I Discriminate

By: Nancy Morgan
Right Bias

Discriminating people would assume this idiot is a leftist.

I discriminate. All the time. When I see black teenagers with gang tats coming towards me, I’ll move to the other side of the street. Now if they were carrying Bibles, I might not be as worried.

If I play backgammon with an Asian, I use different tactics than I would with say, an Irishman. Experience has taught me that Asians excel in math and I adopt my tactics accordingly.

If I am going to pick a winner on Dancing With Stars, I’ll pick the black couple, hands down. As a rule, blacks just dance better than whites. (Can I say that?)

If I need to hire someone to do yard work, I’ll choose a Mexican laborer over a welfare recipient any day. Experience has taught me that Mexicans, both legal and illegal, have a better work ethic than do those who rely on welfare.

Not a day goes by that I don’t discriminate. The left calls this racism. I call it survival.

To ignore years of life experience in favor of government mandated political correctness is the height of folly. No-one has the right to legislate morality. And no-one has the right to demand that I believe the leftists’ mantra that all cultures and people are equal. That’s just plain stupid.

People in the U.S. are born equal. The decisions they make throughout their lives, however, result in far different outcomes. Some decide to spend their lives pursuing a free lunch, while some decide to become productive members of society. In my book, that means the one who contributes to society has more value than the one that doesn’t. They are not equal.

The American culture beats the Arab culture hands down. At least for females. And the culture in my little neighborhood in Murrells Inlet most assuredly trumps the culture in most inner cities. By any measure. That’s just reality.

I personally don’t care for deadbeats. I choose not to associate with them. I also don’t care to associate with radical feminists, global warming idiots or race baiters. Experience has taught me that I just don’t do well when confronted with useful idiots. It’s a choice I choose to make. It’s discrimination.

For leftists to insist that I ignore cultural and personal differences, to insist that I adhere to their ever-changing version of reality, is akin to asking me to believe that white is black. America is still based on individual freedom. That includes the freedom to decide for myself. It’s called “having an opinion.”

Why should I agree to suspend my own judgement in favor of a mealy-mouthed platitude whose main purpose is to confer faux moral superiority on any useful idiot who opts to parrott the politically correct soundbite of the day?

Discrimination is a survival tool. It’s wisdom, not discrimination, to learn from past experiences. And to apply that knowledge in everyday choices.

Since I acknowledge that there are differences between different races, I guess I’m also a racist. Believe it or not, we all are. Hey, I wouldn’t put an Asian with a mathematics degree on the basketball court. But according to the left, that means I am “profiling.” Color me guilty.

I admit it. I profile people based on their race and appearance.

Somehow, it just doesn’t sink in that a young skinhead sporting a Nazi tattoo is the equal of say, Thomas Sowell. Based on the skinhead’s appearance, I form conclusions about him. The conclusions may be wrong, but I’m not going to bet on it. And I’m not going to invite to dinner the black guy I saw on TV dressed in military gear telling everyone to kill white babies. Life experience has taught me that he is an ignorant racist who banks on our new “culture of equality” to shield him from being held accountable for his hateful rhetoric. In my opinion, he’s just trash.

When I see an obese 29 year-old mother of six living on welfare, I make assumptions. When I see a Christian man with two jobs and six children, I also make assumptions. I choose not to believe that the obese mother is a victim of a male dominated patriarchal society. I choose to, gasp, judge her.

She was born with the same rights as I, and she, like everyone else past the age of 20, is a product of the choices they have made. Choices that all of us are picking up the tab for. (How equal is that?)

The mantra that all people and cultures are equal is a dangerous fallacy. Throughout history, countries that are free are not equal, and countries that are equal are not free. Again, it comes down to choice. I choose to live in a country where I am free to discriminate and judge people myself instead of being forced to adhere to the leftist illusion that we’re all equal. That’s just plain stupid. And dangerous.

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for conservative news site RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina


Report to Homicide Division

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

When I was a young police officer with only a couple of years experience, being told to report to the office hardly ever meant you’d done a great job. “Report to Homicide Division,” goodness, what did I screw up this time? I’d gotten back from vacation and the note was waiting the minute I stepped in the door.

Upon arrival, (that’s standard cop talk you’ll find in most incident reports), upon arrival in Homicide a detective wanted to know why a very specific Colt 357 Magnum pistol, a pistol with my initials and badge number scratched inside the handle had shown up at a double homicide. There was no doubt about the pistol having been marked as evidence; the scratches were exactly where police officers were trained to place them as a way to identify them in court; that was my handy work, I may have smiled for half a moment.

