5 Things You Didn’t Know about the Founding Fathers

Editor’s notes: Below you will find an article that a student has asked that I publish on this blog. I will have commentary after the post and it is important that you read it. These are not specifically my views, but the ones after the article will be mine and will clarify how mine differ from the content of this post…

By: Louise Baker
Zen College Life Blog

1. Many of the founding fathers died without much money. While many of the founding fathers were wise men, some of them were not so wise with the way they handled their money. Thomas Jefferson is a good example of a founding father who died without much to leave to his posterity. Jefferson died having more than $100,000 in debt. It can be argued, however, that the majority of his debts were left to Jefferson by his father and were never repaid. Other founders offered all of their money and land to be used towards the establishment of the new government, leaving several of them without homes, investments or land. While a few of the founding fathers attained some degree of wealth during their lifetimes, many were not so fortunate. Also, most of the wealthy Americans at the time were loyal to Britain and did not fight with the United States, but rather fought for Britain.

2. Not all of the founding fathers were present at the Constitutional Convention. Most notable among the important figures of early American history who were not present was Thomas Jefferson. At the time of the creation of the Constitution of the United States, Jefferson was serving as the ambassador to France. During his time away from the Western World, Jefferson was kept up to date on all of the proceedings through letters sent back and forth to James Madison.

3. Several of the State delegates who were present at the Constitutional Convention did not sign it. There were exactly 13 delegates who were present at the Convention and who left without ever signing the Constitution for various reasons. Three additional delegates, Elbridge Gerry, George Mason and Edmund Randolph were present at the signing of the Constitution and still felt that they should refuse to sign the Constitution. So while many people believe that the Constitution was voted for unanimously by delegates of the time, that is not the case.

4. The majority of the founding fathers did not sign the Declaration of Independence on July Fourth. While John Hancock was eager to be the first to sign the Declaration of Independence and did so on the Fourth of July, most of the remaining signers did not put their signature on the announcement until August. The reason that we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence on the Fourth of July is because Thomas Jefferson believed that the date was associated with positive astrological phenomena.

5. Most of the founding fathers were either Protestant or did not believe in organized religion at the time. Roughly 46 of those who are considered “Founding Fathers” of the United States claimed their religious beliefs to be aligned with those of several Protestant churches. Only three of the Fathers were Roman Catholic, while most of the remaining individuals claimed to be anti-clerical and were entirely opposed to organized religion.

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Editor’s comments:

While the essence of this post is mostly correct, I suspect there was significant spin in the sources. Wikipedia and The New York Times are both notorious for skewing historical facts and not being entirely thorough in what they publish. The New York Times was the one that stated the 4th of July was chosen by Jefferson for the astrological date. I have never heard this before and would need to see it in the original documents of Jefferson before I would give it credence.

As to religion, I believe the vast majority of the founding fathers, if not all of them were of the Christian persuasion. So I disagree with number 5. Their religious affiliations can be found here… You might also want to visit WallBuilders for a complete discussion on the topic. Remember, there were 204 founding fathers. Our country along with our documents that founded us was based on Christianity and a firm belief in God.

I want to thank Louise for her post. She did a great job, but I would highly recommend WallBuilders to anyone wanting a thorough and in-depth history of the founding fathers.


“I don’t know of anything that would be able to live through that”

By: Andrea Shea King
From: The Radio Patriot

Amy Kremer of American Grassroots Coalition just popped in to tell me about this.
July 29, 2010
Live from the Gulf Coast
Online Web Cast (www.gulfathon.org)
Nationwide Radio Programming
American Grassroots Coalition
Move America Forward
Mike Siegel, National Radio Talk Show Host
60 Plus (Jim Martin)
Doctor Patient Medical Association (Kathryn Serkes)
Tea Party Patriots Live Radio Show (Jason Hoyt)
Kitchen Table Patriots (Ana Puig)

The Gulfathon is a nationwide telethon and radio-a-thon to help the people of the Gulf Coast. We have all seen the pictures of the oil covered birds and oil soaked marshes and wetlands and thus know that this is an ecological disaster of epic proportions. At the same time, there is a human tragedy to this disaster that needs to be profiled. While the federal government and BP continue to spin their wheels, the grassroots movement in this country wants to do what Americans do best…help our own. This is what America does, Americans help Americans.

American Grassroots Coalition and our partners in this project, want to give these people a chance to have their stories told and faces seen. We want the rest of America to see what is happening in the Gulf Coast region. While it is easy to see and grasp the environmental damage because it is tangible, it is not as easy to see the economic damage. It is impossible to take a picture of a lost job. The Gulfathon is a vehicle to allow these stories to be told in an effort to bring the human element to this disaster.

The Gulf telethon (Gulfathon) will be held live in the Gulf Coast region and will be broadcast live on the internet. We will also be working with radio talk show hosts across the country to have the Gulfathon promoted on radio shows. In addition to the webcast, there will be a radio-a-thon on the same day. Radio talk show hosts across the country will devote their shows to the Gulfathon, and raise money directly from their audiences. This will be Executive-produced by Mike Siegel, nationally recognized host, and former President of the National Association of Radio Talk Show Hosts, and Kathryn Serkes, President of Square One Media.

The format of the Gulfathon will be to have citizens in the Gulf Coast region tell their stories, both live and in video format. We will be highlighting some of the worse hit areas in the region. We are partnering with celebrities and high profile people in an effort to make this as successful as possible.

The money collected will be divided up and sent to one or two charities in each of the four Gulf Coast states of LA, MS, AL, and FL. We are currently working with locals, along with local and state authorities, to determine which charities are best suited to accept the money on behalf of the Gulfathon.

This is a project that will be most successful when partnering with other organizations. We would like to ask for your support in this effort of helping America’s own citizens in the Gulf Coast region.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your consideration.

Amy Kremer
[email protected]

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Ana Puig
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Your help is needed re Gun legislation

Hat Tip: Nancy Jacques

This is a copy of the proposed bill S-843. Action needed:

Call Kay Hagan @202-224-6342 or email @ http://hagan. senate.gov/ ?p=contact

Call Richard Burr @202-224-3154 and request that they vote down this Bill, S-843

Official Summary

4/21/2009–Introduced.Gun Show Background Check Act of 2009 – Amends the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act to require registration of gun show promoters and to set forth the responsibilities of promoters, licensees, and other transferors. Provides that if any part of a firearm transaction takes place at a gun show, each licensed importer, manufacturer, and dealer who transfers one or more firearms to a person who is not licensed shall, within 10 days after the transfer, submit a report of the transfer to the Attorney General. Sets forth penalties for violations. Grants the Attorney General authority to enter the place of business of any gun show promoter and any place where a gun show is held, during business hours and without a showing of reasonable cause or a warrant, for purposes of examining records and the inventory of licensees conducting business to determine compliance with this Act. Increases penalties for:

(1) serious record-keeping violations by licensees; and
(2) violations of criminal background check requirements.


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