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QUESTION: Why has President Obama given Imam Rauf (leader of the Ground Zero mosque) a seat at the table with our FBI, DHS, Department of Defense (DoD) and State Department?

ANSWER: “We are letting the enemy tell us how to fight them” to ensure that we do not offend them. We reveal every detail about our investigative techniques so that Imam Rauf can tell Hamas exactly how we operate.

But it doesn’t stop there… “Hamas entities… are literally training our counter-terrorism forces” and our “intelligence professionals fear the current Attorney General [Eric Holder] more than they fear the people that they’re trying to defeat.”

An FBI Special Agent whistleblower whose primary expertise is the Islamic movement in the U.S., Islamic Doctrine, and the Muslim Brotherhood (represented by CAIR, ISNA, MPAC and others), discusses how our FBI, DHS, DoD and State Department look to, and use, radicalized Muslim groups (Hamas entities) to do their Muslim outreach in America.

He reveals that Valerie E. Caproni, in the FBI’s General Counsel’s Office, invites the Muslim organizations, the ACLU, and other groups in to make sure that the investigative techniques, Attorney General (AG) Guidelines, and the way the FBI implements the AG Guidelines are “okay and not offensive to these organizations.”

How does something like this happen in America? According to the FBI Special Agent, they walk in wearing “a very nice suit and an incredibly warm demeanor and, nuzzling up to the leaders of DHS, FBI State Department, to get that leader to defer to that individual – in this case, that individual is an enemy of the United States.”

President Obama’s embrace of Imam Rauf is clearly evidenced by his support for the Ground Zero mosque, as well as President Obama’s decision to send Imam Rauf to the Middle East to represent America . I suspect that Imam Rauf’s trip will allow him to more effectively communicate our investigative techniques to Hamas.

The ACLU’s seat at the table with our FBI, DHS, DoD and State Department might explain how attorneys got their hands on the names of CIA agents that assisted in the capture of terrorists who are held at Guantanamo Bay . Recall that attorneys visited Guantanamo Bay and, by showing photographs of CIA agents to the Islamic detainees, put the lives of the CIA agents in jeopardy.

It’s important to ask whether President Obama’s embrace of Imam Rauf and his cohorts have anything to do with the 330% increase in coalition fatalities in Afghanistan and the 620% increase in soldiers being wounded.

A DoD Analyst and Counter-Terrorism Official whistleblower also reveals that “both the Political and the Military structure of the highest levels of our government are infiltrated by the very agents of the enemy against which we find ourselves fighting today.”

We’ve also learned that our Universities in the U.S. have been infiltrated, via the Muslim Student Association (MSA), where our children can be recruited, indoctrinated and radicalized.

Interviews with the two whistleblowers are found in the following two-part video series. In Part 1, listen closely when it reaches 7:56 minutes.

Part 1: Islamic Infiltration

Part 2: Islamic Infiltration

Although Imam Rauf’s name is not specifically mentioned in the above videos, he is included through his alliance with Muslim organizations and the Muslim Brotherhood. He confirms some of his involvement in government entities in this video. At 1:17 minutes, he states, “I have worked with the law enforcement agencies. I was invited by the FBI right after 9/11 to address and to speak to all 1200 agents in New York City .” (Nice suit).

With regard to the Holy Land Foundation case, although the trial was unsuccessful, the evidence that was gathered provided stunning information regarding U.S. infiltration by radicalized Muslim organizations. Among the information discussed in “Summary of Special Panel on Holy Land ‘s Ties to Hamas & Muslim Brotherhood” it states:

“Here are key quotes from the other presentations distributed at the panel and linked above:

Information directly tying the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas to HLF and CAIR, and a blatant lie denying the CAIR-HLF ties during a Congressional hearing, from the NEFA Foundation study of the MB’s history in the U.S. :

During the course of the trial, federal prosecutors presented an array of internal Muslim Brotherhood documents from the 1980s and early 1990s that give a first-ever public view of the history and ideology behind the operations of the Muslim Brothers (known as the Ikhwan, the Group, or the Brotherhood) in the U.S. over the past four decades. These documents, accepted as valid by the defendants and admitted at trial without protest, discuss recruitment; organization; ideology; and the development of the Group in different phases in the United States . For researchers, the documents have the added weight of being written by the Ikhwan leaders themselves, rather than interpretations of secondary sources.

