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This is an article about America. The Ground Zero mosque, our Executive Branch of government and the national security of our country intersect to reveal an astonishing picture of where America is today.

President Obama and his administration have embraced Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, as did the prior administration. But…

As with just about everything President Obama does, his embrace of Imam Rauf is, shall we say, on steroids.

  • President Obama announced his strong support for the mosque at Ground Zero.
  • Imam Rauf and his cohorts are members of Obama’s team, with a seat at the table to define CIA and DHS policy, procedures and training. They work to ensure that America is not offending radical Muslims while our brave soldiers are slaughtered on the battlefield at an unprecedented rate.
  • President Obama and his Democrat-majority Congress have seen fit to use taxpayer dollars to send Imam Rauf to the Middle East to “represent America.”
  • President Obama defined one of three top priorities for the head of NASA as making Muslims feel good about themselves… apparently regarding ancient contributions to math and science.

Americans, not the media, are investigating the connections and alliances of Imam Rauf. What’s being discovered is stunning. Nearly 70% of Americans are against building a mosque at Ground Zero. Will Americans question the President’s loyalty to America as they consider the following?

  • The Obama administration is instituting national security policy, procedure, and training as defined by Imam Rauf and his cohorts which have brought unquestionable CHANGE for America.

    o After 9/11 and up until President Obama took over the Executive Branch of government, every terrorist attempt was thwarted by our government.

    o Since President Obama’s administration:

    § The Ft. Hood massacre (i.e. “man-caused disaster”) killed 13 Americans.

    § Fatalities of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan have increased by 330%.

    § There’s been a 620% increase in the number of wounded U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

    § I.E.D. deaths in Afghanistan have increased by 625%.

    § The underwear bomber would have killed Americans and others if the civilians on the plane had not intervened to stop him.

    § The Time Square bomber would have killed Americans if not for his own incompetence.

  • Germany and Spain closed mosques in their country within the last few weeks, yet the media has remained quiet about it. (See reference articles below).
  • The Ground Zero mosque would require the Islamic judicial system pursued by Imam Rauf – Sharia law. Among the gems found in Sharia law: death to Gays and Lesbians; enslavement and persecution of women; and honor killings.
  • Imam Rauf says that “Islamic law and justice begins in religious movements.” Infiltrating religious movements as a way to bring Islamic law and justice to America sheds new light on Imam Rauf’s pursuit of a mosque at Ground Zero.
  • Imam Rauf is involved in the Flotilla excursions to Gaza which intend to conquer Israel by driving them out of the Gaza strip. Imam Rauf has helped to finance the Flotillas and a September/October excursion is planned on the ship they named “Audacity of Hope,” inspired by President Obama’s book of the same name… which was inspired by Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Oh… and President Obama’s friends, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and Rashid Khalidi are also involved in the aggressive mission of these Flotilla.

What will America do with this information? Will America ignore it, or will America stand against infiltration which places its citizens, its judicial system, its national security and its allies at risk?

Will America care that President Obama, has brought Imam Rauf into the center of our national security?

In this video (at 1:17 minutes), Imam Rauf speaks about his involvement in our government.

Will America care that Imam Rauf’s connections and alliances are against the best interests of America?

While Imam Rauf states that he is a “bridge builder,” will America care that the bridge he wants to build is one that overtakes America’s ability to properly defend itself against “man-caused disasters,” to overtake America’s judicial system by instituting Sharia Law and to subject American Muslims (and perhaps American non-Muslims) to the homophobic, female enslavement and honor killing tenants of the Qur’an?

What has happened in Britain as they allowed political correctness to cloud common sense? Take a look:

Where’s our President’s common sense? Here’s a perspective he might want to consider:

Three things about Islam that you need to know:

Reference articles:

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  3. Sure… Our overly PC’d wee weed up left is supporting the islamists based on America’s ‘right’ to have freedom of religion.

    You have the right to practice your religion freely, but just like the right to bear arms, or the right to free speech…

    Abuse the right, and pay the price. And I am not saying the ‘price’ is any kind of legal action, nor am I advocating violence. Abusing the right to practice your religion freely by trampling on ground zero will cost you a hefty price of ruining and completely tearing down any sort of muslim relations or outreach to the rest of America.

    If you thought people hated your religion before, just you wait. You certainly have the right to spit in our face, but we have the right to spit back.

    We also have the right to protest the mosque 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We can have mobile bbq’s and gay bars who celebrate pride day right in front of your organization. Make no doubt about it. American’s are PISSSED, and we know how to make things difficult. Go ahead and build your damn mosque. I dare ya.

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  6. If the building of a mosque at Ground Zero is nothing more than a cultural community center, then why not include a Christin Church as well, and yes, even a Synagog. Now that sounds infinitely better than just just your mosque. What is happening here? Why are YAWEH and JESUS CHRIST not represented here? Under this EQUALITY do I protest.

  7. Excellent article as it captures and reveals all the aspect that our left-leaning media will not reveal to the USA citizenship. Well done.

  8. Great article – it is aiways interesting to see facts on any one subject assembled in one place – in this case, it makes for an alarming picture – and another troubling event – how much more do we need to see, America, to stop hoping this administration will come to its senses -they will not –

    the writing is on the wall – the seed was set decades, if not centuries ago – and we Americans have a small window left to capture our freedom and return it to its rightful place –

    Our President is suing a state in our union, and now voicing his support for a radical bunch who are USING our constitutional laws, not theirs, to have the rights to build this mosque across from the towers as a slap in the face to all of us – a hard slap – the president of OUR UNITED STATES – supporting radical Islam – and in America no less –

    Has anyone noticed how practically all religions are welcomed and supported in America now, EXCEPT christianity, which has been taking a beating for some time now – why is that???? Do you think most Americans feel this way really???

    If we dont get a handle on this, our children, and generations to come will be thinking this way, and wondering what was wrong with us!

    Again, an excellently presented article!


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