Wolves OFF Liberal Minnick ON Endangered Species List! (Video)

By: Bill Hurst
Weeding Out “Minnick Myths”

Idahoans want to control the numbers of the aggressive Canadian Gray Wolf……

Studies have indicated that one (1) Canadian Gray Wolf eats 17 elk or 44 deer per year. False theories would advocate wolf populations will decline proportionately with the wild game populations. The truth is the hardy Canadian Gray Wolf is genetically predisposed to produce large litters, is a larger animal than the timber wolf, they hunt in extreme conditions in Canada and are aggressive by nature. In Canada the Gray Wolves prey would most likely be wild game where the populations of these wolves live, far away from any significant human populations. It is obvious, by verified accounts, that these relocated wolves are opportunistic and will kill any prey available: wild game, livestock and pets. It has also been documented that wolves will not consume the entire kill and will kill multiple animals in sheep or cattle herds leaving them partly consumed and still alive.

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