The exhibits make four things clear:

1) Many of the existing organizations that have set themselves up as the interlocutors between the Islamic community in the United States and the outside world (including government, law enforcement, and other faiths) were founded and controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood from their inception. Many of them changed their names over time to achieve broader national acceptance.

2) The Brotherhood established a highly-structured organization with many different faces inside the United States while deliberately and continually seeking to hide the Brotherhood’s links to its front groups.

3) The agenda to be carried out by these groups in the United States in reality had little to do with the organizations’ publicly-proclaimed goals, such as protecting the civil rights of Muslims. Rather, the true goal is to destroy the United States from the inside and work to establish a global Islamist society.

4) The primary function of the Brotherhood structures, from the early 1990s forward, was to support, materially and politically, the Hamas movement in the Palestinian territories, as instructed by the office of the general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo.

A defining moment for the Brotherhood in the United States (and elsewhere) was the 1987 formation of Hamas as an armed group. What set Hamas apart from other Islamist groups was its public and organic link to the Muslim Brotherhood. Article 2 of the Hamas Charter states that:

“The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the wings of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine . The Muslim Brotherhood Movement is a universal organization which constitutes the largest Islamic movement of modern times. It is characterized by its deep understanding, accurate comprehension and its complete embrace of all Islamic concepts of all aspects of life, culture, creed, politics, economics, education, society, justice and judgment, the spreading of Islam, education, art, information, science of the occult and conversion to Islam.”

Family Security Matters exposes Imam Rauf’s alliances in their article “Exclusive: Ground Zero Mosque Imam’s Radical Connections.”

“Rauf, more importantly embraces high-placed members of CAIR NY , whom he includes in the ASMA Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow (MLT) subsidiary. Rauf’s Cordoba Initiative website also openly promotes Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR efforts and radical ideology. In January, Cordoba posted a news clip from the Muslim Brotherhood website Islam Online, protesting British boxing rules prohibiting players with beards. Cordoba likewise features a duplicitous CAIR press release, seeking funds to “rebuild churches in Malaysia ” that were “firebombed by extremists.” It’s highly unlikely; however, that an organization charged with terror financing will actually send money raised to Malay Christians whose churches its radical Muslim Brotherhood pals have destroyed.

Then there are Rauf’s MLT appointees. Brooklyn-based Faiza N. Ali, for example, a self-described “community organizer” and “social justice activist,” serves as Community Affairs Director for CAIR NY, which Rauf and MLT let her deceptively describe as “America’s largest Muslim civil rights advocacy group.” Ali also helps lead several other Muslim Brotherhood groups, including the Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition (MACLC), an offshoot of the MB’s Muslim Consultative Network. Ali’s MLT profile boasts as well that she wrote MACLC’s “Countert-ERROR-ism” (sic) critique of the New York City Police Department’s well-researched and reported 2008 white paper, “Radicalization in the West: the Homegrown Threat.” With a Pace University bachelor’s degree in political science, Ali also led CAIR-NY’s “campaign” to support her dissimulating piece of nonsense.

Rauf hosts other hotshot MB leaders in his MLT subsidiary too, including Dhaba “Debbie” Almontasser, who like Ali worked with the NY chapter of CAIR, Hamas’ U.S. arm, to counter-attack the New York City Police Department. She organized an online discussion group to obtain “input” for CAIR’s “Community Statement.”

It’s hard to refute that President Obama is sleeping with the enemy. The President has given Imam Rauf:

1) Full support for the Ground Zero Mosque, which 70% of Americans oppose,

2) A seat at the table with our with our FBI, DHS, Department of Defense (DoD) and State Department, and

3) Support and taxpayer dollars to travel to the Middle East to “represent America ”.

Is it time for the media to ask, “Exactly where do your loyalties lie Mr. President?”

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