Financial News Update – 08/22/10

Why entrepreneurs offer more to society when they create wealth than when they give it away

Economic doldrums leave Americans in no mood for Obama’s liberal agenda (Hat Tip: Jean Stoner)

Hard Truth: Stimulus Bill Did NOT Lesson Unemployment

Close Your Eyes… Now Imagine George W. Bush With a Record 9.5% Unemployment Rate

The Disaster Continues… Record Number of Workers Make Hardship Withdrawals From Their 401(k) Plans

Small Investors Flee Stock Market, Pull $33B From Mutual Funds


Could 62 Million Homes Be Foreclosure-Proof?

Jobless claims rise to highest level in nine months.

Sugar beet growers worried there might not be 2011 crop.

Obamanomics is Why There is No Recovery

Connecticut May Have Just a Week’s Worth of Cash

Double-digit Jump in Bankruptcies

12 New Ways to Safeguard Your Money

China Doubles Korea Bond Holdings as Asia Switches from Dollar

Inflation Watch


Why Vote For A Democrat When You Need A Real Conservative?

By: Bill Hurst
The “Troublesome” Conservative

Blue Dog Myth has been neutered losing it’s misleading meaning with conservative voters; the mythical appeal will vanish into thin air.

The Blue dog’s error-ridden thinking is obvious when confronted with the tough decisions on legislation like ObamaCare and financial reform. They deviate from the Democrats that supported and campaigned for them getting them elected and then they vote a more conservative line to appease their mostly conservative constituency opinions.

In other words, they try to sell their so-called conservative values, while selling out the one’s electing them. Then they pursue the votes of the “independent-conservative” voters, when in fact, the majority of that group will not vote for them. As we see in the Democrat Party, the blue dogs might part company with leaders on a few major votes, but only when the legislation is guaranteed to pass without their support. The truth is that the blue dog Democrats will line up like school children on (teacher) Pelosi’s command.

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