You might ask how I remembered that pistol or the details of the incident so easily; it was an unforgettable kind of day, the kind you see on television shows except it was real.

It happened on a gray Sunday afternoon in front of the Green Hornet Lounge; which just happened to be across the street from the Black Panther’s headquarters. My partner and I, using our patrol car as cover, had to square off on a fellow when he threatened to shoot; he stood at the entrance of the bar while a light rain fell. All manner of excited people had been jumping out of windows to avoid being shot moments earlier followed by a second exodus when other shots rang out inside the place. I won’t list all the details; let’s just say it took my partner and I the better part of four hours to complete the reports after booking two suspects.

It was a beautiful pistol, the best I’d ever tagged into the property room. Most other pistols I’d taken away from folks fell into the ‘Saturday Night Special’ category; that pistol stood head and shoulders above any I’d ever recovered.

The detective wanted to know why there was no record of that pistol having been logged into the property room or why there was no incident report in records division showing that pistol by serial number. He had lots of questions which he needed answered; but I’d been on vacation in Colorado up in the mountains and unavailable; hence, “Report to Homicide Division.” Mostly he wanted to know how it was used in a double homicide instead of being in the property room since it sure looked like it was marked as evidence.

Do you remember the Arlo Guthrie tune, Alice’s Restaurant? The singer goes on and on about getting arrested for littering in a small town. Eight or so minutes into the song he explains that the tune isn’t about Alice’s Restaurant; it’s really an anti-war movement song.

“You can get anything you want
at Alice’s Restaurant…
You can get anything you want..
at Alice’s….Restaurant…”

Today’s article really isn’t about an old homicide investigation; but it might take some time to get there. Arlo said it best after the fifth of sixth chorus had gone by, “I’m not tired…..or proud…,” as he started another set.

One senior police officer involved in my training preached “keep good records.” If you make a report involving an arrest or place items of evidence into the property room keep a copy in your files. He explained how that report along with any notes taken at the scene of a crime would be part of the court process and it would make remembering details much easier a year or so down the road.

I was grateful to have followed his advice as I called home from there in the Homicide Division. Lucy picked up and I explained how my file system worked and that I needed an incident report which nobody else seemed able to locate. A few minutes later she was reading the information; incident number, date, location, arrested suspects names, evidence tagged and so on. The report I’d kept and filed away also had copies of the original dispatch slip, property receipts for the two pistols recovered and supplement reports for both pistols which had previously been reported stolen. I breathed a sigh of relief and was told to bring everything back to Homicide. I’d done a good job and wasn’t in trouble; somebody else was in big trouble, not me.

A couple of days ago, one of my car dealerships called and needed a key for a 2007 Nissan Maxima, the kind that uses a ‘Smart Key.’ You’d think after being a locksmith all these years I’d feel comfortable about such an endeavor; you’d be mistaken. I hadn’t done a Maxima in quite some time and had recently upgraded from an older style key programming computer to one which I was less familiar with.

There have been so many changes in the way keys are made and programmed, I keep the manufacture’s manual handy each and every time. The directions were fairly clear and very complete; except the instructions work on the assumption that each step taken results in a positive result and that all reported successful steps actually were successful.

If you’re not familiar with the newer lock systems, Nissan has a proximity bypass which tells the car when an authorized “Smart Fob” is present which permits starting the vehicle without the use of a key; just turn the knob or push a button depending on which model is involved. Once the mechanical key was completed the information was copied onto the expensive transponder key with its matching “Smart fob;” kind of a sword and scabbard set up.

An interesting part of programming a 2007 Maxima was that a properly cut key will not turn the ignition switch until part of the programming is completed, the part that unlocks the ignition turning knob via the computer. There were five steps which had to be done precisely and I was doing the operation for my first time on equipment which I was still learning about; a painfully slow process of learning.

“You can get anything you want
at Alice’s Restaurant…
You can get anything you want..
at Alice’s….Restaurant…

I found out that just because my programming computer displayed “successful” didn’t necessarily mean it was so. I’d programmed the transponder key; but when it wouldn’t turn the ignition switch knob I began to doubt, so I repeated that part of the procedure; it refused to turn and the afternoon heat was becoming unbearable.

