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Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf

President Obama voiced his support for Imam Rauf’s Ground Zero mosque/community center. With 70% of Americans in opposition to the location of Imam Rauf’s project, let’s take a closer look to consider why they’re opposed.

Oh… and by the way… did you know that while Mayor Bloomberg tells us we shouldn’t question where Imam Rauf is raising the money for his mosque/community center, the Mayor forgot that last year in New York, federal prosecutors seized a mosque and a skyscraper controlled by the Islamic State of Iran’s Alavi Foundation? More on that later…

Imam Rauf named the Ground Zero mosque/community center after the Cordoba mosque in Spain. He titled this construction project the “Cordoba Initiative.”

In July 2008, on his website www.CordobaInitiative.org, he sang the praises of the Cordoba name by describing it as follows:

The Cordoba Name

For hundreds of years during the middle ages, Cordoba was the capital of Muslim Spain. During much of its “golden age” from the 8th to 12th centuries, the Cordoba Caliphate witnessed a great flowering of culture, art, and philosophical inquiry amid a remarkable climate of religious tolerance. Religious freedom, while not perfect, was sufficient that many Jewish and Christian intellectuals emigrated to Cordoba, where they lived, wrote and flourished side by side with their Muslim counterparts in a strikingly pluralistic society. The Cordoba name reminds both Muslims and non-Muslims that a great Islamic civilization was once the most open and tolerant of its era.

Imam Rauf has since deleted his description of the Cordoba history from his website. Raymond Ibrahim, in his article “The Two Faces of the Ground Zero Mosque,” clarifies the real story of the Cordoba name:

Oddly enough, the so-called “tolerant” era of Cordoba supposedly occurred during the caliphate of ‘Abd al-Rahman III (912-961) — well over a thousand years ago. “Eight hundred years ago,” i.e., around 1200, the fanatical Almohids — ideological predecessors of al-Qaeda — were ravaging Cordoba, where “Christians and Jews were given the choice of conversion, exile, or death.” A Freudian slip on the part of the Cordoba Initiative?

At any rate, the true history of Cordoba, not to mention the whole of Andalusia, is far less inspiring than what Western academics portray: the Christian city was conquered by Muslims around 711, its inhabitants slaughtered or enslaved. The original mosque of Cordoba — the namesake of the Ground Zero mosque — was built atop, and partly from the materials of, a Christian church. Modern day Muslims are well aware of all this. Such is the true — and ominous — legacy of Cordoba.

More pointedly, throughout Islam’s history, whenever a region was conquered, one of the first signs of consolidation was/is the erection of a mosque atop the sacred sites of the vanquished: the pagan Ka’ba temple in Arabia was converted into Islam’s holiest site, the mosque of Mecca; the al-Aqsa mosque, Islam’s third holiest site, was built atop Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem; the Umayyad mosque was built atop the Church of St. John the Baptist; and the Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque upon the conquest of Constantinople.

What are Imam Rauf’s opinions of the terrorist attacks on 9/11 when 3,000 innocent civilians were murdered on U.S. soil? In his 60 Minutes interview just 19 days after 9/11, Imam Rauf stated the following:

Imam Rauf: It is a reaction against the policies of the US government, politically, where we espouse principles of democracy and human rights and where we ally ourselves with oppressive regimes in many of these countries.

Bradley: Are–are–are you in any way suggesting that we in the United States deserved what happened?

Imam Rauf: I wouldn’t say that the United States deserved what happened, but the United States policies were an accessory to the crime that happened.

Bradley: OK. You say that we’re an accessory?

Imam Rauf: Yes.

Bradley: How?

Imam Rauf: Because we have been an accessory to a lot of–of innocent lives dying in the world. In fact, it–in the most direct sense, Osama bin Laden is made in the USA.

Today in an Atlas Exclusive, audio of Imam Rauf reinforces his accusations against America. Here are a few of his statements:

Imam Rauf: “We tend to forget, in the West, that the United States has more Muslim blood on its hands than al Qaida has on its hands of innocent non-Muslims. You may remember that the US-led sanctions against Iraq led to the death of over half a million Iraqi children. This has been documented by the United Nations. And when Madeleine Albright, who has become a friend of mine over the last couple of years, when she was Secretary of State and was asked whether this was worth it, she said it was worth it.

Imam Rauf: On the issue of the reformation, in terms of what is again intended by it, Islam does not need a reformation.

Imam Rauf: “So men will say: women, you know, they’re emotional, ….. whatever, whatever, and women will say: men, they’re brutes, insensitive, et cetera, and you have the beginning of a gender conflict. If gender is not what distinguishes us we’ll look at skin coloring and say: n#####s or whities, or whatever.”

And what of Imam Rauf’s alliances with Iran? Within a week of Iran’s June 12, 2009 election, while the people of Iran were protesting for freedom and Iran was torturing and murdering its own citizens for protesting, Imam Rauf stated in the Huffington Post

Imam Rauf: The Iranian Revolution of 1979 was in part to depose the shah, who had come to power in 1953 after a CIA-sponsored coup overthrew democratically-elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossaddeq. And in part it was an opportunity to craft an Islamic state with a legitimate ruler according to Shia political theory.

