5 thoughts on “Mexican Drug Cartel Puts Out $1 Million Contract on Sheriff Joe Arpaio

  1. $1 million of Sheriff Joe, the same for Sheriff Babeu and $100,000 for any uniformed American citizen. It’s sad, but we must be doing something right, to have them running scared like this. Keep up the good work!

    God speed and God bless the tough Arizona Sheriffs.

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  4. I think that’s too much money for his head,i knw ppl that would do it for free.. The way Arizona is taking actions against illegal immigrants laws its not the right way,it’s nothing but (bs) racism & it’s always against the Hispanics but remember that we are not the only illegal race in this country.. so if ya want to do somethin the right way start by taking the terrorist not ppl that work to make a honest leaving.. but if ya think ya doing it the right way ya gonna be in for a surprise cuz the worst it’s just gettn started..

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