I called technical support and explained what wasn’t working and a simple piece of information was given, one which was not in the manual. If for any reason a failure presents itself the entire process must be repeated, to include steps which had previously been completed successfully and which didn’t seem to make sense repeating.

The new information was correct and the job was completed. The first thing I did was write notes in the manual. It might be a year or so before another 2007 Maxima has need of my skills; it will be so much easier next time. Keep good notes; a great lesson I learned long ago and continue to use.

“You can get anything you want
at Alice’s Restaurant…
You can get anything you want..
at Alice’s….Restaurant…”

Remember Alice, and the restaurant? This article isn’t about Alice or the restaurant. It’s not an anti-war movement piece or even about an old homicide investigation. I’ll go a step further; it isn’t about making keys for a 2007 Nissan Maxima either.

This is about the State of Texas mandating locksmith continuing education hours, so a journeyman locksmith can continue to make a living doing what he/she’s been doing for years. This is about individuals being subjects of the state; a far cry from consent of the governed.

I just completed an eight hour block of mandated continuing education instruction on Morals, Ethics, Rules and Regulations for the sole purpose of renewing my locksmith license, my right to work in what’s supposed to be a free market system. If you believe the free market system exists, I have some waterfront property just outside of Waco.

Some pencil pushing bureaucrats in Austin think locksmiths are a threat to society either through incompetence or lack of character. The mandates includes eight hours of continuing education, with at least one hour of Ethics training each time the calendar turns over. The other courses can be anything security industry related regardless of your special skills or application within the locksmith industry. Four hours of an approved course I took were geared toward security guards; but since the Department of Public Safety/Private Security Bureau has one tent to cover a wide and varied set of industries, the subject matter and questions asked on the test apply equally to guard dog handlers and locksmiths.

The State of Texas has no method for crediting time spent actually improving locksmith skills, On the Job Training if you will, time spent learning how to operate new key machines, programming computers or taking into consideration how each new vehicle differs as compared with prior models. It has been my experience that such skills require weeks or even months to acquire; multiple opportunities to reinforce information which cannot be gained on one or two attempts. Locksmiths face a wide range of challenges; pencil pushing bureaucrats in Austin shouldn’t be one of them.

“You can get anything you want
at Alice’s Restaurant…
You can get anything you want..
at Alice’s….Restaurant…

Walk right in
It’s around the back
Just a half a mile from the railroad tracks…”

This article has been cross posted to The Moral Liberal, a publication whose banner reads, “Defending The Judeo-Christian Ethic, Limited Government, & The American Constitution.”


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Socialist International Works on Global Governance Agenda, Obama Allies in Attendance

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

The Socialist International recently met in New York to affirm, what is essentially a blueprint for the destruction of U.S. and Israeli independence and the advancement of a “World Governance” agenda.

At the Meeting of the Council of the Socialist International, United Nations, New York, 21-22 June 2010:

Socialist International, New York, June 2010

U.S. delegates included Puerto Rican Independence Party members Ruben Berrios Martinez and Fernando Martin Garcia and from Democratic Socialists of America, Frank Llewellyn, Joseph Schwartz, David Duhalde, Alejandro Duhalde and George “Skip” Roberts, a former aide to D.S.A. member, Obama friend and ally and former Hawaii Congressman Neil Abercrombie.

Many leading Democrats and members of the Obama Administration have close ties to Democratic Socialists of America, especially President Obama himself.

Participants at the SI included representatives of the Socialist Party of Albania (formerly communist), the MPLA of Angola (formerly communist), Bulgarian Socialist Party (formerly communist), Socialist Party of Chile, the Sandinista National Liberation Front of Nicaragua (Marxist), Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (formerly communist), the Democratic Left Alliance of Poland (includes communists), the African National Congress of South Africa (communist dominated) and the Movement for Socialism of Venezuela. Observer parties included Polisario from the Western Sahara (Marxist). Consultative parties present included Fatah from Palestine (Marxist/terrorist) and the highly democratic All-Nation Social Democratic Party of Kazakhstan.

The meeting addressed four main issues and priorities of the social democratic movement in its agenda: “the Global Economy in the run-up to the G8 and G20 Summits in Toronto, peace in the Middle East, working for an international unified response to Climate Change; and recent developments in the field of Disarmament and Non-proliferation.”

The gathering issued statements on each area.