After the revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini took the Shiite concept of the Rightly Guided Imam and created the idea of Vilayet-i-faqih, which means the rule of the jurisprudent. This institutionalizes the Islamic rule of law. The Council of Guardians serves to ensure these principles.

Imam Rauf: (Obama’s) administration understands that what is going on now in Iran is an attempt by the Iranian people to live up to their own ideals. Just as American democracy developed over many years, the United States recognizes that this election is part of the process of an evolving democracy in Iran.

Imam Rauf: He should say his administration respects many of the guiding principles of the 1979 revolution — to establish a government that expresses the will of the people; a just government, based on the idea of Vilayet-i-faqih, that establishes the rule of law.

More on Imam Rauf’s alliances with Iran… Real Estate News provides more changes to Imam Rauf’s website in their article “Imam Rauf, the Ground Zero Mosque, and…

From deleted pages from the Cordoba Initiative website ~ Iran is at the Shari’a development meeting:

Shari’ah Index Project

Imagine: a Perfectly Islamic State

Goal: To define, interpret and implement the concept of the Islamic State in modern times.

History: The Shariah Index Project (SIP) had its first meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in August 2006. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf convened and chaired this meeting, which included four scholars from India, Malaysia, and Pakistan. This session consisted largely of brainstorming and exploring the thought of making an index of Islamic governance. At its conclusion, the group presented a vision for the project as well as a roadmap.

At the second SIP meeting, in February 2007, the initial group expanded to include additional members from Indonesia, Iran (to represent the Shi’a perspective), and Turkey, as well as two additional participants from Pakistan and Malaysia, respectively. At this meeting, the group refined the roadmap and made a Basis for Evaluation document, which set out an initial list of Islamic legal principles relating to governance. The group also committed to research assignments, which would support the project and which they would present at the next meeting. […]

It would be a terrible thought to allow an asset controlled by American adversaries to be built anywhere in the United States.

When Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahhar threw his support behind the Ground Zero mosque, it became clear that what started as a political controversy is also a national security issue. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says it is incorrect to question where Imam Feisal Rauf is raising money for his project, which suggests that the city’s chief executive has forgotten that in his town last year federal prosecutors seized four mosques and a skyscraper controlled by the Islamic State of Iran’s Alavi Foundation. So let’s place aside for a moment whether Rauf has the right to build a mosque near what the president of the United States has called hallowed ground (he does), or if it is insensitive to do so (it is). What we want to know is what unknown interests are to be served with the money that Rauf is raising to build his Islamic center.

Will Imam Rauf’s partners in the Cordoba Initiative accept funding from Iran to raise the $100 million needed to build the mosque/community center? According to the New York Post article “Iran Cash Might Fund Ground Zero Mosque”:

The developers of the Ground Zero mosque are refusing to flat out reject cash for the project from Holocaust-denying Iranian nuke nut Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Imam Rauf has been a busy man. He’s also a member of the group that sponsored the Gaza Flotilla.

From misrepresenting the history of the Cordoba name, to accusing America of being an accessory to the crime of 9/11, to his alliances with Iran, it appears Imam Rauf is not the “moderate” he tells us he is.

President Bush brought Imam Rauf into our government and President Obama has strengthened Imam Rauf’s involvement and influence to an inexplicable level (Also see: SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY… OBAMA’S MAN BEHIND THE MOSQUE).

Based on what we’re learning about Imam Rauf’s political ideology, alliances and his determination to bring Sharia Law to America, do you think President Obama will rethink his support of the man behind the mosque or is it true that birds of a feather flock together?


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Dennis Kucinich and the Communists

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Voters in Ohio’s 10th District are well aware that their Congressman Dennis Kucinich is way, way out on the left.

After all he is a member of the far left Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Few realize however, that Dennis Kucinich is allied to members of the Communist Party USA, a party with more allegiance to China and Cuba than to the United States of America.

Check out this official Kucinich ad from his brief 2008 presidential campaign.

The video doesn’t say so, but Bruce Bostick is no ordinary steelworker. He is a veteran of the 1969 Venceremos Brigade to Cuba and a long time Ohio and national official of the Communist Party USA.

So why would a Democratic Congressman officially accept the endorsement of a Communist Party leader?

Unfortunately, for Dennis Kucinich, this is simply par for the course.

Dennis Kucinich has reportedly been close to the Communist Party USA since his days in Cleveland Ohio council politics in the 1960s.

According to the World Socialist Web Site:

Take Kucinich first. As mayor of Cleveland in the late 1960s, he represented one of the most “left” elements in the Democratic Party during the heyday of the radical protest movement. He was closely allied with the Stalinists of the CPUSA, who still had significant influence in the working class of Cleveland, particularly in such unions as the UE and UAW. With the collapse of the protest movement and the shift to the right in American bourgeois politics, Kucinich was driven out of political life for two decades, before returning to office as a state legislator and ultimately winning a congressional seat

During Kucinich’s successful 1996 Congressional run, there was considerable controversy over his ties to Communist Party USA member Rick Nagin.

