under the authority of the Executive Powers, I would have forbidden British Petroleum or any other agency from using the toxic chemical dispersant Corexit 9500. I would have personally taken the responsibility for ordering the bio-remediation of oil-eating microbes, stored in large enough quantities in Texas warehouses.
  7. With respect to the potential for environmentally friendly solutions, I would have immediately tasked Cornell University’s Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering to recommend plant-based bio-remediation. I would have used discretionary grant money for a crash program aimed at the specifics of the Gulf situation.

    I would also have used discretionary grant money to task Louisiana State University’s Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences to do a systems analysis of the oil spill response and to quantify risk factors associated with various strategies — chemical dispersant, burn-off, booms, reefs, skimmers, bio-remediation via plants or microbes. (I have no doubt that the combination of chemical dispersant and burn-off currently being implemented is the worst possible choice with respect to long-term environmental considerations. It has short-term cosmetic appeal, in that it masks the full dimensions of the disaster, but we will pay a long-term price worse than that for DDT.)

  8. Under the authority of the Executive Powers, I would have suspended the Jones Act, or Merchant Marine Act of 1920 and accepted help from the foreign governments that offered it on DAY ONE — Canada, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Republic of Korea, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

    The fact that Obama deferred his leadership role to British Petroleum is most egregious here:

    Four weeks after the nation’s worst environmental disaster, the Obama administration saw no need to accept offers of state-of-the-art skimmers, miles of boom or technical assistance from nations around the globe with experience fighting oil spills.

    “We’ll let BP decide on what expertise they do need,” State Department spokesman Gordon Duguid told reporters on May 19….


  9. Under the authority of the Executive Powers, I would have relaxed the oil-to-water ratios required for returning processed ocean water to the Gulf, thereby permitting the immediate deployment of the South Korean-built, Taiwanese-owned, Liberian-flagged ship “A Whale” for oil-skimming in the Gulf. The Obama administration allowed it to languish tied up to the docks in Norfolk, Virginia for weeks.
  10. If I were president, I would never have limited access to the oil spill damage by the press or by photographers, except to the extent required for their safety. I would have valued our mutual stewardship of our natural resources above any concerns for my political reputation. I do not believe that the American public is a mindless herd of sheep whose perceptions need to be manipulated. I do believe that they are a resourceful and creative force that should be kept FULLY INFORMED and engaged in the solution to this truly earth-changing disaster.
  11. If I were president, I would never have used phrases like “boot on the neck” or “kick ass.” The empty rhetoric and political grandstanding characteristic of this administration does nothing to solve the problem and it does nothing to reassure the public that a responsible leader with a thoughtfully reasoned plan is in charge. It is the language of a guttersnipe, not a statesman.
  12. As for the other part of MaryAnne’s question, what “Obama should personally do about BP’s complete disregard for the safety of its workers,” the remedy, if any, is the province of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. The president can make clear to Hilda Solis, Secretary of Labor, and to David Michaels, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health, his deep personal concern about this matter and ask them for a study and special report with recommendations. But that is “locking the barn door after the horse is stolen.” It would, however, have serious value with respect to the remaining nearly 4,000 active oil and gas platforms in the Gulf.

And that’s just the first couple of days….


American DaughterThe Executive Orders

LENTAHow to remove oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico? (translated from the Russian)


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