Krista Branch “Remember Who We Are”

We are truly blessed to have Pastor Mike Branch and his talented wife Krista among us… They are leading Americans in the fight to win back our country and helping us to recommit ourselves and our families back into the fold with G-d.

Together, we will fight the progressive movement for G-d and country. The principles of our founding fathers will prevail, Marxism will lose. Have no doubt…

We keep our faith, when there’s no way out…
When there’s little hope, we show no doubt…

We go the distance, no matter how far…
Remember who we are…



Financial News Update – 08/18/10

The Hindenburg Omen

From Hooverville to Obamaville

18 Signs Of Decay In Cash-Starved America

Euro Has A Good Morning After Europe Survives Bond Auctions In Ireland And Spain

Moody’s: America’s “Distance To Downgrade” Has Been Reduced

Faber: Ditch The U.S. Government Bond Bubble Before It’s Burst By Inflation

Here’s What It Means If The 2010 Midterms Are A Repeat Of 1938

China Slashes U.S. Government Bond Holdings By The Largest Amount Ever

If It’s 1985 All Over Again, Then China’s Growth Is About To Crash

Carpenters’ District Council Campaign Against Dollar Tree Killing Another Small Business

Debate on taxes affects the savers

U.S. Treasury, Mortgage-Lenders Aim to Keep Government Role in Housing Fix

Where China Invests, And Why It Matters

Fisherman Forced To Sign Waiver Making Them and NOT BP Liable For Contaminated BP Gulf Oil Spill Seafood (Hat Tip: Brian B.)

Here’s Why The World’s Top Miner Is Prepared To Make A Giant Bet On Food Demand

PIMCO’s Paul McCulley: The Government And Fed Need To Start Spending Together In Lock-Step

Germany’s Economic Outlook Plummets In August And Has Established A Clear Downtrend

Morning Bell: End Crony Capitalism

Americans to Obama: Don’t Cut Defense

Barney Frank to Obama: “That Was a Dumb Thing to Do”

Unreal…Obama Tells Supporters: “I’ve Never Been More Confident That Our Nation Is Headed in Right Direction”

Summer of corruption: Obama’s Big Labor ethics loophole

Pelosi and the Treasure Island land grab

Homebuilder Mergers Loom as `Elephant in Room,’ Citigroup Says

Druckenmiller Calls It Quits After 30 Years as Job Gets Tougher

Vietnam Devalues Its Currency as Equities Approach Bear Market

Indonesia Reviews Shariah Loan Restructurings: Islamic Finance

AM Hedge Fund Said to Lose 6.6% in July as Volatility Plummets

Congressman: White House using .gov website to ‘disseminate propaganda’ on stimulus

Bankruptcies Reach Nearly 5-Year High

AMERICAN AIRLINES to charge $19-$29 extra for coach seats near front of plane

Flip Side of ‘Recovery’ That Hasn’t Hit Home

Rep. Frank: Abolish Fannie and Freddie

Bring On the ‘Crash Tax’


Another Illinois Bank Fails

Fed’s Hoenig: Record-Low Rates a ‘Dangerous Gamble’

800 interested in 5 jobs

Economic Growth Prospects Dim in US After Retail, Trade Reports

US Cities Face Up to Massive Cuts

Stocks Rise On Earnings, Economic Reports

Oil Breaks Losing Streak, Prices Climb

Wheat is New US Gold

“Hindenberg Omen” and Imminent Market Crisis

Savings Accounts Will Become Obsolete if Inflation Rises Next Week

Greek Economy Deeper in Recession than Forecast


Membership in FILOA

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

I’m in the process of generating a website for Fiercely Independent Locksmiths of America (FILOA). This page along with a secondary button to download a printable application form will show up when somebody clicks on the Membership Button. There will be a Members Only Button, password protected, which will link to technical articles not intended for the general public as well as a page where new or used locksmith items may be purchased.

I recently received an email letter from the Sgt. at Arms of the Greater Houston Locksmith Association (GHLA) apologizing for their lack of timely responses to letters I’d sent regarding various issues over the last year. While I was glad to see the email, it only added to my resolve in making sure our new organization, (FILOA), addressed concerns of independent locksmiths regarding their industry. It should be noted, no such letters have been received from ALOA; my membership in their organization must not have been sufficiently important to them.

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