Writing in the Communist Party USA’s paper, People’s Weekly World, Ohio Communist Party chairman, Rick Nagin, detailed the campaign which led to Kucinich’s election to Congress:

The election of Dennis Kucinich in Ohio’s 10th Congressional District was a ground-breaking event demonstrating the powerful political potential of a mass, grassroots coalition led by labor.

Trade unionists and seniors provided the largest numbers of some 5,000 volunteers but many others came from Hispanic, environmental, peace and other organizations.

The Republicans reacted with fury to this open challenge to their decades of labor-baiting bully tactics. Kucinich’s program, Republican county chairman Jim Trakas announced, is “very similar to the Communist Manifesto” and is “what Lenin stood for.” Kucinich blasted this reversion to “McCarthyism.”

The smears were endlessly propagated by a right-wing talk show host who made it his mission three hours every morning to stop Kucinich. The poisonous attacks, aimed at suppressing voter turnout, caused the race to tighten considerably. In the final week before the election the focus of the Hoke campaign shifted to virulent red-baiting directed at this writer.

In what was probably a first since the beginning of the Cold War, Kucinich refused to knuckle under, calmly stating that I was one of 5,000 volunteers and declaring, “It’s Halloween and Hoke is dressing up as Joe McCarthy. Karl Marx is not running my campaign but apparently Harpo Marx is running his.”

While Kucinich would claim that Ohio Communist Party leader was only “one of 5,000 volunteers,” the Communist Party USA itself later contradicted Kucinich’s claim.

In 2005 Rick Nagin campaigned unsuccessfully in his own right for Cleveland City Council and was heavily criticized over his Communist Party ties. Nagin had resigned as chairman of the Ohio Communist Party (but had remained a member) to take a position as executive assistant to Nelson Cintron, the first Latino in the City Council and a protege of Kucinich’s.

According to the People’s Weekly World:

Nagin was continuously targeted as a member and former chairman of the Ohio Communist Party, yet his strong showing was impressive and stemmed from a number of factors….

Nagin also had seven and a half years of experience as executive assistant to Nelson Cintron Jr. who represented an adjacent ward. Furthermore, he had been a key organizer for Dennis Kucinich’s campaigns for Congress and president and for the 2004 John Kerry presidential campaign

The Communist Party USA appears to see Dennis Kucinich as a man worthy of support and someone who can be relied on to push the correct agenda in Congress.

In a 2004 report to the CPUSA National Board, the Party’s Political Action Committee chair, Joelle Fishman wrote a report on Party work in the U.S. Presidential elections. She included a comment on Dennis Kucinich and the Democratic Party National Convention.

Dennis Kucinich’s 50 delegates to the national Democratic convention, will be presenting a platform plank for a Department of Peace, voted favorably by four state conventions, including dramatically in Texas just this week. The efforts of Kucinich together with Jesse Jackson and others, to bring forward more advanced demands, will make an important contribution to the convention. A very special contribution will be made by an expectedly large number of labor union delegates who will work together in one bloc to get a strong platform for jobs, health care, and pensions.

The Communist Party USA would also be at the convention:

We project our role at the convention as distribution of the Peoples Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo and literature to delegates and in free speech areas, and participation in the Kucinich-led issue events.

Communist Party Chairman Sam Webb, wrote in a July 2007 report to the Party’s National Committee:

Finally, we should have a positive attitude toward the candidacy of Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Despite the efforts of the media to sideline him, Kucinich is emerging as a leading voice of the broad people’s coalition. He brings consistent anti-right, anti-corporate, pro-peace positions to the presidential primaries and debates. None of the other candidates can make the same claim. The more he speaks to audiences of the core forces, the better positioned the movement will be to win in 2008 and to fight the good fight in 2009.

Rick Nagin was back with Dennis Kucinich in 2008, working as Labor Coordinator for Dennis Kucinich’s successful 2008 primary campaign.

Dennis Kucinich, (center rear), endorsed Rick Nagin (second from right) in his almost successful 2009 City Council race. While Nagin stood as a Democrat, he is still unequivocally a leading member of the Communist Party.

Said Dennis Kucinich of comrade Nagin:

I’ve known Rick Nagin for more than 30 years. He’s honest, hard-working and conscientious. The people of Ward 14 have a chance to elect a Councilman who will be totally dedicated to them. What more can you ask for?

I’m proud to join with the AFL-CIO in supporting Rick Nagin.

Dennis Kucinich, Congressman, 10th District.

Perhaps the voters of Ohio’s 10th District should reflect on whether they would still vote for Dennis Kucinich if he were running as a member of the Communist Party.

Because if they wouldn’t vote for an open communist, why would they vote for a man who is almost certainly a Communist Party supporter?