The statement on the Global Economy recommended:

Moving to a more progressive tax system will not only increase the sense of social justice, but also help stabilize the economy, as such taxes act as automatic stabilizers.

Today China has an increasing role in the world economy. Therefore it is vital that China be ready to appreciate its currency and give room to domestic demand.

The world must find a political way to solve the problem of global imbalances at the G20 level. Extended multi-lateralism and a new financial code of conduct are needed to balance economic development.

Substantially more and better regulation than we had before the crises is needed. There is also a need to increase transparency and strengthen enforcement of the regulations. We must further act to dismantle tax havens and create automatic tax record exchange systems.

When we are thinking about fiscal exit strategies it is essential to remember that it was not the public sector, but the private speculative banking sector and the application of the neo-liberal ideology, which caused the sub-prime bubble and speculative boom, which were the underlying cause of the economic and employment crisis. And it was precisely the public sector monetary and fiscal stimulus, which prevented the financial crisis from turning into another Great Depression.

This must be remembered if global and regional financial sector taxes are to be implemented, which would contribute substantially to the costs of the crisis and prevent speculation and irresponsible risk-taking in financial markets. We must oblige the financial sector to pay their fair contribution. A financial transaction tax should be implemented on a global level. This tax could bring substantial revenues and also balance boom and bust cycles in financial markets, which make economic recessions deeper. The Socialist International recognizes with satisfaction that the European Union is ready to endorse this new idea.

At the global level the Socialist International welcomes the agreement of the G-20 nations to create a Financial Stability Board, which should be given enough resources and authority to assess systemic risks at the global level. The Socialist International also expects new regulation for hedge and private equity funds.

Global governance is needed. The G-20 has made important commitments to repair both institutions and the arrangements for managing globalization. For instance, while giving China and other emerging markets more voting rights is desirable. More fundamental reforms, such as double majority voting should be considered.

On Global Development:

Human security and sustainable development will only be successful if more democratic and effective institutional structures are created for the political system of world society. Democratic global governance is urgently needed.

Global institutions – as part of the whole multilateral and multilevel global political system – must be given the capacity, flexibility and authority to meet the mounting expectations and demands of world society’s citizens concerning a secure and viable future…

A world order committed to the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including civil and political rights, and committed to human security and sustainable development can only function if it envisages full participation of all regions – and thus of all citizens – around the world. Reform of the United Nations Security Council and establishing a Council of Sustainable Development remain urgent challenges for all states.

On the Middle East:

The Council of the Socialist International has addressed the current situation in the Middle East, together with representatives of its Palestinian and Israeli member parties. The Council is committed to contribute to find once more the path for dialogue, negotiation and progress to achieve peace, an utmost priority today for the peoples of the region and the international community.

In this regard, the Socialist International:

1. Affirms the right of the Palestinian people for self-determination and calls for an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land within one year and withdrawal to the 1967 borders, including East Jerusalem.

2. Calls for the establishment of an independent, sovereign and viable democratic Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, within one year from now. This state should exist side by side with a secure Israeli state.

3. Calls on Israel to end all settlement activities, as well as the building of the separation wall and bypass roads and to guarantee freedom of movement of Palestinians within Palestinian territory. It also calls for the release of all Palestinian prisoners and the Israeli prisoner.

4. Calls upon the Israeli government to end the blockade of the Gaza Strip. All goods and merchandise destined for Gaza should be allowed in accordance with internationally accepted screening procedures and standards.

5. Encourages all Palestinian political parties and groups to reinstate Palestinian unity and democracy, and supports the Palestinian efforts for state building.

6. Decides to send a delegation of representatives of member parties without delay to Israel and Palestine to discuss with its Israeli and Palestinian member parties the tragic events of 31 May with the purpose of establishing the facts and to report back to the International.

On Climate Change:

With days before the G20 in Toronto and at less than six months of COP16 in Cancun, the Socialist International recalls that the challenge posed by climate change retains its full attention and priority.

Progressive thought over the last years has identified and highlighted certain points that must be taken into consideration when negotiating or finalizing an international instrument which is at the same time ambitious and realistic.

This is a collective challenge and an efficient response can only be a common one, shared challenge, responsibilities for developed and developing countries, but with differentiated obligations.

The negotiations must conclude with a binding text, with clear commitments by the parties involved, an efficient system of follow-up of the proposed objectives and corrective measures for cases of eventual failure to comply with the accepted obligations.

