Where Have All The Liberals Gone…It’s Election Time!

By: Bill Hurst
The “Troublesome” Conservative

Democrats may stay “Conflicted” until after the November election.

We can only hope that the Democrats with their liberal agenda can stay unified supporting their platform. Here is why: it would be easier for the public to see that being a modern-day Democrat is being a liberal and a Statist. However, now with their “Conflicted” state they have scattered into a loose-knit collection of freelancers to avoid debate about abortion, the economy and immigration. Yes, Virginia, there are liberal Democrats, posing as conservatives, avoiding debate about the actions of the Democrat majority in the House. Oh no, don’t mention abortion as it will cloud the issue of their crowning achievement with the passage of ObamaCare. Listen and read further and you can see and hear the contradictions of our own liberal Democrat Minnick, in Idaho 1st Congressional District. This is Minnick’s gimmick…. ‘I didn’t vote for ObamaCare, but I support the idea.’

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