The developed countries must advance their efforts for technological transfers towards developing countries. The use of ecologically sustainable technologies involves important transformations in the developing countries and this requires technical assistance and economic resources. The international funds already in existence to support this process of re-conversion must be strengthened and new instruments adapted to the most particular needs must be implemented.

The world of work, in developed and developing countries must be given special attention at the moment of carrying out these substantive transformations. Thus, the Socialist International reiterates what was expressed at the Council in Budva concerning the work-environment alliance and the planning of a fair transition in the transformations that the production processes go through.

The agreement to be reached must have as a minimum standard the reduction of emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to 350 ppm, a level of gas concentration in the atmosphere that will allow the fulfillment of the goal of a maximum temperature rise of 2° Celsius above the level of the pre-industrial era.

Finally, the Socialist International declares that it will continue making all efforts to advance, continuing its struggle against climate change with a progressive perspective and reiterates its trust in the building of a global model of green development as the only alternative for a sustainable world society.

On Disarmament:

The ever more rapid proliferation of nuclear weapons, nuclear know-how and nuclear material over the past 15 years has taken us to a nuclear turning point. There is the very real possibility that the deadliest weapons ever invented may fall into dangerous hands.

The presidents of Russia and the United States as well as the United Nations Security Council have pronounced themselves in favor of a world without nuclear weapons.

The Socialist International continues to do its utmost to support all the efforts and initiatives that have helped generate a new political momentum and made the vision of a world free of nuclear weapons more tangible.

We welcome the conclusion of the new START treaty on the verifiable reduction of strategic nuclear weapons. This is an important step forward enabling both the global nuclear powers to fulfill their obligations under Article VI of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), thus contributing in a major way to its revitalization.

We demand the immediate ratification of the new START treaty and negotiations between the USA and Russia at the earliest opportunity to initiate further steps towards nuclear disarmament.

We also welcome the USA’s Nuclear Posture Review. The clear message it has sent out is that in future nuclear weapons will not be used for warfare but only to avert nuclear attacks. This corrects President Bush’s untenable doctrine of 2002 that envisaged nuclear deterrence to counteract any serious threat to America.

We welcome the joint declaration issued by all the 189 States Party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty at the NPT review conference held in New York in May of this year. We regard this as a major compromise, which serves to emphasize that the ultimate objective of the complete abolition of all nuclear weapons is a binding target of the NPT (“All states shall pursue policies that are fully compatible with the objective of achieving a world without nuclear weapons”).

We demand a new arms control agreement on limitation and the setting up of a cooperative missile defense system incorporating Russia. This is urgently needed to prevent a new arms race in missile defense systems.

We therefore appeal to the governments of the nuclear powers to make systematic progress in disarmament on the road towards a world free of nuclear weapons. Common security can only be achieved by disarmament and cooperation.

On Gun Control:

Internationally binding export rules are a crucial element in the fight against the transfer into crisis areas of small arms and light arms – “weapons of mass destruction in slow motion,” as Kofi Annan called them – which are the main type of weapons in most violent conflicts and internal wars.

Small and light arms should be part of the Arms Trade Treaty so that an overall framework can be established for international arms transfers.

We call for the negotiations to be joined as partners by amnesty international, Oxfam and the International Action Network on Small Arms, the instigators and organizers of the ongoing Arms Trade Treaty campaign initiated in late 2003, and other national and international disarmament NGOs.

In addition to the conclusion of an Arms Trade Treaty, existing regional and global arms trade control instruments must be strengthened, faster progress made in incorporating international standards into national law and guarantees provided of their implementation.

That’s the Socialist international’s vision for the future. A global welfare state administered by international bodies with the power to enforce their dictates.

An impoverished and disarmed United States government, unable to influence world affairs, but able to enforce global dictates over its 2nd Amendment deprived citizenry. An emasculated Israel at the mercy of its neighbors. A green/red future “paradise” for your children and their children and their children……………

This is no pipe dream. the Socialist International groups more than 170 parties world wide, many of them ruling, many of them still communist, or semi-communist. The Socialist international has huge influence within the United Nations and other world bodies.

Most of all it has significant influence inside the U.S. government through Democratic Socialists America and its ties to both the more than 80 strong Congressional Progressive Caucus, many U.S. Senators and President Obama himself.

The Socialist International agenda will become the U.S. government agenda, unless the Democratic Party is swept from office in November.